These 5 Yoga Mat Bags Will Make Your Practice Even Better

These 5 Yoga Mat Bags Will Make Your Practice Even Better

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So, you are officially a yogi. Your yoga practice is going well: you’re getting deeper into the poses, and your crow is finally taking flight (you can lift your feet off the floor!). But each time you walk into the studio, your mat is tucked under one arm while you juggle your water bottle, phone, and keys. You may even feel less than zen. That’s ok; we have a solution to help you manage your many yoga trinkets: a mat bag.

Check out our collection of awesome yoga mat bags.

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1. Elenture Yoga Mat Carry Bag

This canvas mat bag from Elenture features a full zip enclosure, functional storage pockets, and a sleek minimalist design.


2. Noopel Yoga Mat Bag Adjustable Strap, Double Zip Closure – Fits Most Size Mats

Noopel offers this sporty, waterproof yoga mat bag with several pockets and a padded, adjustable strap.



3. YanHao Yoga Mat Bags Canvas Yoga Mat Carrier with Zipper Pocket

We love the Yan Hao bag for its dual zipper efficiency. It makes loading and unloading your mat a cinch.


4. Yoga Mat Bag Holder + Yoga Mat Strap with Extra Pocks

For those of us who don’t want to fuss with zippers and snaps, this effortless top load mat bag makes getting your mat to class more comfortable than ever.


5. Hynes Eagle Yoga Mat Bag Sport Duffel

If you love a good functional gym bag but need it for yoga too, this versatile bag from Hynes Eagle is the perfect hybrid.