7 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga At Home

7 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga At Home

You probably already know yoga is pretty good for you. But did you know you can do yoga at home?

With the right yoga videos, doing yoga in your living room can be just as effective as going to a yoga studio, and it’s way more convenient.

Try Openfit’s Yoga52! The online yoga classes can help you de-stress, build strength and flexibility, and improve balance.

7 Perks of Doing Yoga at Home

Here are even more reasons why doing yoga at home is awesome, and why it’s time to convert that infrequently used home office into your very own zen center.

1. You Can Make Your Own Yoga Schedule

A huge thing that holds people back from working out and practicing self-care is simply finding the time!

This allows you to make your own schedule instead of being limited by specific class times. It also means you don’t have to spend time driving to a studio or getting to class early so you can snag a good spot. Just think of the things you can do with all of this extra time on your hands!


2. You Won’t Be Tempted to Compare Yourself

In a perfect world, we’d never judge ourselves, compare our bodies to others, or measure our skills against total strangers. Alas, none of us are perfect (who knew!), and sometimes our insecurities get the best of us.

At home, you remove the temptation to compare yourself to others. All you have to focus on is listening to the instructor on the video and trying your best.


3. It Doesn’t Matter What You Look Like

Sweat buckets and get bright red in the face — it doesn’t matter what you look like! No one is there to to judge you. Well, except maybe your cat.


4. You Don’t Even Have to Get Out of Your PJ’s

If you’ve ever gotten the opportunity to work from home, you know one of the main perks is not having to put on pants.

Wear sweats, wear a onesie, wear a tutu, or heck, you can even chaturanga in your birthday suit!


5. You Can Personalize Your Yoga Space

A fun perk of doing yoga in your house is experimenting with yoga room decor! Have some fun personalizing your space with things that bring you peace, inspiration, and focus, such as candles, meaningful art, and tranquil tabletop waterfalls.


6. You Don’t Have to Pay for an Expensive Studio

You’ve got bills to pay and life is expensive! Yoga classes can cost $25 or more for one session, and that can add up quickly. Doing it at home is way less expensive (thanks, Yoga52!), plus, it removes the temptation to buy all of those cute yoga pants that your local studio has on display.


7. It’s All About You!

Yoga is a chance to gain self-awareness and connect in a deeper way with your mind and body. At home, there’s no grunting from the guy next to you, no loud whispering from the friends in the back of the room, and no one disturbing your savasana by getting up to leave class early.

For a few precious minutes, it’s all about your breath, your practice, and your goals; it’s all about you. And what’s better than that?


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