Love Xtend Barre? Try Our Xtend Barre Live Classes!

Love Xtend Barre? Try Our Xtend Barre Live Classes!

Xtend Barre Live puts “virtual” coaching by an Xtend Barre-certified personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

Whether you’re brand new to Xtend Barre, or you’re a seasoned student of the popular at-home ballet barre workouts, you’re sure to find something you’ll love about Xtend Barre Live – Andrea Rogers’ all-new addition to the Openfit platform.

What Is Xtend Barre Live?

Xtend Barre Live combines the dynamic, body-shaping power of Openfit’s Xtend Barre on-demand workouts with the one-on-one attention and group dynamics of a live studio class. Like those studio barre classes, Xtend Barre Live classes occur at certain times each day, and they offer you the studio experience you’re looking for from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to the Openfit app’s exclusive technology, with you’ll get step-by-step instruction and form adjustments from an Xtend Barre Live-certified personal trainer in real time throughout your workout. This will not only help you perfect your form, it’ll also help you get the best results!

Each trainer is an expert in working with at-home students. They’re skilled at clear cueing and at giving you instructions to help you get the most out of your workout. They know just the right moment to encourage you to push harder — or show you how to modify when you’re getting the hang of a new move.

And with Xtend Barre Live, you’re never working out alone. You’re part of a small group class with other students from all over the country with a trainer who knows you by name, understands your goals, and genuinely cares about seeing you make progress. And that keeps you coming back!


What Kinds of Classes Can I Take?

There are three kinds of Xtend Barre Live classes available: Signature 25, Signature 40, and Abs and Booty, Upper Body and Legs, Upper Body and Cardio.

The Signature classes – either 25 minutes or 40 minutes — will hit every muscle group with barre and Pilates moves to leave you feeling strong, refreshed, and energized. If you want more of a focused workout, try the 25- or 40-minute Abs and Booty classes, where you’ll target your core, glutes, and legs to help sculpt your abs and lift and tone your booty. Work your whole body in just 25 minutes with the Upper Body and Legs class, or really get your sweat on while building strength with the 40-minute Upper Body and Cardio classes.

Each Xtend Barre Live class is different, so there’s plenty of variety for you to experience! The workouts are just the right blend of challenging and fun, with movements that flow seamlessly between body-toning ballet barre and fat-burning cardio. Check out the Live schedule to find a class at a time that works for you!


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Who Is Xtend Barre Live for?

Xtend Barre Live is for anyone who wants to achieve a lean, graceful physique without bulking up or having to do an extreme, high-intensity workout. If you enjoy doing Openfit’s Xtend Barre on-demand workouts, you’re likely to enjoy taking the Xtend Barre Live classes as well.


Do I Need Barre Experience to Do Xtend Barre Live?

xtend barre live announcement - andrea leading class

You don’t need any previous barre experience to do Xtend Barre Live. Andrea demonstrates every move in every workout, and when you turn on your mobile phone camera, your virtual live trainer (only they can see you) can give you modifications to help you get familiar with the exercises and progressions to help you crank up the intensity.


Do I Need Any Equipment?

You don’t need a ballet barre to do Xtend Barre Live. Any sturdy chair, the back of a couch, or even a countertop will do. We also recommend wearing grip socks if you plan to do Xtend Barre on a smooth floor.

If you want more of a challenge, there are some optional pieces of equipment you can use:

  • set of light dumbbells (1 to 3 lbs. each)
  • resistance loop
  • small rubber ball
  • mat

If you don’t have those on hand but still want a challenge, check out these swaps you can make with household items!


How Do I Access These Live Workouts?

All you need is a mobile phone or tablet downloaded with the Openfit app. Just open the app, go to the Live Class Schedule screen, and look for the Xtend Barre Live classes scheduled for that day. Here’s a schedule of some of the most popular Xtend Barre Live classes! 


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When you find the class that’s right for you, simply click Book a Spot and it will be added to your Openfit Live schedule. You’ll get a text reminder 15 minutes prior to class starting so you have time to prepare.

To view Xtend Barre on a larger screen, you can stream your workout via AirPlay or Chromecast (depending on whether you’re using the Openfit app on an iOS or Android device, respectively) through your AppleTV or smart TV. This way, you can use the big screen to view your workout and use your phone to receive real-time feedback from your trainer.


Who Is Andrea Rogers?

barre vs pilates vs yoga andrea rogers

As a Pilates instructor and former professional dancer, Andrea Rogers created Xtend Barre by combining her two passions: movement and teaching. Now, with more than 40 studios worldwide – as well as her smash hit Xtend Barre and XB Pilates programs exclusively on Openfit – Andrea’s teaching is more in demand than ever before.


What Is Openfit?

Openfit is the digital streaming platform for integrated fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Whether you’re looking to do strength training, cardio, yoga, ballet barre – or all of that and more – our expert programs can help you not only get results, but also have fun working out, so you keep coming back.