Introducing XB Pilates!

Introducing XB Pilates!

Andrea Rogers’ XB Pilates workouts are always 30 minutes or less with no equipment required, and you can do them in the comfort of home!

Ever wonder why Pilates is so popular among models and celebrities? In most cases, it’s because they love the results. 

You can tone up without bulking up, lift your booty, and sculpt a beautiful physique — as well as develop the functional strength, body control, and body awareness that generally helps you feel healthier.

With XB Pilates, your trainer Andrea Rogers has added a faster dynamic flow and more cardio to the routines, to give you all the traditional benefits of Pilates, plus help you optimize your weight loss, in just 21 days.


How does XB Pilates differ from other Pilates programs?

XB Pilates - Andrea Rogers stretching

Classical Pilates (originated by Joseph Pilates) is low-impact and core-focused, and uses controlled movements paired with purposeful breathing to affect a total-body transformation.  

With XB Pilates, Andrea presents everything in a fun, modern way — pairing traditional mat moves with reformer-inspired cardio sequences to sculpt your abs, tighten your booty, and build strength from head to toe. 

It’s a fun, high-energy program that burns serious calories while helping you improve your posture, alignment, and mobility.

With XB Pilates, all of the workouts run 30 minutes or less.


XB Pilates’ 4 primary workout types:

  • Hit The Mat – Precision and control are key in this mat class that uses classic Pilates exercises to help you sculpt and strengthen your core, glutes, and legs  
  • Cardio Fusion – These sweat sessions incorporate reformer-inspired cardio moves and some of Andrea’s most popular Xtend Barre exercises to help you torch calories and build endurance
  • Abs & Booty – Your core and glutes will burn by the time you finish this challenging workout — but the results you’ll see in the mirror will be worth it 
  • Sculpt & Define – This upper-body-focused workout emphasizes strength, flexibility, and alignment to help you create a long, lean, balanced physique 


What is the difference between XB Pilates and Xtend Barre?

Both programs are high-energy, fast-flowing versions of the traditional disciplines. But the moves in each program are very different from one another, so even if you’ve completed Xtend Barre, you can expect to be challenged by XB Pilates. 

Do I need Pilates experience to do XB Pilates?

No. You don’t need to have taken Pilates classes in the past to succeed with XB Pilates. You can be an absolute beginner! Andrea and the cast members clearly demonstrate the proper form for not only each move but also its modifications, so you can progress at your own pace while still getting the most out of every workout. 

Do I need any equipment?

During each workout, there’s always one person on-screen showing you how to do the moves with no equipment. But Andrea and the rest of the cast frequently use light dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders, and Pilates mats. So the choice is entirely up to you.

Is there a lot of variety with XB Pilates?

Andrea keeps you challenged and engaged by presenting Pilates in a fun, modern way that includes a lot of variety. You’ll be doing cardio, targeted abs and booty exercises, and total-body strength and mobility work. It’s a fusion of everything you need to develop a tight, lean body.

The entire time you’re working out, Andrea keeps things moving. Her routines are rhythmic and her nonstop energy is infectious. It feels like you’re working out with her one-on-one. She makes you want to come back day after day. 


Who can do XB Pilates?

xb pilates

XB Pilates is for people who want to tighten and sculpt their bodies without enduring high-intensity, high-impact workouts. 

Because you can do XB Pilates in the comfort of home, you don’t have to take crowded, intimidating Pilates classes to reach your goals. 

XB Pilates is accessible for all fitness and experience levels. If you’re advanced, you can follow Andrea. If you’re just starting out, you can follow the modifier (a member of the cast demonstrating an easier version of each exercise) until you feel comfortable enough to amplify the movements.


Who is Andrea Rogers?

xb pilates- andrea rogers

Ever since she was a child, Andrea Rogers has craved movement. She took up ballet at the age of three and by 16 she had already choreographed her first dance. After spending years as a professional dancer, her love of movement and passion for teaching led her to pursue a career as a classical Pilates instructor.

Over time, she began to incorporate her ballet and dance background into her Pilates routines. When her students got great results and kept asking her “Hey, can we do more of that barre stuff?” she knew she was onto something with both disciplines.

So in 2008, Andrea officially began teaching Xtend Barre in Florida, and to this day the classes are packed. The Xtend Barre experience was recently brought to Openfit, allowing members to experience it right in their own homes. And now, XB Pilates will also be made available to Openfit members!

What is Openfit?

Openfit is the all-in-one fitness, nutrition, and wellness destination. We provide live, certified trainer-led workouts that provide real-time feedback and encouragement; personalized meal plans; and on-demand fitness programs led by some of the world’s most sought-after trainers and athletes.