The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

You might peek at your horoscope to see what your next career move should be or if you should finally move on from that guy who’s been ghosting you. But have you ever considered using your astrological sign to guide your workouts?

Exercise isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so tuning into the traits of your zodiac sign can provide some interesting insight into what might mesh best with your personality.

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What Is My Zodiac Sign?

Your zodiac sign is based on your birthdate. Specifically, the position of the sun when you were born. It’s said that your zodiac sign influences your personality and emotions, which is why it can be a good guidepost for choosing the right exercise for you.

(If you don’t know your sign, don’t worry — we’ve listed the corresponding birthdates for each sign below!)

“If you choose a workout style that fits you as an individual, you’ll likely enjoy it more, and be more likely to stick with it,” explains Lanie Schrubba, Group Exercise Director and Personal Trainer at Renaissance Athletic Club in Michigan. That’s why she’s a big proponent of choosing a workout that matches your personality.


The Best Kind of Exercise for Each Zodiac Sign

With the help of Schrubba and two astrology experts, we got the scoop on what motivates each astrological sign, and which workouts each should consider for the most enjoyment. While these suggestions aren’t the end all be all, aligning your zodiac sign with your workouts can be a fun way to try an exercise you might not have considered before.


Birthday: March 21–April 19

Exercise: Spin class

workout for your zodiac- spin class

A disciplined, visionary strategist, Aries is focused on getting the job done and creating the parameters needed for success, says Alejandra Sophia, a California-based astrology expert and founder of Star Power Alchemy. Because of their practical nature and tendency to seek achievement, Schrubba suggests an Aries try a spin class.

“It’s a very set style of workout, where you know exactly what to expect and find the ability to push yourself to your own limits.” Once an Aries has pushed through an intense, sweat-fueled spin class that works from head to toe, they’ll leave feeling successful and accomplished.

Try it today: Cycling is an excellent way to boost cardiovascular endurance while minimizing the impact on your joints. Plus, it has some pretty awesome mental benefits that will excite an Aries’ strong-willed mind.



Birthday: April 20–May 20

Exercise: Hiking or running outdoors

workout for your zodiac- hiking

“Taurus has an appreciation for nature and beauty — I call them the gardener sign,” Sophia says of this stationary, stable sign. Hiking or running in nature both provide the natural beauty and grounding and centering that Taurus needs.

Try it today: Get outside and enjoy the outdoors with our eight-week running guide. If you really want to get adventurous, check out some of these running trails across the US. Or, if you opt for a hike, make sure you have the right hiking boots, nourishing snacks for the trail, and the appropriate hiking gear.



Birthday: May 21–June 20

Exercise: Bodybuilding or strength training

workout for your zodiac- strength training

An air sign that loves variety and mental exercise, Gemini is “the chess player of the Zodiac,” Sophia says. “A Gemini might enjoy functional strength-training exercises,” Schrubba suggests, which condition you to perform the actions of daily life more effectively and efficiently.

“[They] require balance and coordination, giving Gemini the challenge they crave,” Schrubba says.

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Birthday: June 21–July 22

Exercise: Swimming

workout for your zodiac- swimming

“Cancer finds inner peace near water,” says Amy Tripp, MS, LMSW, astrologer, and founder of Starheal. “An exercise such as swimming puts these crabs right in their element.

Swimming also allows Cancer time alone to emotionally recharge.” Plus, the benefits of swimming (it’s low impact, it can boost your cardio endurance, and more!) are pretty hard to beat.

Try it today: A moderate effort half hour of swim will burn 198 calories for a 150-pound person, and a vigorous swim sesh can burn up to 668 calories in an hour! Check out these four types of swim sets that can be adjusted for any swimming level.



Birthday: July 23–August 22

Exercise: Dance

workout for your zodiac- dance

The fiery lion of the zodiac gets a thrill from expressing herself creatively. Dance-oriented cardio classes may tap into the urge to perform. Additionally, Schrubba suggests that competition is important to a Leo, so laying out clear goals can help them feel fulfilled with their fitness endeavors. “Goal setting is a great way for a Leo to feel accomplished,” says Schrubba.

Try it today: Check out these 10 ways to incorporate dance into your workouts. There’s a dance style for every skill level and interest, from pole dancing to jazz to ballroom! Or, cue up Rough Around The Edges on Openfit. It includes fun dance workouts that are easy to follow along with, but will definitely get you sweating!



Birthday: August 23–September 22

Exercise: Yoga

workout for your zodiac- yoga class

Grounded Virgo tends to be interested in holistic health, and thrives on building positive daily routines. “Virgos are an example of people who would thrive in deep yoga practices,” Schrubba says. “Yoga is imbued with a sense of gratitude and appreciation, and would be a great place for the Virgo to apply deep mental focus.”

Try it today: Commit to Yoga52, Openfit’s home yoga program, which challenges you to take a yoga class once a week for an entire year (or more frequently, if you prefer!). To get more of a holistic experience, you can even add meditation to your routine. Check out these three types of meditation to try.



Birthday: September 23–October 22

Exercise: Group workouts

workout for your zodiac- group workout

People-pleasing Libra is one of the most relational signs, Sophia says, and is also artistically oriented. “Libras should look for shared activities that open them up to the joy of movement. Taking classes with other people really speaks to the Libra nature.”

Try it today: If you can’t make it out to a group class at your local fitness studio, sign up for an Openfit Live class, where you can work out virtually with people from all over. Plus, you can get feedback from a trainer who’s leading the workout! Libra will find joy building relationships and muscles with these classes.



Birthday: October 23–November 21

Exercise: Weight Training

workout for your zodiac- weight lifting

“No sign is as persistent and enduring as a Scorpio,” says Tripp. “Scorpios like to go to extremes.” Weight training forces Scorpios to push past preconceived limits and challenge their bodies in ways fit for such an intense sign.

“Rigorous exercise also provides Scorpio a channel to direct their sharply penetrating and focused energy,” adds Tripp.

Try it today: Not feeling the weight room at the gym? No worries — you can cue up a weightlifting workout from T-MINUS 30, while also tapping into the intense mindset of a Tough Mudder.

And if you’re short on time, you can get in a quick strength sesh with 600 Secs on Openfit! The perfect amount of intensity for extreme-natured Scorpio, it’ll give short bursts of high-intensity exercise to help you burn fat and build muscle. And you only need 10 minutes!



Birthday: November 22–December 21

Exercise: Cross-training

workout for your zodiac- cross training

A passionate, philosophical nomad, Sagittarius doesn’t like to have to choose just one or two activities to get excited about, Sophia says. “A Sagittarius needs to be entertained by new things,” agrees Schrubba.

With cross-training, several different types of exercise are incorporated into the same program or even into the same workout. It can be as simple as adding weightlifting to a running program, or following a general fitness program with workouts ranging from HIIT to yoga. “This variety and variation will keep this sign connected to [their] workouts.”

Try it today: To focus your cross-training efforts, sign up for a triathlon! By splitting your time between three different kinds of exercise — swimming, biking, and running — a Sagittarius won’t be at a loss for variety. Follow these tips on training for your first triathlon to get started!



Birthday: December 22–January 19

Exercise: Barre class

workout for your zodiac- barre

“Resistance training is an important exercise for this zodiac sign because of its propensity for bone issues,” says Tripp. Pilates and barre can be a boon for Capricorn, as they focus on alignment and can help improve total-body strength, which research shows can help keep bones healthy!

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Birthday: January 20–February 18

Exercise: Group fitness

workout for your zodiac- group workout

“Friendly Aquarius loves to be part of a group along with participating in anything new and ahead of its time,” explains Tripp. “A trendy group class is perfect for this zodiac sign since it aligns with their unconventional and sociable nature.” May we suggest meeting up with your fellow group class-love friend, Libra?

Try it today: Can’t make it to a group fitness class at your local gym? Rough Around The Edges may give Aquarius the social feeling she needs right from home, since it’s led by a team of total badass women who all feel like your (incredibly powerful) BFF.



Birthday: February 19–March 20

Exercise: Surfing

workout for your zodiac- surfing

Pisces is all about getting wet. “Pisces rules the ocean, making surfing a natural exercise for this watery sign. Fish among fish,” says Tripp. Surfing also provides a total-body workout — it builds endurance, muscle strength, and challenges your mind!

Try it today: A beach and surf retreat might just be the perfect fitness-focused getaway for Pisces. Check out these beach retreats for some serious surf workouts, while simultaneously making lifelong friends!


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