The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

You might peek at your horoscope to see what your next career move should be or if you should finally move on from that guy who’s been ghosting you. But have you ever considered using your astrological sign to guide your workouts?

Exercise isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so tuning into the traits of your zodiac sign can provide some interesting insights into what might mesh with your personality. Why make exercise harder on ourselves when we can move with our celestial groove?

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What Is My Zodiac Sign?

Your zodiac sign is based on your birth date — specifically, the position of the sun when you were born.

It’s said that your zodiac sign influences your personality and emotions, which is why some people believe that it can be a guidepost for choosing the right type of exercise for you.

“If you choose a workout style that fits you as an individual, you’ll likely enjoy it more, and be more likely to stick with it,” explains Lanie Schrubba, CPT, fitness program director at Renaissance Athletic Club in Michigan.

If you don’t know your sign, don’t worry — we’ve listed the corresponding birthdates for each sign below!


The Best Kind of Exercise for Each Zodiac Sign

With the help of Schrubba and two astrology experts, we got the scoop on what motivates each astrological sign, and which workouts each should consider for the most enjoyment.

These suggestions aren’t the be-all and end-all — ideally, your workout plan should match your personality and your fitness goals. But aligning your zodiac sign with your workouts can be a fun way to try an exercise you might not have considered before.


Birthday: March 21–April 19

Exercise: Indoor cycling

workout for your zodiac- spin class

Aries is focused on getting the job done and creating the parameters needed for success, says Alejandra Sophia, a California-based astrology expert and founder of Star Power Alchemy.

Cycling workouts are a good fit for this passionate and disciplined fire sign, Schrubba says, because they’re “a very set style of workout, where you know exactly what to expect and find the ability to push yourself to your own limits.”

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Birthday: April 20–May 20

Exercise: Walking, running, or hiking outdoors

workout for your zodiac- hiking

“Taurus has an appreciation for nature and beauty,” Sophia says of this calm and reliable sign.

Walking, hiking, or running outdoors will provide plenty of scenery to help Taurus feel grounded and centered.

Try it today: Head outside with Every Step walking workouts on Openfit Live. You’ll find fresh air, friendly competition with your virtual classmates, and a DJ-curated playlist to keep nature-loving Taurus motivated.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take your Every Step workout with you to a nearby hiking trail. Just make sure you have the appropriate footwear, essential hiking gear, and some nourishing snacks.


Birthday: May 21–June 20

Exercise: Functional training

workout for your zodiac- strength training

This smart and adaptable air sign is “the chess player of the Zodiac,” Sophia says.

Gemini is likely to enjoy the variety and intensity of a functional training workout. Functional training exercises “require balance and coordination, giving Gemini the challenge they crave,” Schrubba adds.

Try it today: Test your mental grit with Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30, a 30-day training program designed to improve strength, endurance, speed, and mobility.

Or try 4-Week Abs and Booty Burn with trainer Jordan Morello, who focuses on compound movements to get that variety a Gemini personality seeks.


Birthday: June 21–July 22

Exercise: Swimming

workout for your zodiac- swimming

“Cancer finds inner peace near water,” says Amy Tripp, MS, LMSW, astrologer and founder of Starheal. “Swimming puts these crabs right in their element [and] allows Cancer time alone to emotionally recharge.”

Plus, the benefits of swimming are pretty hard to beat.

Try it today: A 30-minute swim sesh at moderate effort will burn 198 calories for a 150-pound person. At vigorous effort, a 150-pound person can burn 334 calories in a half hour.

Check out these four swim workouts that can be adapted to any swimming level.


Birthday: July 23–August 22

Exercise: Dance

workout for your zodiac- dance

The fiery lion of the zodiac gets a thrill from creative expression and competition.

Goal setting is a great way for a Leo to feel accomplished,” Schrubba says. This passionate and ambitious sign will thrive in a structured fitness program, while dance-inspired workouts can tap into their creative nature.

Try it today: Cue up Rough Around The Edges on Openfit — this 30-day program includes fun, easy-to-follow dance workouts that will definitely get you sweating.

Or try the 4-Week Bomb Body Challenge with Sophia Rose, which blends dance, bodyweight moves, and boxing to help you build your leanest, strongest, fittest body ever.


Birthday: August 23–September 22

Exercise: Holistic fitness

workout for your zodiac- yoga class

Virgo shines when building positive daily routines, so a workout that emphasizes holistic wellness and healthy habits will be the best bet for this grounded earth sign.

A daily yoga practice can also offer stress relief for perfectionist Virgos. “Yoga is imbued with a sense of gratitude and appreciation, and would be a great place for the Virgo to apply deep mental focus,” Schrubba says.

Try it today: Get Moving and Start Losing with Jen Widerstrom takes a well-rounded approach to fitness, with a focus on setting realistic goals, learning proper form, and building consistent habits — perfect for practical Virgos.

For much-needed stress reduction, try Yoga52, an at-home yoga workout designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.


Birthday: September 23–October 22

Exercise: Group workouts

workout for your zodiac- group workout

This extroverted air sign is open-minded and loves trying new things.

“Libras should look for shared activities that open them up to the joy of movement,” Sophia adds. “Taking classes with other people really speaks to the Libra nature.”

Try it today: Participate in the next Openfit Live Challenge, where you’ll join members of the Openfit community to hit your weekly goals. Libra will find joy building friendships and muscles with these live challenges.


Birthday: October 23–November 21

Exercise: Strength training

workout for your zodiac- weight lifting

“No sign is as persistent and enduring as a Scorpio,” Tripp says. “Scorpios like to go to extremes.”

Strength workouts give Scorpios the chance to challenge themselves and push past preconceived limits. Rigorous exercise also provides a Scorpio a channel to direct their focused energy, Tripp adds.

Try it today: Bring that Scorpio intensity to 4 Weeks of Focus! You only need two sets of dumbbells to push your limits with this full-body workout.

Impatient Scorpios will also appreciate Fast Results with Joey Thurman. These quick-but-effective workouts use bodyweight and resistance loops to help you burn fat and sculpt your entire body in 20 minutes or less each day.


Birthday: November 22–December 21

Exercise: Cross-training

workout for your zodiac- cross training

Sagittarius is a passionate, philosophical nomad who craves adventure and variety — but also gets bored easily.

“A Sagittarius needs to be entertained by new things,” Schrubba says. Cross-training is a great option, she adds, because the variation will keep Sags from feeling stuck in a rut.

It can be as simple as adding weightlifting to a running program, or following a general fitness program with workouts ranging from HIIT to yoga.

Try it today: Openfit Live is a great option for variety-loving Sags. Each day you can try a new workout with a new trainer, switching up your fitness approach. You’ll never get bored with the constantly-evolving schedule and classes.

Or focus your cross-training efforts and train for a triathlon! By splitting your time between swimming, biking, and running, you’ll have variety built right into your schedule.


Birthday: December 22–January 19

Exercise: Resistance training

resistance training

Capricorns are ambitious — and they’re willing to put in the work it takes to reach their goals.

“Resistance training is an important exercise for this zodiac sign because of its propensity for bone issues,” says Tripp. Pilates and barre can also be a boon for Capricorn, as they focus on alignment and can help improve total-body strength, which research shows can help keep bones healthy!

Try it today: It takes a lot to satisfy a Capricorn’s need for physical excellence. Because Capricorns are ready to work seriously hard for their fitness goals, Strong + Solid with Lita Lewis would be your best bet. Lita’s four-week program includes 10 workouts that combine resistance training, cardio, and HIIT training.


Birthday: January 20–February 18

Exercise: Barre or Pilates

workout for your zodiac- group workout

Aquarians are known for being creative, independent, quirky, and maybe even a little rebellious. But this social air sign also loves connecting with others.

“Friendly Aquarius loves to be part of a group, along with participating in anything new and ahead of its time,” explains Tripp. “A trendy group class is perfect for this zodiac sign since it aligns with their unconventional and sociable nature.”

Try it today: Balancing cardio and ballet fundamentals, Xtend Barre gives creative Aquarians an outlet for self-expression.

Or try XB Pilates, which offer a modern twist on classic mat Pilates exercises to help you build a strong and graceful physique. If you need an intro to Pilates, start with Lisa Hubbard’s 3-week Beginner Pilates program on Openfit.

You’ll also find barre and Pilates workouts on the Openfit Live schedule, so Aquarians can get their social fix.


Birthday: February 19–March 20

Exercise: Surfing

workout for your zodiac- surfing

“Pisces rules the ocean, making surfing a natural exercise for this watery sign — fish among fish,” Tripp says.

Surfing also provides a total-body workout that builds endurance, strengthens muscles, and challenges your mind.

Try it today: A surf retreat might just be the perfect fitness-focused getaway for Pisces. Or, if you’ve never surfed before, sign up for a lesson — it can be a fun way to meet new people or to stay active as a family.

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