14 of the Best Face Masks for Every Workout

14 of the Best Face Masks for Every Workout

Staying in shape while staying safe at home is absolutely possible, but you may need some special gear, including an exercise face mask. We hunted down 14 of the best face masks that combine breathable fabrics with safety features so you can feel comfortable taking that Openfit Live Running or Walking class outside and breathe well enough to give it your all.

You won’t find any neck gaiters on our best face mask list, since researchers are still torn on how effectively they protect against droplets. (Some masks may be sold out temporarily, due to demand.)

You can show off one of these sleek face masks in an Openfit Live Running or Walking class. Try it here today!


1. Athleta Made to Move Mask 3 Pack

best face mask - athleta
This one-size mask comes in packs of three in different shades of red/purple or green/blue tones. Each pack comes with an interchangeable head strap to help take the pressure off the back of your ears. The strap can be positioned at multiple points across the back of your head to accommodate your hair.

Good for: Light workouts, such as barre and yoga

Available at: Athleta.

Price: $25 for 3 masks


2. Kitsbow Face Mask (Reusable HEPA Type)

best face mask - kitsbow

Quickly and easily personalize this mask, made in North Carolina by a mountain biking apparel company. There’s a breathable air pocket built right in. When you’re in higher-risk situations, a (provided) filter slides into this pocket. When you’re in low-risk but high-exertion situations, like a HIIT workout in the park or an Openfit Live walking or running class, you can take out the filter for extra breathability. It comes in three sizes.

Good for: Switching between work and working out, and any workout where you can’t avoid crowds.

Available at: Kitsbow.

Price: $24.95 each


3. Under Armour UA Sportsmask

best face mask - under armour

Specialized foam in this mask makes it easy for air to pass through during strenuous workouts but difficult for sweat and moisture to leave. This is to ensure the safety of those around you. The water-resistant outer shell makes this the perfect mask for no-matter-the-weather runners and cyclists. Available in sizes XS to XXL.

Good for: Outdoor workouts, no matter the weather

Available at Under Armour.

Price: $30 each


4. The Well Movement Mask

best face mask - the well

Made from a stretchy fabric and outfitted with adjustable ear loop stoppers, this mask conforms well to a variety of face shapes and sizes despite its one-size offering. The mask contains an antimicrobial agent to control odors so you can feel fresh even after long workouts. They come in packs of three, five, or seven, in case you want to stock up.

Good for: Those who want to feel fresh after a workout.

Available at: The Well.

Price: $18 for 3 masks


5. Onzie Mindful Masks

best face mask - onzie

You’ll love the quick-drying and breathable material, up-cycled from this company’s yoga gear, for its performance ability. And you might just love it even more because proceeds from these one-size masks will be donated to health-care workers. They come in assorted colors that depend on availability, too, so each order is a surprise.

Good for: Yoga, walking, and giving back

Available at: Onzie.

Price: $24 for 2 masks


6. Rhone Essential 3-Layer Protective Face Mask

best face mask - rhone

A moldable nose bridge helps make this mask as comfortable as possible, while a washable design and included wash bag helps dry them faster. Customers rave about just how breathable these one-size masks are, and you’ll love the different colors and patterns available.

Good for: Workouts with a cardio component.

Available at: Rhone.

Price: $30 for 2 masks


7. Koral Infinity Face Mask

best face mask - koral

This mask uses fabric that’s not just antimicrobial but also ready for high-performance. It dries quickly and has a soft and stretchy fit. It also offers UV protection, making it the perfect choice for workouts that take you outdoors, whether that’s a circuit in the park or a jog around the neighborhood.

Good for: Outdoor activities and workouts

Available at: Koral.

Price: $27 each


8. Reebok Face Covers

best face mask - reebok

This three-pack of masks gets a little more granular about their sizing for a better fit. They use soft, breathable fabric that still may help cut down droplet transmission, and the sleek design means there’s no getting the ear loops twisted.

Good for: Running and jogging

Available at: Reebok.

Price: $30 for 3 masks


9. O2 Canada O2 Curve Respirator

best face mask - o2 canada

You can choose between a high bridge or a low bridge for this face mask that offers an exceptionally tight face seal. It uses medical-grade silicone and feels weightless. With straps for the ears and the back of the head, it’s not moving during even the toughest workouts. This mask also comes with filter replacements.

Good for: Rigorous workouts, like WODs

Available at: O2 Canada.

Price: $69.99 each


10. Carbon38 The Mask Kit

best face mask - carbon38

This pack gets you two masks with a multi-layered filtration system and fast-drying antibacterial fabric as well as a laundry bag. To help ensure they stay in place during your sweat session, they have an adjustable nosepiece and toggles on the ear loops.

Good for: Low-impact workouts such as Pilates

Available at: Carbon38.

Price: $29 for 2 masks


11. Uniqlo AIRism Face Masks

best face mask - uniqlo

Three layers of fabric wick away water and sweat, filter the air, and block UV rays during your outdoor activities. Customer reviews tap these masks as some of the most breathable ones out there with soft enough ear loops for hour-after-hour wear if you need to transition from work to workout. They’re available in small, medium, and large.

Good for: Cardio activities, including your Openfit Live walking and running classes

Available at: Uniqlo.

Price: $14.90 for 3 masks


12. Outdoor Research Essential Face Mask Kit

best face mask - rei

This mask is specially treated to resist microbes and germs, and it retains that power at 100% through 30 washes. Customers love this mask for its structure and fit, which is snug enough to prevent glasses from fogging up if you need to wear both. This mask is also abrasion-resistant, which makes it a great pick for trail-based activities.

Good for: Hiking, mountain biking, anything off-road

Available at: REI.

Price: $20 each


13. Adidas Face Covers

best face mask - adidas

These face covers are similar to the Reebok ones, designed with a sleek silhouette and breathable fabric you can put through the washing machine. Two different sizes help you get a better fit without dealing with toggles or adjuster straps.

Good for: Fast-paced workouts that offer no time for mask adjustments

Available at: Adidas.

Price: $20 for 3


14. Hammacher Schlemmer The Antibacterial Cooling Face Mask

best face mask - hammacher schlemmer

Antibacterial silver in this mask protects from bacteria and odors from those sweat sessions, while the moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry. Each mask comes with five disposable filters. (Add a different filter for more protection.)

Good for: Outdoor workouts in the heat

Available at: Hammacher Schlemmer.

Price: $19.95 each