The Secret to Making Barre Workouts Better

The Secret to Making Barre Workouts Better

By Ana Vigo

If you’d asked me about workout supplements a few months ago, I probably would have said they were a little like Hawaiian pizza — fine for some people, but not for me.

My goal has always been to get lean and toned — I focus on losing inches, not gaining them. In my mind, supplements are designed to add big muscles, and getting bigger has never been on my fitness wish list. And if I didn’t want bulk, then I shouldn’t take supplements. I mean, that stuff is only for bodybuilders who want to get huge, right?

So when I started the Xtend Barre program a couple months back, I was shocked to hear the trainer, Andrea Rogers, talk about how much she loved Openfit pre- and post-workout supplements! She said she loved drinking them every day, and raved about how much they helped her with her workouts.

Now, if you’ve never seen Andrea, just imagine the most picture-perfect ballerina body ever — slim and toned, and strong and graceful. The word “bulky” would be the last way to describe her. So if taking supplements could help me look a little more like Andrea, I was definitely willing to give them a try!

I went online and ordered some Openfit Fuel and Openfit Recovery. I began drinking Fuel before all my workouts, and then Recovery right after. The first thing I noticed? They tasted so good! I loved the refreshing berry Fuel flavor before I started working out, and the chocolate Recovery flavor was like a treat at the end.

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And I saw a ton of other benefits that came from adding these supplements into my workout routine. Here are some of the main perks I noticed after a few weeks of combining Fuel and Recovery with my Xtend Barre workouts:

My workouts felt more enjoyable. For the first time since I started Xtend Barre, I could finally make it all the way through without stopping to rest. Taking Fuel not only helped me bring a little extra “oomph” to my workout, it also helped reduce the burn I’d been feeling during some of those longer holds, so I was able to put more effort into every class. It was the perfect boost of energy I never knew I needed!

openfit supplements - openfit fuel in glass

I recovered from my workouts faster. Even on the days when the workouts left my muscles feeling like jello (which was most of them, TBH), drinking Recovery right afterward seemed to help speed up the whole “muscle repair” process. By the time the next day’s workout rolled around, I was so happy to notice I wasn’t feeling as sore, and I was feeling strong enough to push it hard again!

I kept losing weight and inches. Before I heard Andrea’s words of wisdom, I was worried that taking supplements would make me “bulk up.” But even after I starting taking both supplements, I kept losing weight and shedding inches! I love how lean and toned I feel with the Xtend Barre workouts, and the Openfit supplements didn’t get in the way of that. They only give your body what it needs feel its best, without any added sugar or empty calories.

openfit supplements - recovery

It was so easy to add the supplements into my routine. I could just shake, drink, and go. Some days it’s hard enough to make time to work out (thank goodness Xtend Barre is only 30 minutes!), much less prepare something to drink before and after. But with the Openfit supplements, it was no extra stress at all. The only thing I had to do was pour a scoop into a shaker cup, add some water, and drink! There was no time wasted on doing any kind of complicated prep.

I’m so happy I listened to Andrea and went out of my comfort zone by trying these supplements. I can’t imagine going back to not using them, now that I know how much better they make my workouts, and how they help me reach my goals to be lean and fit more quickly and efficiently.

I hope this has helped clear up any myths about supplements for you, and that you try Openfit supplements yourself! To learn more about Openfit Fuel and Recovery pre- and post-workout supplements click here. It’s that easy!



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