What's In Your Bottled Water?

What's In Your Bottled Water?

Buying plastic water bottles may seem more convenient than lugging your own reusable bottle everywhere you go, but new research may convince you to change that habit for good.

German scientists wanted to find out if chemicals in plastic that disrupt hormone levels and have been linked to breast cancer were leeching into bottled drinking water. What they discovered was even more disturbing–24,520 different chemicals were identified in the bottled waters they tested! The effects that these thousands of chemicals could have on human health have not been thoroughly studied, but we’re willing to bet they aren’t good for you.

The chemical of greatest concern in this study, DEHF, which makes plastic flexible, was the most consistent cause of hormone disrupting activity in 18 brands of bottled water. It is in a class of chemicals called EDCs, which interfere with the body’s estrogen and testosterone receptors. The researchers tested their local tap water and found none of this alarming hormone activity.

It is important to continue to drink plenty of water every day–but make sure it does not come in a plastic bottle.! We recommend buying a refillable stainless steel or glass bottle and carrying it with you everywhere you go. You’ll avoid those nasty chemicals, and save money. Here are 25 more ways to drink more water every day.


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