What to Wear For a Barre Workout

What to Wear For a Barre Workout

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If you’re trying a barre workout for the first time, you may be wondering what you should wear. And if you weren’t wondering, here’s a heads up: Your usual workout attire may not be ideal for a barre class. If you tend to work out in baggy hoodies and sneakers, you may want to consider investing in some fitted tanks and non-slip socks. It’s not about vanity — the right gear can help you get the most out of your barre workout. Here are our most recommended items for your next barre workout.

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What to Wear for Your Barre Workout

Comfy Leggings

Why are formfitting leggings such an important part of your barre ensemble? Your own comfort is key, but it’s also important that you (and your barre instructor!) can see your form. Barre is a ballet-inspired workout, which means body alignment is important. As you work on mastering new moves, it’s important to make sure your form is on point (no ballet pun intended) while you’re working up a sweat.

Leggings don’t have to be basic. The Zella Static High Waist Reversible Leggings come in funky, reversible patterns, and the high waist keeps everything covered up while you stretch and twist. Another comfy option is the High-Waist Moto Legging from Alo, which comes in a wide range of colors, including a pale ballet-slipper pink.


Sweat-Wicking Tank Top

Barre is all about little movements, including the famous “tuck,” and a form-fitting top can help you make sure your alignment is correct. And it’s important to choose moisture-wicking fabric, because you’ll definitely work up a sweat.

One of our favorite tops for barre class is the Foothill Tank from Athleta — it has a cute open-back detail that can go from grocery store to barre class simply by tying the ends together. Or show off your pun-ny sense of humor with this “My happy hour is at the barre” tank, which can clear up any confusion when you tell your coworkers you’re hitting the barre after work.


Grip Socks

best grip socks
Sneakers are a no-go during a barre class, but if you don’t feel comfortable working out in your bare feet — or you’re at a studio that requires footwear — a pair of non-slip socks is a must-have.

To prevent slips, many studios recommend you wear sticky grip socks. These Xtend Barre Mary Jane socks have ballet-inspired straps to get you in the barre frame of mind .


Supportive Sports Bra

Barre is a low-impact exercise, so you don’t need a ton of support — but a snug sports bra, like the Nike Indy strappy sports bra, will keep everything in place so you can focus on form rather than worrying about wardrobe malfunctions.

Another comfy option is the Slashback Crop Top from Outdoor Voices — wear it alone as a crop top to show off the dramatic detail in the back, or layer it under a tank for extra support.


Hair Ties

Though slicked-back ballet buns aren’t required, you’ll definitely want to keep your hair out of your face. These Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties don’t leave a hair crease, so they’re perfect if you have somewhere to be after barre class. Squeeze in a barre workout during your lunch hour and still look presentable when you arrive back at the office — no hair straightener required.


Something to Carry It All

Your barre gear wouldn’t be complete without a bag to carry it all. This Gaiam Studio to Street workout bag is perfect for carrying all of your essentials — it’s roomy enough to store a spare change of clothes, hair accessories, and anything else you might need.

Trying a new workout can be intimidating, but having the right gear can help you feel more comfortable, so you can focus on getting the most out of your barre workout. Besides, we’ll take any excuse to stock up on new workout essentials — so pack the gear you need, and we’ll see you at the barre.