What to Expect From Weighted Workouts on Openfit Live

What to Expect From Weighted Workouts on Openfit Live

Most of us know that strength training is important, but it can be challenging to stay consistent (or even just get started). Maybe lifting weights doesn’t seem as fun as a cardio class, or you find yourself standing over a set of dumbbells, not knowing where to begin. If you could use some guidance, accountability, or a good-natured kick in the butt, it’s time to try an Openfit Live weights class.

A weights class offers an entirely different experience than lifting solo, says Ritvik Aithal, M.Ed., Openfit Live Trainer. “Live weight-training classes have the added benefit of accountability from your trainer,” he says.

“This accountability goes far when it comes to doing a workout with full commitment, with attention to detail on form and the breath-cueing. Plus, on days where you just don’t feel it, the trainer accountability goes really far in keeping you moving with the high energy that the trainer provides — especially when they shout out your name and awesome form!”

Sound intriguing? We asked Ritvik to weigh in (pun intended) on some of the most frequently asked questions about Openfit Live weights workouts. Here’s what he had to say.

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What Kind of Workout is a Weights Workout on Openfit Live?

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Openfit Live offers a variety of weights classes, so the structure, focus, and length of the class depend on which one you choose. Some workouts have a HIIT component, “which means you’ll be moving fast and in a back-to-back cardio pace,” says Ritvik. Loading varies, too; while some classes use light weights and higher reps to build muscular endurance, others use heavier weights and fewer reps to work on maximal strength. You can also hone in on specific areas of the body with classes that focus on the upper body, lower body, and core.


What Kinds of Exercises Will I Do in a Weights Workout?

Weights workouts typically start with a quick warm-up consisting of moves that will feel familiar, even if you’ve never taken a weights class before. Think dynamic stretches, jumping jacks, and bodyweight movements, like squats.

If you’re taking a total-body weights class, expect plenty of compound exercises that simultaneously work multiple muscle groups, like alternating forward lunges with biceps curls and weighted squats with overhead presses. Of course, body part-specific workouts will mainly include exercises that target that area. For example, a lower-body workout will consist of movements like weighted lunges, squats, and deadlifts.


I’ve Never Done This Kind of Workout Before — Can I Still Sign Up?

Live weights classes are ideal for those just beginning their fitness journey, explains Ritvik. “It allows for a good amount of muscle growth (especially in the first month of training), which means you’ll see and feel fast results in the early period of training,” he says.

His number one tip for newbies is to focus on form. “Pace yourself and choose lighter weights over the heavier ones to allow your muscles to learn the movement patterns and adapt,” he says. “As you gain confidence and strength in the program, the next step forward is to progressively overload the muscles (go for higher weights).”


What Equipment Do I Need for This Class?

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A set of dumbbells ranging from three to 10 pounds is recommended. But if you don’t own dumbbells, feel free to get creative. “We recommend using household objects such as water bottles, wine bottles, books, rolled-up yoga mats, detergent boxes… I’ve even seen bricks being used, so creativity comes into play here!” Ritvik says. “See what seems heavy around the house and start lifting — safely, of course, and with attention to form and breath.”


What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Weights Workouts?

When done consistently, weight training not only adds mass and definition but also burns calories (cardio isn’t the only game fat-burning in town!). Bigger muscles + less fat = a leaner, more sculpted physique.

Beyond aesthetic results, weight training offers other potential health benefits, from increasing bone density to preventing injuries.


How Do I Sign Up?

Once you’ve signed up for and downloaded the Openfit app, go to the Live Class Schedule screen and search for weights classes on the calendar. When you find the one you want, click Book a Spot, and it will be added to your Openfit Live schedule. You’ll receive a text reminder 15 minutes prior to the start of class.