Walk the Pounds Away With This Walking for Weight Loss Plan

Walk the Pounds Away With This Walking for Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to weight loss, walking isn’t always part of the conversation. We tend to seek out more intense (and often complicated) solutions. But the truth is that a walking for weight loss plan can be incredibly effective — if you do it right.

Have fun while getting your steps in by taking interactive live walking classes with the Every Step program. Try it here!


Walking Workout Plan

While you can lace up your walking shoes and see where the day takes you, an expert-designed walking for weight loss plan might help you stay consistent and yield better results.

Every Step

If you’re stepping toward weight loss, better health, or want to keep moving on your off day Openfit’s live walking class, Every Step, is a walking plan you can follow from your smartphone. It’s just one of many workout programs available to Openfit members.

With this walking for weight loss plan, you get more than just a timer and instructions. “What’s super awesome about our live walking classes is you get to chat with your teammates via the group chat and share photos of your adventures along the way,” says Gowrie Hayden, Lead Trainer at Openfit. “Plus, you have an actual live trainer talking to you the whole time helping you stay motivated and having fun. Your trainers can see what pace you’re going, your distance, and more. So if you want to set a personal goal for the class, we can help you get there.”

Here is a sample of what a week of the Every Step Program might look like:

  • Monday – 25-minute Power Walk
  • Tuesday – 60-minute Casual Walk (with live trivia!)
  • Wednesday – 15-minute Quick Stroll
  • Thursday – 40-minute Interval Walk
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – 25-minute Power Walk
  • Sunday – 40-minute Casual Walk

You can start your free two-week trial of Every Step and all of Openfit’s hundreds of live and on-demand workouts by clicking here!


Walking For Weight Loss

happy couple walking with dumbbells | walking for weight loss plan

Most of us walk every day (to some extent) to get from point A to point B. So what’s the difference between walking for transportation and walking for weight loss?

According to Hayden, there are two important factors:

  1. Pace – you should spend some time walking at a pace that feels challenging.
  2. Duration – a walking for weight loss plan should include workouts that are over 30 minutes.

“Our Walk or Run Intervals Class is a great way to start working on picking up your pace for shorter periods of time, then recovering at a slower pace in between,” Hayden says. “Intervals add intensity and also help to increase your overall pace.”

It’s also necessary to consider nutrition.

While it’s possible to lose weight just by increasing your daily activity level, an unhealthy diet may sabotage your goals and fail to provide the fuel you need to stick to a walking for weight loss plan.

“Nutrition is a key component with any weight loss goal,” Hayden says. “Our One Minute Meal Plan in the app can help you stay on track and figure out how to eat better to reach your goals.”

Consistency is paramount.

If you struggle to commit to a walking for weight loss plan, walking with a buddy or a group can help keep you accountable. Hayden explains that the social aspects of Openfit’s live walking classes make them particularly beginner-friendly.

“You make new friends, help motivate and support each other towards your mileage or pace goals, and you have the accountability factor when you sign up ahead of time,” she says. “Frequently, the toughest part is getting started and showing up for yourself. With Openfit, you are never alone. You are walking with your teammates and a live trainer.”


Days Off

Because walking is a low-impact form of exercise, you can absolutely walk every day, says Hayden. Walking doesn’t require the same type of recovery that high-intensity exercise necessitates. However, if you feel like you need a day off from your walking for weight loss plan, take it! Concerned about overdoing it or burning out? “You can start with alternating short and long walks every other day to help build up endurance,” Hayden says.


Should I Add Strength Training?

man cross training with kettleball | walking for weight loss plan

No matter your chosen form of cardio, strength training is always a good idea. “Strength training will help build muscle, burn fat, and increase bone density,” says Hayden.

To reap the health benefits of resistance training, aim to train two days a week and hit every major muscle group — upper body, lower body, and core — in each session. You can get a great workout with a single set of dumbbells, a resistance band, or your own body weight.


Best Ways To Increase My Steps

One of the best things about a walking for weight loss plan is that it’s easy to incorporate into your everyday life. You’re already walking — you just have to do more of it. Here are some of Hayden’s go-to tips for increasing your daily step count.

  • If you spend the majority of your waking hours sitting in front of a computer, take a quick break every hour to walk laps around your house or office. Or just stand up and march in place.
  • Stuck in back-to-back conference calls? Rather than sitting, walk around or pace back and forth while you’re on the phone.
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs whenever possible.
  • When running errands, park your car further away than you normally would.
  • Rather than wait in your car to pick up the kids from their activities, jump in a walking class.
  • Set a nightly routine that includes a refreshing walk after dinner. It’s a lot more fun than planting yourself in front of the TV!