How to Use Openfit Classes While Traveling

How to Use Openfit Classes While Traveling

The past few years have been full of setbacks, but a silver lining has been consistency in our workout programs like never before. So with travel restrictions being lifted, you may be worried about losing steam on your cycling streak while you’re away.

Worry not; there are plenty of ways to get your workout in, even while traveling. And since you’ve probably enjoyed the benefits of exercise while at home, you’ll be more motivated to work in your sweat session while you’re away. Here’s what you need to know about tailoring your training to the equipment at your destination.

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If You Have Access to a Bike, Cue Up a Cycling Workout

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If your hotel has a gym with a bike, or you can get a day pass to a nearby gym, you’re probably set to continue with your Openfit cycling classes as usual. These workouts “can be done on a majority of bikes found in gyms,” says Openfit Trainer Dyan Tsiumis, CPT.

However, there are a few things you should check before hopping on the bike:

  • If you plan on doing an Openfit cycling class, steer clear of air bikes with moving handlebars, Tsiumis says.
  • Although they provide a good workout, recumbent bikes aren’t a good fit for these classes either.
  • “You do want to have cages (straps) to keep sneakers safely on the pedals or clip in with cycling shoes,” Tsiumis says. Many hotel gym bikes will have these.

Even if your schedule is packed, there’s a cycling class for you. Many Openfit cycling classes require just 10 to 20 minutes, so you can work up a sweat without derailing the rest of your day’s activities.


If There’s a Gym but No Bike, Opt for Cross Training

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If your hotel gym doesn’t have a bike, choose a workout that takes advantage of the equipment they do have available. Is there a weight rack? Try Get Strong or Strong + Solid. Just a treadmill? Do an Every Step walking workout.

Bonus: Mixing it up may translate to better workouts in the future.

Cross-training can be hugely beneficial to give the body a break from a normal routine,” Tsiumis says. “Depending on how many days the user is away from the bike or their regular routine, they may feel even stronger by training muscles differently or doing restorative workouts that include mobility work, stretching, and yoga to further strengthen the body.”

You can also strategically choose videos that help you retain your cardiovascular training while away from home. Tsiumis suggests trying yoga sculpt, cardio sculpt, and strength workouts, which “also have amazing cardiovascular benefits.”


No Gym? Choose a Bodyweight Workout

openfit bodyweight programs

Even if your lodging lacks gym facilities, you can still use Openfit to get a solid sweat session in. Just opt for a bodyweight-only workout — like Just Bring Your Body — that will keep you sweating while you’re away from your bike.

You’ll find plenty of bodyweight workouts on Openfit that can be done right in your hotel room. “For yoga, Pilates, and barre, you can just use bodyweight, and many of our floor workouts are bodyweight workouts,” Tsiumis says.

Trust that these workouts are still hard work, Tsiumis adds — plus, they’re “a nice change of pace if you typically use added weight for workouts.”

Still, if you want to incorporate resistance training, you do have options. “Use water bottles or jugs as a replacement for weights,” Tsiumis suggests. You can also pack resistance bands in your travel bag and use them in lieu of dumbbells.

Some objects in your hotel room can also double as workout equipment. Use the desk for incline pushups, a firm chair for step-ups, and a hand towel as gliders for ab movements or hamstring curls.


What to Pack for a Hotel Workout

There are many ways to stay active when traveling that don’t require you to pack anything more than comfortable walking shoes.

But if you have room in your luggage for a few extra items, you can get even more out of your on-the-road workouts. Add these items to your packing list for an active trip:

  • Workout clothes
  • Resistance bands or loops for strength training (For an extra challenge, consider a water weight bag, which fills with water to create resistance up to 50 pounds and empties to fold flat when you travel.)
  • Running shoes for a live walking or running class
  • Water bottle (This can also help you stay hydrated on the flight!)