Find Out What Your Favorite Openfit Trainers Eat Before a Workout

Find Out What Your Favorite Openfit Trainers Eat Before a Workout

There’s no denying that our trainers bring unparalleled energy to workouts. Most of the time, their enthusiasm gets you excited for the challenges to come and amps you up to give it your all from start to finish. But it’s completely normal if their sky-high energy has made you wonder how they fuel up for these workouts.

We polled our trainers on their go-to pre-workout snacks to get you answers. (Everyone is different, so follow these strategies for fueling up before your workouts. Don’t play the comparison game!) Interestingly enough, the one thing they mentioned most often was LADDER Pre-Workout!

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Some Like to Fuel Up With Yogurt

bowl of yogurt

  • Casey Wenger-Schulman: “Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and black coffee or water!”
  • Hannah Sutton: “Greek yogurt or protein oats! Coffee or Pre-Workout!”


Others Are All About That Protein

  • Dominique Edomwande: “Protein bar.”
  • Joey Thurman, Creator of the Abs + Bands Bootcamp: “Give me a black cold brew coffee or a pre-workout drink, such as LADDER. If I do eat beforehand, a quick go-to is a protein shake and a banana. Often I blend it together for some fruity goodness.”
  • Emma Radwick: “Water and a banana or plant-based protein bar.”
  • Dyan Tsiumis: “I’m not a big eater before workouts (especially cardio), but if I’m lifting I always have a protein shake with vegan protein (LADDER) and almond milk. I like to keep it simple.”
  • Lita Lewis, Creator of Strong + Solid: “My go-to pre-workout snacks; avocado toast, banana and peanut butter protein shake, or two fried eggs.”


Some Love to Pair Carbs and Nut Butter

banana peanut butter toast

  • Joyce McNally: “Whole wheat toast with peanut butter.”
  • Mary Beth Rockwell: “LADDER Pre-Workout, whole-grain crackers with nut butter.”
  • Gowrie Hayden: “LADDER Pre-Workout. Snacks are usually a little almond butter with celery or an apple.”
  • Sydney Raffellini: “Apple with nut butter or protein oats!”


Others Double Up on Carbs

  • Jen de Leon: “Banana. If I’m super hungry and there’s enough time, some oats!”
  • Natalie Edwards: “Cream cheese bagel and a banana.”
  • Shaun Tubbs: “I’ll have a few pretzels and maybe a banana.”


For Many, Caffeine is Key

cup of coffee

  • Craig Waters: “Iced coffee!”
  • Sarah Soares: “Coffee with MCT oil. I only work out in the morning though. I prefer an empty stomach.”
  • Greta Wright: “Banana and a big glass of water, or (no judgment) a coffee!”
  • Jesse Barton: “I don’t eat often before working out, but sometimes I will have pre-workout for an extra boost or a shake.”
  • Justin Flexen: “Pre-workout and water!”