Openfit Trainers Share the Best Fitness Advice They've Ever Received

Openfit Trainers Share the Best Fitness Advice They've Ever Received

It’s easy to see Openfit trainers as paragons of fitness who never struggle or need advice, but everyone is a beginner at some point. You know them as the leaders of your sweat sessions, your cheerleaders, and sometimes your challengers, but they’ve also needed advice along their fitness journeys.

Now they’re paying it forward. Openfit trainers shared with us the best fitness advice they’ve ever received so we could share it with you. We’ve sorted their advice by theme so you can find the right motivation for your mood today!

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Fitness Is Individual

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“In an era where we tend to compare ourselves against others, we must remember that our only goal, especially as it pertains to fitness goals, is to simply improve upon yesterday’s accomplishments. You against you. After all, we’re all different, reaching for different goals and the only true denominator is ourselves.”
Lita Lewis, Openfit Trainer and Creator of Strong and Solid

The best workout for you is the one you enjoy and stick to.”
Joyce McNally, Openfit Live Trainer

“The best workout is the one you ENJOY doing! Fitness doesn’t have to be a punishment — find the joy in movement.”
Casey Wenger, Openfit Live Trainer

“Movement is a blessing. Listen to your body and do what feels best for YOU.”
Natalie Edwards, Openfit Live Trainer

“Find the movement that you love. The love keeps you coming back for more!”
Greta Wright, Openfit Live Trainer

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone but you. When I was training for fitness competitions I would always look to see how other women were training, how they looked and my coach told me, ‘You’re not them.’ I realized I’m never going to be 5’10” or have legs for days, but I can be the best version of me.”
Dyan Tsiumis, Openfit Cycling Trainer


Ditch All-or-Nothing Thinking

“It’s not always going to be perfect, so let go of that expectation and just enjoy the ride.”
—Craig Waters, Openfit Live Trainer

“Motion is lotion! Keep moving as much as you can, just a bit more gently if it’s that kind of day.”
Mary Beth Rockwell, Openfit Live Trainer

“Trust the process. Rome wasn’t built overnight.”
Dominique Edomwande, Openfit Live Trainer


Get Out of Your Own Way

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“Let that bed go.”
Wayne Stewart, Openfit Live Trainer

“Less excuses, more progress. It is never going to change you if it doesn’t challenge you!”
Sydney Raffellini, Openfit Live Trainer

“Lose your excuses.”
Gowrie Hayden, Openfit Live Trainer

“The discomfort you may be feeling is temporary!”
Rosie Cowen, Openfit Live Trainer

“Commit. Don’t quit.”
Asaada Corley, Openfit Live Trainer


Rest Serves a Purpose

“Value and appreciate and take advantage of rest days. Just like a car cannot run on empty, neither can you. Listen to your body and when you need to take a step back, take it. Recovery is part of the process and is where the magic happens when it comes to muscle growth.”
Christina LaGrega, Openfit Live Trainer

“Recover as hard if not harder than you train.”
Katie Mumford, Openfit Live Trainer


Cultivate Gratitude for Movement

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“Fitness is a celebration of what your body can do! Working out should be a form of showing appreciation for yourself.”
Hannah Sutton, Openfit Live Trainer

“Do what you can do. So many are not able to do anything. Also, always try to do one more.”
Sherry Brennan, Openfit Live Trainer

“Our health is a blessing and movement is a gift that brings us joy!”
Emma Radwick, Openfit Live Trainer

“Working out isn’t a punishment for what you can’t do, it’s a celebration of everything you can do. It’s not about a number, an aesthetic, or being trendy. Your health should be celebrated everyday, so move how you want to.”
Davanna Dean Law, Openfit Cycling Trainer


It’s Not All About Weight

“Throw out your scale. Your weight is an arbitrary number and there are way better ways to gauge your progress: how you feel, how much energy you have, how your clothes fit.”
Jesse Barton, Openfit Cycling Trainer