Maximize Your Workout Results With the Openfit Heart Rate Tracker

Maximize Your Workout Results With the Openfit Heart Rate Tracker

Now there’s a simple way to “dial in” your on-demand Openfit workouts for optimal results — based on your current fitness level and your personal goals — using Openfit’s Heart Rate Tracker available exclusively on the Openfit app.

With a real-time, on-screen readout of your heart rate and calorie burn, the Heart Rate Tracker helps you manage your workouts for optimal results, while avoiding injury and “workout burnout” caused by overtraining.

Here’s a quick overview of the Tracker and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals.


What Are the Benefits of Heart Rate Training?

Monitoring your heart rate during workouts is a simple and objective way to measure the intensity of your exercise. You’re able to see how your body responds to activity in real time, so it can help you recognize when you’re going too hard or too easy, or if you’ve hit the sweet spot where you can make the best progress.

“Heart rate training can give you an ongoing reminder of your intensity and tell you when you need to pick up the pace or slow down,” says Dr. Aaron Baggish, director of the Cardiovascular Performance Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. “This way you can stay within your moderate-intensity zone as much as possible.”

It’s also helpful for the sake of comparison. When you wear a monitor, you can track your performance across workouts. That helps you maximize your efficiency and get the most out of your workout every time.


How Does Openfit’s Heart Rate Tracker Work?

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The Openfit Heart Rate Tracker works together with the Openfit app to integrate your compatible heart rate monitor (HRM) with any of Openfit’s on-demand workouts. That allows you to see your heart rate, as well as calories burned, right on your app screen throughout the workout. Once your class ends, you’ll see a summary of stats, including average heart rate, maximum heart rate, and total calories burned.

By keeping an eye on your heart rate, you’ll know when to modify — and when to push yourself a little harder. Over time, you’ll be able to master your training station by staying in the right heart rate zones and get your results faster and more efficiently.


How To Get Started: Step by Step

Make sure you have the latest version of the Openfit app, and then follow these instructions:

1. Log into your account on the Openfit app and choose an on-demand class.

2. Tap the “Connect HR Monitor”  button at the bottom of the Class Details screen, or if you’ve already started your workout, tap “Pair” to connect your device.

3. Tap “Allow” to give the app permission to access your Bluetooth and Local Area Network.

4. Choose the heart rate monitor you wish to use from a list of detected devices.

5. Look for confirmation that your heart rate monitor is connected to the app.

6. Start your workout.


Which Devices Are Compatible With Openfit’s Heart Rate Tracker?

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You can use most Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitors together with the Openfit app, including Apple Watch, Polar OH-1, and others.


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