These Openfits Teammates Completed 1,000+ Classes — Here's What They Learned

These Openfits Teammates Completed 1,000+ Classes — Here's What They Learned

They started at different fitness levels. They set unique goals. They discovered which trainers and workouts resonated best with them.

But despite the various paths they’ve taken on their fitness journey, these Openfit Teammates all share one incredible accomplishment: They’ve each completed more than 1,000 Openfit classes!

You don’t clock that many classes without learning a thing or two — and experiencing some meaningful life changes and major transformations along the way.

So we caught up with up with these overachievers to find out what’s kept them committed. Get ready to get inspired!

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Sara B. — 1,026 Classes

teammates 1000 classes -- Sara b

The sense of connection and support pushes Sara to keep coming back to Openfit.

“I feel like the trainers know me, because we’re always writing to each other on our Facebook group,” she says. “They help me make every second worth my time. If I have a question or a situation, I can always message them, and they always answer!”

Of course, her results were also a source of motivation.

“I’ve lost 15 pounds and 19 inches because I’ve worked very hard through the Openfit program,” Sara adds. “My body has changed in so many ways, but the most important thing to me is my muscles have become more toned and sculpted.”


Melissa R. — 1,288 Classes

teammates 1000 classes -- Melissa r

Openfit Live gave Melissa the resources she needed to achieve her postpartum fitness goals.

“After the birth of my son, I struggled to lose the few extra pounds, or the mommy ‘pooch,'” she says.

Melissa credits Openfit Live’s global community and motivating instructors with helping her reach her goals.

“I have a sense of confidence in my appearance and in myself, which I struggled to have in the past,” she says. “My favorite thing about Openfit Live is the ability to connect with others around the world and the United States. You can have coaches giving you the extra push you need. Sometimes you want to quit, but you have the support of the coaches and others in the live class.”


Selena M. — 1,001 Classes

teammates 1000 classe -- Selena m

Along with challenging workouts and a myriad of options, Openfit Live has offered Selena ongoing accountability and support.

“I love the fact that the trainers can see what I’m doing, encourage me, or help me make corrections when needed,” she says.

Selena also loves the support she gets from the Openfit Teammates group on Facebook. “My husband tries to support me on my health journey, but doesn’t always get it when I get excited about a new badge, a personal best, or a completed challenge,” she says.

The Openfit community was also there for Selena when personal tragedy struck, helping her to channel her grief into a positive outlet.

“My mom passed away suddenly in December 2020, and then my dad passed away in March 2021, just three months later,” she says. “The support on the Facebook page and in the classes was amazing. Both of my parents had health problems, and my goal is to live a healthy, long life — one I know will be possible as long as I continue with Openfit.”


Amanda B. — 1,105 Classes

teammates 1000 classes -- Amanda b

“I hit 1,000 classes before my two-year anniversary, and there’s no sign of me stopping now!” Amanda says.

Amanda started her Openfit journey with Xtend Barre and was quickly hooked. “I immediately fell in love with the format,” she says. “The classes were challenging, but they were also exciting, so I didn’t want to give up. I started noticing changes to my muscle tone right away and I quit my gym membership to focus on Openfit.”

“Having a live trainer review my form has corrected all my habits, and I see even more results,” she adds. “The live trainers are fun and have become family. I love interacting through texts and in our Facebook group.”

Since joining Openfit, Amanda has upped her workout time from 30 minutes to at least one hour a day. She’s also taken advantage of Openfit’s wide variety of classes. “I’ve ventured out of the Xtend Barre classes to do 4 Weeks of Focus and Joey Thurman’s classes,” she says. “I love them all.”


Louise L. — 1,553 Classes

teammates 1000 classes -- louise

Crushing more than 1,500 Openfit Live classes has been a huge confidence booster for Louise.

“Before I found Openfit, I thought I was too old to get into fitness,” she says. “But after I first hit play on an Xtend Barre class, I found myself wanting to do more and try more. I started to be brave and branch out to try the different types of fitness classes Openfit has to offer. I now enjoy HIIT, strength training, cardio, yoga, Pilates, and even running!”

Her newfound confidence and improved physical fitness have had a noticeable effect on her day-to-day life.

“For someone who used to get out of breath climbing the stairs and was unable to pick up her five-year-old son, I can now run a 10K in just over 60 minutes — all thanks to Openfit and the trainers,” Louise says. “I now have a lifetime habit of health and wellbeing ahead of me.”


Kayleen M. — 1,094 Classes

teammates 1000 classes -- kayleen m.

Committing to Openfit Live classes has helped Kayleen stick to her fitness goals.

“I love scheduling Openfit Live classes into my day,” she says. “It takes out excuses to exercise, as I’ve already made the commitment to carve that time out of the day myself.”

Plus, her workouts provided some much-needed structure during the pandemic — and a major confidence boost.

“I am such a happier and more confident version of myself since joining Openfit,” Kayleen adds. “I joined a few months before the pandemic started, and my workouts really helped to keep me grounded. I also benefited from the Openfit community on Facebook. Openfit has been really great for me — not only for the physical changes I have seen in my body, but it has also been beneficial to my emotional wellbeing.”


Gina M. — 1,049 Classes


“My biggest accomplishment since joining Openfit has been pushing play every single day since March 4, 2019,” Gina says. “There have been days that I work out first thing in the morning, as a midday work break, or even sometimes late at night. But there has never been a day that I missed.”

Along with those bragging rights, she’s found better fitness, an outlet for stress, and the support of a like-minded community.

“I began Openfit during a period of a family medical crisis,” Gina says. “I used this program to keep me grounded and minimize my stress during some very uncertain times.”

“I made connections with Andrea Rogers and other members during the Zoom calls and in the Facebook group,” she adds. “I felt a tremendous amount of support from this group. I will forever be grateful!”


Sandra B. — 1,073 Classes

teammates 1000 classes -- Sandra b

Sandra credits Openfit Live for keeping her in the right mindset to reach her goals.

“I have enjoyed the interaction with Teammates and getting to know the coaches,” she says. “I think getting feedback while doing a class is also very encouraging. During the pandemic, having social interaction has been essential for my mental health as well.”

And over the course of 1,000+ classes, she also discovered something new about herself: She’s a runner!

“I have never considered myself a runner, yet I got wonderful coaching during some of my early classes from Ali,” she adds. “I worked out with Liana often and got to achieve all the goals in one of the classes. We were working consistently on running two miles during a 25-minute class. It was fun and challenging. I’ve run a few 5Ks with Openfit — my first ever, and quite a few since.”


Lauren V. — 1,100 Classes

teammates 1000 classes -- Lauren v

For Lauren, Openfit has been a legitimate life-changer.

“Between the supportive groups on Facebook, amazing trainers both in the programs and the live classes, the wonderful people at Openfit, and the workouts themselves, I’ve become a completely different person,” she says.

“Not only has it changed me physically, but also so much mentally,” she adds. “I am so much more confident and prouder of myself. I have a very can-do attitude now and I feel happy.”

And while Lauren appreciates all the positive changes to her physique, she cites a non-scale victory as her biggest achievement yet.

“Although I have been doing barre classes for two years, my form isn’t exactly perfect,” she says. “A recent challenge — XB Basics — has been a major boost for me. It’s helped me to correct the errors in my form, which allows me to go deeper in my challenge zones and work my body harder and more accurately.”

“After one of the live classes, trainer Casey texted me to let me know that she noticed how hard I had been working and that my form looked exceptional,” Lauren adds. “In that moment, I felt like I had truly accomplished something.”