4 Fun Yoga Playlists for Your Next Flow

4 Fun Yoga Playlists for Your Next Flow

Building a playlist for yoga doesn’t have to be all about acoustic guitars, sitars, and chanting. The best yoga playlist can reflect your everyday musical vibes.

“I don’t use only music one might consider ‘yoga music,’ like ambient or chanting music,” says Yoga52 trainer Odette Hughes. “I appreciate when a playlist has an arc of energy and similar sounds, so I choose songs because I enjoy them, and they have similar instruments, voices, or moods.”

What about lyrics? That’s totally up to you. When she’s teaching, Yoga52 trainer Marie Grujicic tends to favor instrumental songs, because lyrics may compete with her voice. But if you prefer music with lyrics, take her advice: Keep them upbeat, inspiring, and positive.

Ready to create your own perfect yoga playlist? Whether you’re looking for a slow flow, a heart-pumping pace, or something in between, these four yoga playlists will keep you tuned in on the mat.

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Brent Laffoon’s Upbeat and Energizing Playlist

brent laffoon wild thing pose | playlist for yoga

“For me, this playlist has a little bit of everything,” says Yoga52 trainer Brent Laffoon. “It carries me through with tunes that feel good on my ears without being distracting or intrusive.” Move through your flow to some hip-hop, reggae, easy rock, and plenty of instrumental beats to keep you focused.

Listen at: Spotify.


Micki Duran’s Classic Rock Playlist

micki duran tree pose | playlist for yoga

The nostalgia from the old-school songs on Yoga52 trainer Micki Duran’s playlist will add a fun element to any class. If you want to build your own rock playlist, follow the flow of your workout: Start slow as you’re warming up, build the music as your flow gets going, and add fast-paced songs in the middle before you start to slowly bring the vibe back down.

Listen at: Spotify.


Marie Grujicic’s Modern and Mellow Flow Playlist

marie grujic-delage reverse warrior | playlist for yoga

“When I create a class playlist, I mostly use electro lounge music with fun, entertaining beats,” says Yoga52 trainer Marie Grujicic. The tracks on her yoga playlist follow the vibe of her class: “We keep climbing up in intensity until we reach the peak, then cool down and end up in a blissful, relaxing, meditative savasana.”

Listen at: Spotify.


Odette Hughes’s Relaxing Short Flow Playlist

odette hughes pigeon pose | playlist for yoga

When creating a playlist for a short flow practice, Yoga52 trainer Odette Hughes recommends arranging songs so there’s a slow rise, peak, then fall in energy. Every song on her short and gentle playlist is filled with calming notes to guide you through a gentle stretch — perfect when you need to de-stress. And the playlist is mostly instrumental, so your mind can unwind with ease.

Listen at: Spotify.