Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday With Our Thanksgiving Guide

Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday With Our Thanksgiving Guide

Things can start to get pretty crazy during the winter holiday season. With so many dishes to prepare, Zoom meetings to schedule, and turkeys to gobble, it’s no surprise that you may be getting stressed!

That’s why we made this Thanksgiving Guide. It can help you simplify your planning so you can focus on enjoying the festivities and spending quality time with your loved ones. From cocktail and dessert recipes to tips on staying healthy and giving back to your community, we’ve got you covered.

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Thanksgiving Recipes

Easy, healthy, and delicious recipes to inspire your holiday meal.

18 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

healthier green been casserole | thanksgiving guide

Yes, it is possible for a Thanksgiving meal to be healthy! This year, try out these recipes that are as delicious as they are nutritious.

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15 Plant-Based Thanksgiving Recipes

butternut squash noodles | thanksgiving guide

Turn Turkey day into tofurkey day with these plant-based recipes that are more veggie-forward than traditional Thanksgiving recipes, but are still packed with the classic flavors everyone loves.

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15 Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Everyone Will Love

cranberry sauce | thanksgiving guide

Be thankful for all the fruits and veggies in your life by making some of these healthy and delicious vegan Thanksgiving side dishes.

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7 Tasty and Healthy Cranberry Thanksgiving Dishes

cranberry leftover sandwich | thanksgiving guide

From cocktails to sandwiches to desserts, cranberries do it all in these seven tasty Thanksgiving dishes.

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Three Ways to Enjoy Mashed Potatoes This Thanksgiving

rustic mashed potatoes | thanksgiving guide

Even though plain mashed potatoes and gravy is a classic Thanksgiving staple, spice things up this year with these tasty and creative variations.

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10 Fall Cocktails That Will Give You All The Feels

thanksgiving drinks

If you have people you want to impress at your Thanksgiving dinner, have a few of these cocktail recipes handy to show them that you’re really living that chic and classy lifestyle.

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7 Thanksgiving Day Breakfasts That Won’t Leave You Too Full for Turkey

chocolate protein pancakes | thanksgiving guide

Start the day on a healthy note with these tasty and festive breakfasts. As tempted as you might be, don’t skip breakfast to “save” your calories for Thanksgiving dinner; treat it as any other normal day.

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Amp Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers with These Healthy and Creative Recipes

thanksgiving food spread | thanksgiving guide

Because you might be eating leftovers for days after Thanksgiving, here are 10 ways to repurpose them into tastier meals.

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Thanksgiving Fitness Tips

Tips for prioritizing your fitness this holiday season.

Here’s How Much Exercise You Need to Burn Off Thanksgiving Foods

thanksgiving dinner | thanksgiving guide

Before you dig into the spread of Thanksgiving food, check out our guide to see how much exercise it typically takes to burn off those holiday dishes. Keep in mind, it’s not as simple as “calories in, calories out,” but overindulging does generally lead to weight gain.

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6 Stress-Reducing Yoga Poses to Get You Through the Holidays

woman doing yoga | thanksgiving guide

If you’ve already worn out that poor little stress ball and don’t have a backup plan, try a couple of these yoga poses that’ll loosen you up and help you enjoy your holidays with less stress.

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How to Find Time to Work Out During the Busy Holiday Season

how to find time to workout during the holiday season

Navigating the holiday season can challenge even the most dedicated fitness fanatics. With all the stress, drinks, and food that come with the holidays, make sure you have time to get your favorite workout in with these eight tips.

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Thanksgiving Survival

Tips for surviving the holiday season, from where to buy dinner to how to eat less sugar.

10 Tips to Survive Thanksgiving Dinner Without Gaining Weight

table of thanksgiving food | thanksgiving guide

Instead of gorging yourself with food over the holidays, try eating mindfully with these 10 tips to enjoy a healthier Thanksgiving dinner that’s still plenty satisfying.

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10 Places You Can Buy Thanksgiving Dinner if You Don’t Have Time to Cook

woman looking at tablet outside store | thanksgiving guide

Thanksgiving is all about good food and good company. We’ve got you covered on the former with this guide on where to buy the best Thanksgiving dinner. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel the most comfortable in the kitchen.

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How to Eat Less Sugar This Thanksgiving

choosing soda | thanksgiving guide

We know how hard it is to resist those sugary sweets that you’ve been eyeing all day, so reduce your sugar intake this Thanksgiving by following these tips from the creator of Sugar Free 3!

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7 Simple Ways to Have a Fun and Festive Thanksgiving at Home

woman putting pastries in oven | thanksgiving guide

In case the pandemic has made you forget how to relax and enjoy yourself, here’s how you can stay festive and enjoy your holidays even if you’re staying home for Thanksgiving.

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7 Tips for Setting Up a Healthy Thanksgiving Buffet

plate of thanksgiving food | thanksgiving guide

If you’re hosting a little holiday shindig this year, here are some expert tips on how to set up the perfect Thanksgiving buffet for your guests.

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A Perfect Day of Eating

woman exercising outside | thanksgiving guide

Are you the kind of person who treats Thanksgiving Day like a marathon? Here’s an hour-by-hour breakdown of what your day should look like to get the most out of the holiday!

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Does Turkey Really Make You Tired?

man sleeping after meal | thanksgiving guide

This is a breakdown of what’s happening in your body after your big meal and how to avoid the dreaded “food coma.”

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The Best Foods to Donate to a Thanksgiving Food Drive

donating to food drive | thanksgiving guide

If you’re planning to give back to your community this year, here’s a guide on what to donate to a Thanksgiving food drive, and how to find a place to donate in your area.

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6 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

left over food | thanksgiving guide

You can’t call yourself a food lover if you’re always tossing out what you don’t eat. Here are six tips on how to do your part and reduce food waste.

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8 Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress During a Pandemic

cozy interior of house | thanksgiving guide

Self-care might be on the back-burner in your life — especially in the midst of holidays and a pandemic — so here are eight ways to sneak in some quality “me time” this holiday season.

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How to Freeze Thanksgiving Leftovers

unfinished pumpkin pie | thanksgiving guide

Still have food lying around? Make sure that your leftovers won’t go bad in the fridge by following this guide on how to freeze and keep your leftovers fresh.

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Thanksgiving Dinner for People Who Can’t Cook

thanksgiving dinner for people ho can't cook 

You don’t have to be an expert chef to have a delicious Thanksgiving. These cooking-alternatives will ensure a tasty and stress-free holiday.

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Tips to Avoid Overeating

tips to avoid overeating

You start off the day determined to enjoy your feast in moderation. Suddenly, you’re three plates deep and reaching for desserts. Here are eight ways to avoid overeating this holiday season.

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How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Holiday Foods?

calories in favorite holiday foods 

Ever wonder how many calories are in your favorite entrees, drinks, and sides? We tallied up the most popular holiday dishes and found some delicious, healthier alternatives.

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How to Cook a Turkey

From seasoned and roasted to your dream brine, this is how you can perfect your Thanksgiving turkey.

How to Brine a Turkey for a Succulent Thanksgiving Bird

whole cooked turkey | thanksgiving guide

If you’re taking on the responsibility of cooking the main meaty course, check out these tips on how to brine the perfect Thanksgiving turkey.

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How to Roast and Season a Turkey

These 11 steps will take you from buying grocery store turkey to the in-laws asking for your recipe.

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How to Carve a Turkey

how to carve a turkey

No more butchering the turkey you spent hours cooking. Learn how to expertly carve your Thanksgiving turkey with precision and grace.

How to Carve a Turkey.