Badge Goals: Meet Three of Our Top Badge Earners!

Badge Goals: Meet Three of Our Top Badge Earners!

Setting goals — and rewarding yourself when you achieve them — is a surefire way to stay motivated to work out. And if you’re an Openfit regular, you know that earning badges can help with both!

Badges not only give you something to work towards, but they also serve as a reminder of milestones in your fitness journey — like taking your first-ever class, showing up for a late-night workout, or crushing an Openfit Live Challenge.

Seeing a new badge pop up in your account can give you the confidence boost you need to keep pressing play. And no one knows that better than these Teammates — they’re three of our top badge earners!

Here’s how they got started, what keeps them coming back, and which badges made them proudest.

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Louise L. — 104 Badges and Counting

louise -- teammate top badge earners

Louise started her fitness journey after getting a “wake-up call” at her yearly check-up.

“I always thought I was active enough in my job, so I was shocked to hear the doctor tell me I was unhealthy,” she says. “I knew it was time to make a change in my lifestyle, and I didn’t really know where to start.”

After seeing Andrea Rogers in an Xtend Barre ad, Louise signed up for Openfit on a whim, fully expecting to cancel after the two-week trial.

“As soon as I started, I realized how much Openfit had to offer,” she says. “I started with the Xtend Barre Signature 30-day calendar, and by day two, I was hooked. I’ve never regretted it for one second since. I’ve pressed play in the app every day since May 2020!”

Along the way, she’s earned more than 100 badges and celebrated countless non-scale victories.

“I’ve lost so many inches from my waist, hips and thighs,” Louise says. “I’ve sculpted muscles that I never knew existed. I’ve gained strength in so many ways.” She’s also mastered the burpee, ballet jump, and push-up.

“I came to Openfit looking to get rid of my mummy tummy and I found an amazing community of live trainers, celebrity trainers, Teammates, and so much more!” she adds.

Most challenging badge

“The toughest — and the one I’ve wanted for the longest — was the 10K badge,” Louise says. “Through Every Step, I’ve built up a fast walking pace that eventually turned into a very gentle jog, and then into a semi-half-kinda-run. Almost a year after I started with Openfit, I finally got my 10K badge with a run time of one hour and 10 minutes!”

Proudest Accomplishment

Completing the Xtend Barre Live Challenge in November 2020. “This badge means the world to me because it got so hard but I didn’t give up,” Louise says. “I acknowledged I was way outside my comfort zone, but I wanted to get better. Getting the badge felt like I had won gold at the Olympics. If I could do that challenge, I could do anything!”


Vanessa Z. — 79 Badges and Counting

Vanessa -- teammates top badge earners

Before the pandemic, Vanessa was taking 5 a.m. classes at a local cycling studio. “I enjoy early morning exercise,” she says.

So when she had to make the switch to at-home workouts, Openfit was an easy fit for her early-bird schedule.

“I’m a busy working mom of two kids,” she says. “The flexibility of Openfit works for me.”

She bought a barre and joined Openfit for barre classes. “Little did I know there was so much more!” she says. “I’ve enjoyed the flexibility of live and on demand classes. I love completing challenges and programs, and I love the group atmosphere in live classes!”

Most challenging badge

“All were a challenge!” she says. But one that stands out is 12 Days of Fitmas, a holiday-themed challenge in which Teammates “unwrapped” a new fitness challenge each day. “It was a surprise — however, I really enjoyed the surprise!” she says.

Proudest Accomplishment

“My class count!” Vanessa says. She just celebrated her one-year Openfit anniversary in September, but she’s already clocked more than 900 classes in addition to her bevy of badges. “I am hoping to get to 1,000 classes and 100 classes this month!” she adds.


Chanelle W. — 96 Badges and Counting

“As a teenager, I realized my immediate family did not have a healthy diet and they were not physically active,” Chanelle says.

Hoping to sidestep a family history of health issues, she made fitness a priority.

“I was motivated to live a healthier lifestyle,” she says. “I have always enjoyed working out, and I believe that exercise should be part of your daily life.”

But when the pandemic hit, her gym had to shut down. They offered their members a free three-month membership to Openfit so they could stay active while stuck at home.

Chanelle went all in, earning badges for Fit Week Challenges, Every Step Live challenges, Pilates Bootcamp, and more.

Her gym has since reopened, but she plans to be an Openfit Teammate “for life.”

“I have lost weight since being with Openfit, but the results that I have appreciated the most are the toning and sculpting of my body,” Chanelle says. “Although I do not have any heavy equipment like you would find at the gym, this has not prevented me from toning up, because the various classes offered by Openfit tackle every target.”

Most challenging badge

Kick Ass Core Challenge

Proudest Accomplishment

“My first ‘100 Classes’ badge. I knew if I could make it to 100 classes, I would continue my fitness journey,” Chanelle says.