Taylor N. Lost 6.5 Inches with Xtend Barre

Taylor N. Lost 6.5 Inches with Xtend Barre

When you want to burn fat and torch calories, pliés and leg lifts may not be the first moves that come to mind.

But Openfit’s Xtend Barre workout program — which combines barre and Pilates fundamentals with cardio to help you sculpt a strong, lean body — has helped countless people shed pounds, get stronger, and build confidence.

Taylor Nelson is one of them — here’s how Xtend Barre helped her lose 7.2 pounds and 6.5 inches in just 30 days.

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Burning With Barre

While barre studios have been popping up across the country, Xtend Barre workouts don’t require a specialized studio — or even a barre! You can easily work out at home using equipment swaps like a chair or the back of the couch as your “barre.”

Barre workouts have a number of head-to-toe health benefits. During an Xtend Barre workout, you’ll improve flexibility and core strength while toning your arms, booty, and legs — and you’ll blast some serious calories, too.

Best of all, Xtend Barre is never boring, thanks to the unique combination of traditional Pilates exercises, ballet moves, and high-energy cardio that burns calories and tones muscles.

No dance experience? No worries — the program is newbie-friendly. “Anyone can do this program!” Nelson says. “You definitely gain coordination and grace.”


Staying Motivated

Motivation can be one of the biggest challenges when you’re building an exercise habit. Nelson was able to stick to her 30-day workout thanks to her workout’s secret weapon: Xtend Barre creator and trainer Andrea Rogers.

“Andrea is the best trainer!” Nelson says. “The thing I like best is how genuine she is as a trainer. As she pushes you to work harder, she also provides modifications and encourages you to not stop.”

In addition to motivation and encouragement, Andrea also provides clear, step-by-step instructions for activating the right muscle groups and safely completing each move. “She’s so clear with directions and guidance and extremely motivating,” Nelson says.

Andrea’s straightforward explanations are vital for helping you perform each exercise safely and with proper form. But if you want even more guidance, try an Xtend Barre Live class — you’ll get the energy and support of a group class along with real time coaching from an Xtend Barre Live-certified personal trainer.

Xtend Barre Results

xtend barre results - taylor n

The results don’t lie! After just 30 days of Xtend Barre, Nelson had dropped 7.2 pounds and lost a total of 6.5 inches. “I’ve noticed my stomach getting flatter, my booty lifted, and my arms more toned!” Nelson says.

And the benefits extended far beyond just body changes. “Since beginning Xtend Barre, I’ve found I’m much stronger, especially in daily tasks,” Nelson adds. “I have so much more energy than ever before.”

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Disclaimer: Results vary based on staring point and effort.