Join Tough Mudder and T-MINUS 30 in The #GetToughAtHome Challenge

Join Tough Mudder and T-MINUS 30 in The #GetToughAtHome Challenge

There’s never been a better time to get in shape at home. Why not commit the next 30-days to Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30? This total-body HIIT style workout series to get you Strong, Lean, and Tough in only 30 minutes a day (even if you never plan to do a race).

Ready to get started? First, you want to make sure you have an Openfit account so you can access all the T-MINUS 30 workouts. Then, make sure to download the Openfit app (on iOS and Android) so you can receive daily reminders!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can get started for free today!

Next, download the calendar below and print it out or save it on your phone so you can stay on track with every workout. With this calendar, you don’t have to think about what workout you need to do — it lays it all out for you! Plus, you can cross out each day that you complete, and that just feels so good.

t minus 30 workout calendars - get fit at home challenge calendar

And there’s no better time to go all-in than this challenge month, so get your nutrition on track, too! Pair this challenge with our T-MINUS 30 meal prep. It gives you five days of recipes to keep you fueled up and ready to give it your all in your workouts! Plus, having all your meals planned will give you more time to workout, recovery, and rest.