Claire Lost 12 Lbs in 30 Days (On Her Lunch Breaks!)

Claire Lost 12 Lbs in 30 Days (On Her Lunch Breaks!)

After moving from the U.K. to the U.S., Claire Larbey says her weekends were often filled with big portions, bottomless brunches, and a few too many cocktails. Despite eating relatively well during the week, the extra pounds started adding up.

Larbey worked out occasionally, but felt sluggish and unmotivated and wasn’t seeing any results. She needed consistency and routine in her weight loss plan, so she decided to give Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30 a try.

T-MINUS 30 is a 30-day workout program featuring 30-minute workouts that help you build strength, endurance, and mental grit. By knocking out a quick-but-intense workout daily during her lunch break, Claire dropped 12 pounds in 30 days. Better yet, she improved her strength and endurance and was able to tackle a Tough Mudder obstacle course with more speed and confidence.

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Getting Started With T-MINUS 30

t minus 30 equipment - t minus 30 workout still

T-MINUS 30 is designed to get you lean, ripped, and ready to take on a Tough Mudder. These total-body workouts combine bursts of intense work with short recovery periods. Each T-MINUS 30 session provides a total body sweat while getting your heart rate up. You don’t need a fancy gym setup with a ton of equipment, and if you find a particular exercise too challenging, you can always follow the “modifier” (i.e., the cast member performing a less difficult version of the move) until you’re ready to tackle the primary exercise.

T-MINUS 30 is led by super-motivating trainer Hunter McIntyre, a four-time Tough Mudder champ. “His personality amplifies into your room so you feel like he’s next to you,” Larbey says. “He kept me motivated and wanting to get that extra rep!”


Seeing the Difference

These challenging workouts, along with McIntyre’s expertise, will help you face those Tough Mudder obstacles with confidence — or just crush your next workout. When Larbey did the Las Vegas Tough Mudder in October 2019, she says she could feel the difference in the obstacles that emphasize upper-body strength. “That had always been a weakness,” she says. She also noticed that, after dropping some weight, the running portion wasn’t as challenging.


The Results

t minus 30 results - claire before and after

So how did Larbey feel after committing to T-MINUS 30 for 30 days? “Much stronger and leaner,” she says. After that first month was in the books, Larbey did another two rounds, racking up a total weight loss of 18 pounds.

With each round, Larbey felt herself get noticeably stronger. “I was lifting 10 pounds at the beginning and struggling with some of the moves,” she says. “By the end, I was onto 20 pounds for almost all of the moves.” Her favorite aspect of the program: She can do her workouts anywhere, and there’s plenty of variety.

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Disclaimer: Results vary based on starting point and effort. Larbey is a Tough Mudder employee.