Check Out the Results From Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30!

Check Out the Results From Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30!

Whether you want to crush an obstacle course race or improve your physique, Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30 can get you to where you want to be. In just 30 days, Tough Mudder champion Hunter McIntyre will lead you through 30 minute workout that will test your strength and endurance to make you stronger, leaner, tougher, and crazy fit overall.

But don’t take our word for it! Here are 10 people who completed the full T-MINUS 30 program and have the results to prove it. Check out all that they accomplished in just 30 days, and what they thought about the program!


Joe M. Lost 13.7 Pounds

T-MINUS 30 Results - Joe

“I definitely have more confidence in my fitness after T-MINUS 30. I felt myself push through barriers that may have been inhibitors before, I lost 10 pounds by the end of the program, and I see more definition in my arms, shoulders, back and core. I also went from a 7:04 minute mile at the beginning to a 6:29 minute mile at the end. I was very excited to see the 35 seconds dropped off the mile time!

Honestly, there is so much to like about the program, from the varying degrees of challenges it poses, to the cross training nature with dumbbells, cardio, and grip strength! However, the thing I found most impactful, was the Facebook group. It built a level of community and accountability. I was always curious to see how the team was doing, what people were saying about the programs, the workouts, and the results.

Hunter is a good motivator, too! He has a great deal of knowledge about the Tough Mudder courses and the strength needed to get through them. He is always cognizant of telling us why some of the functional or positional strength items are so important. The little inspirational check in messages he left for the Facebook group were also a nice touch!

This program will definitely help people get ready for a Tough Mudder. The functional and positional strength are so key to the course. The progression of the program from week one to the Challenge Week is something that will happen the body adapt to the course as well.”


Renee M. Lost 13.8 Pounds

T-MINUS 30 Results - Renee

“I lost 3 inches from my waist and dropped over 13 pounds! I notice a lot more definition in my arms, and my back fat is shrinking, I have a lot more mobility and grip strength, my core strength is better and running is getting much easier. Overall, I feel a lot more confident.

I liked the fact the program progressed and intensified week to week and that a lot of the exercises were different from what I can find on another on­-demand type service. I also liked the option of a Challenge Week.

The pre­-workout Fuel was nice and light. It didn’t aggravate my stomach or push me into overdrive. I work out in the late evening and it lasted about an hour and didn’t keep me awake at bedtime. The post-workout Recovery tastes pretty good, too, and I did notice less muscle soreness.”


Trevor H. Lost 8 Pounds

T-MINUS 30 Results - Trevor

“After T-MINUS 30, my mile improved by more than a minute! I moved up in weights every week so my strength and endurance improved. I also lost 8 pounds and my body has tightened up around the stomach – I went down a hole on my belt!

I liked the full body strength and cardio workouts that you can do anywhere with limited supplies. And Hunter was always challenging you, so you never knew when you would have to hold a position or just pump out reps. He really kept you guessing by making you hold a movement, just like on the course if you are holding on to a wall while getting help to go over.

The pre-workout Fuel gave me that extra energy to push through, and the post-workout helped me recover faster so I could be ready for the next workout and get me close to 100 percent as possible.”


Britt L. Shaved a Minute Off Her Mile Time

T-MINUS 30 Results - Britt

“I was motivated to start this program because I had been in such a slump. Last semester of school got the best of me. I fell apart not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. Plus, my limited free time is precious, so I didn’t feel ready commit to any sort of boot camp. So when I heard about the structure of T-MINUS 30, I felt more motivated to be able to fit the shorter regiments into my schedule!

When I started T-MINUS 30, my timed mile was almost at 9 minutes, but after 4 weeks, I’m down to 8 minutes! I also look more toned and HIIT feels “easier” now than it did when I started.

I really liked the variation of body weight and resistance training every other day. I felt it broke things up nicely! I also liked the shorter duration of exercises because they fit better with my busy lifestyle. I also liked that we didn’t need a lot of equipment so I could do the workouts at home if I didn’t make it to the gym.

Hunter is fun! He’s always in a good mood, and he admits his weaknesses to his audience. I like that he finds ways to push individuals around him harder and holds them accountable.

I am so pleased at how successful I’ve been at making the time to get these workouts done, and help me find my grind again!”


Chelsea E. Improved Her Push-Ups and Overall Strength

T-MINUS 30 Results - Chelsea

“Before I started T­MINUS 30 I was slightly intimidated mentally because I hadn’t been doing much physical activity over the previous few months. Physically, I felt weak and sluggish, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up with six workouts a week.

After completing the program, I have gained so much confidence! It was the perfect kick start to staying on an athletic regimen. Most of all, I’m so proud and impressed at how much we can accomplish in just one month! I’m excited to keep it going.

Although I only saw a couple pounds come off on the scale, I notice a dramatic difference in muscle tone. It’s so nice to see those abs again! My strength has improved so much in one month –  I can hardly believe it. I’ve never been great at push­ups, and usually only did them on my knees, but by the time Challenge Week came around I was almost keeping up!

The absolute best part of this program is that it fits into a busy lifestyle. Working out six days a week seemed intimidating at first, but because each workout was only 30 minutes long I could easily squeeze a workout into each day.

This program is perfect for preparing someone for a Tough Mudder! It incorporates overall physical endurance with running training so every athlete will be ready for any obstacle on the course. Hunter did a great job of explaining how some of the workouts directly aid in training for specific obstacles, such as crawling under barbed wire or pulling up teammates.

I started using the Fuel and Recovery supplements halfway through the program, and made such a big difference in performance! I did my workouts after my workday, so I was usually feeling tired and sluggish, but it was nice to come home and take the pre-workout Fuel to help me make the most of my 30-minute workout. I really enjoy the taste of the post-workout Recovery and enjoyed mixing in into smoothies for more variety.”


Jennifer H. Lost Weight and Gained Muscle

T-MINUS 30 Results - Jennifer

“Before T-MINUS 30, I was ready to start my 2019 Tough Mudder training but didn’t have a lot of focus and didn’t know where I wanted to start. I hadn’t made my training plan for the year or my race schedule, so I was woefully in need of structure.

After the program, I feel more motivated to get in gear for this year. I’m most pleased with the changes to my run speed! My weight also changed a bit – I saw the scale go down and the muscle tone go up. This is always a positive feeling when there’s a balance between weight loss and muscle gain.

I love Hunter’s attitude! He’s goofy and energetic helps when an exercise isn’t your favorite or is challenging you a lot during the workout. I also like that he mentions when the exercise might have practical applications on the course – this really helps those first­ timers think about WHY you’re doing the workouts and stay motivated.”


Jessica K. Lost a Total of 8.75 Inches

T-MINUS 30 Results - Jessica

“I felt strong going into this program. I was just hitting the start of my training season, but knew I had gained a few unwanted pounds due to stress in my personal life and was determined and take on any challenge.

After completing the program, I feel great! I have turned the corner, losing the stress weight that I gained. My body fat went from 14.9 percent to 12.9 perfect, I lost just over 6 pounds, and a total of 8.75 inches.

Hunter is great. I follow him as a person and athlete and love the personality and zest he brings to everything. And I loved the ability to feel like you are in a community with the Facebook group. Everyone was working toward one goal – one finish line – together.

As for the supplements, Fuel offers a boost in energy to push you through a workout whether you feel up to the task or not, and Recovery is perfect for an immediate refuel.”


Chris O. Got a Rock Solid Core

T-MINUS 30 Results - Chris

“With Hunter leading this group and his history Tough Mudder, I knew I wanted to try his workout! I really liked how he switched up some normal movements and made them more challenging. That made this program different than others in that the movements were different and the workout time was long enough to make it a quick, but challenging workout! Also, Hunter throwing in a “pause and hold” every once in a while made it interesting.

After having to push myself past where my body wants to quit is definitely a change in my mindset. I feel that my core has gotten a lot stronger and you can see a little more definition in my abs! This would definitely help people with the obstacles in a Tough Mudder and pushing themselves to be able to complete this challenge!

Plus, the post workout Recovery is awesome – the tart cherry powder is an excellent recovery aid!”


Victoria G. Improved Her Endurance

T-MINUS 30 Results - Victoria

“Before starting T-MINUS 30 I was tired, stressed, unmotivated to workout regularly and stuck in a rut. But, I wanted to improve my race season time over last year and improve my strength and endurance.

Now that I’ve completed the program, I’m stronger, faster, my endurance and speed have improved, and I feel more motivated and encouraged. This program will hit every muscle group, help your endurance, strength, and will help your speed for the running portion.

I loved the fact that Hunter is someone I know and recognize from Tough Mudder. He was encouraging, funny and enjoyable to follow. And I loved that we could all interact with each other in the Facebook group!”


Jennifer B. Lost a Total of 10.5 inches

T-MINUS 30 Results - Jennifer

“I am SO much stronger than I was 30 days ago. Physically, I’m able to do things I couldn’t a month ago, my mile is faster, I improved my endurance, I lost weight, and I lost 10.5 inches! Most importantly, I can do a renegade row and I was NEVER able to do them before! This program helped me get out of my head and I was able to break down my mental walls and it paid off physically and mentally.

Hunter is a beast. I love how he pushes you in a way without feeling like he is just being a jerk. He is the Godfather of Tough Mudder. He knows what he is doing and it shows!

The pre­-workout Fuel is awesome. It really helps power through the workouts and there is no nasty crash. And I love, love, love the post-workout Recovery!”