What Equipment Do You Need to Do T-MINUS 30?

What Equipment Do You Need to Do T-MINUS 30?

Maybe you’ve decided to prep for an obstacle course race or mud run, or you’re just looking to really boost your mobility, strength, speed, and endurance. Either way, T-MINUS 30 can get you ready to take on any challenge.

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What is T-MINUS 30?

T-MINUS 30 is designed to prepare you for a Tough Mudder race (or any other obstacle event).

One of the top endurance events in the world, Tough Mudder lives up to its name, putting participants through a challenging, wet, muddy course that includes scaling walls, swinging from monkey bars, navigating rope nets, and traversing a near-freezing pool of water, among many other obstacles.

Prepping for the event in a way that boosts mobility, strength, athleticism, and overall functional fitness is crucial. T-MINUS 30 provides that plan, with 30-day of workouts led by four-time Tough Mudder X champion Hunter McIntyre.


What Equipment Do You Need to Do T-MINUS 30?

If you’re planning on doing the full, structured 30-day program, you’ll need just a couple of pieces of equipment:


Not every session requires weights, but for the ones that do, it’s helpful to have two sets. You’ll want one that’s lighter and one that’s more challenging for you. This will allow you to build both endurance and strength.

Mat (optional)

Technically, you don’t really need a mat. McIntyre and his crew do their ground exercises on a gym floor. (A carpeted space would likely work, too.)

But if you’re on a harder surface, you may want a yoga mat for the sequences that have you on the ground. A mat is especially helpful for the workouts that include a lot of floor work (think: push-up, plank, etc.) to prepare you for ground-based obstacles. (Bonus: The mat comes in handy for programs like Yoga 52 and XB Pilates, too.)

Chin-Up Bar

Separate from the 30-day program are two 15-minute sessions focusing on upper-body grip training. You’ll need a chin-up bar for those. If you don’t have one at home, keep in mind that you can stream these workouts to your phone and watch them at the gym if there’s a chin-up bar there.

Although these aren’t part of the core 30-day program, working on upper-body grip training will help you during your race, which will be filled with all manner of diabolical obstacles that will put your grip and upper body strength to the test.


Can I Do T-MINUS 30 Without Equipment?

t-minus 30 equipment - t minus 30 workout without equipment

T-MINUS 30 has plenty of no-equipment workouts, so if you don’t have dumbbells or a chin-up bar, you’ll do just fine training with your own bodyweight. The info for each workout will tell you whether or not you need equipment to complete it.

That said, adding a couple of sets of dumbbells to your at-home equipment mix will pay muscular dividends far beyond this program. After you crush T-MINUS 30, use them for other Openfit programs, like 600 Secs, and Rough Around The Edges.