Check Out All These Foods You Can Eat on Sugar Free 3!

Check Out All These Foods You Can Eat on Sugar Free 3!

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Whether you’ve committed to eliminating added sugars from your diet on Sugar Free 3, or you’re just thinking about the idea, we’re here to help you understand that this isn’t going to be a painful endeavor. Even though you’re cutting out added sugars, there are still so many delicious foods you can eat!

Here’s a list of some great foods allowed on Sugar Free 3 that you may not know about. For the complete list, pick up a copy of Sugar Free 3 on Amazon, or go to the nutrition section in the Openfit app.

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Approved Sugar Free 3 Foods - meals

Sugar Free 3 Allowed Foods

In addition to the more obvious foods that don’t contain added sugars (like lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables), there are tons of other foods you can eat on this plan (aka “allowed foods”). All of these foods fit into the “no sugar added” (NSA) category. Here are a few of the greatest hits.

And remember: Look at the ingredient list on the label. If you see “sugar” or any of its other names on the list, then put it back on the shelf. Although some ketchup, hummus, and nut butters are Sugar Free 3-approved, it doesn’t mean they all are. Check out the video from Michele and Keri in the Sugar Free 3 section of the Openfit app for more guidance on reading nutrition labels.

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Unrefined Whole Grains/Breads/Pasta/Cereal


Starchy Vegetables

Sugar Free 3 allowed foods - burger and fries

Healthy Fats






Condiments, Sauces, and Flavor Enhancers


Processed or High-Fat Proteins and Foods

Sugar Free 3 approved foods - drinks





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