Kick Sugar to the Curb with Sugar Free 3 from Openfit!

Kick Sugar to the Curb with Sugar Free 3 from Openfit!

Is too much sugar in your diet making you feel lousy?

Have you found your sugar cravings getting harder to resist? Wonder why you are struggling to lose weight? Have you been lacking energy and sleeping poorly? There’s a good chance added sugars and their evil twins — refined carbs and artificial sweeteners — may be to blame.

While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional sweet indulgence, added sugars are not only helping us pack on excess pounds, they’re also sapping our energy and impacting our overall health. And what you may not realize is that they’re not just in obvious places like soda, cookies, and candy, they are also hiding in everyday foods we eat, like bread, ketchup, and even yogurt.

According to many experts, taking even a short break from sugar may be one of the simplest, healthiest — and kindest — things we can do for our bodies.

That’s why we’ve developed Sugar Free 3 designed to help bring you more energy, better-looking skin, and surprisingly easy weight loss in just 3 weeks.

Get control of your sugar habit with Sugar Free 3! It gives you simple instructions to eliminate added sugars, refined carbs, and artificial sweeteners for just 3 weeks. Sign up on Openfit today, and order your book on Amazon for even more tips.

Sugar Free 3 Resources

What Is Sugar Free 3?

Sugar Free 3 is a simple 3-week eating plan designed to help you kick your sugar habit, crush your cravings, and lose 5, 10, or even 15 pounds in just 21 days.

It entails taking a 21-day hiatus from added sugars, refined carbs, and artificial sweeteners. It was created by Michele Promaulayko, former Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan, after consulting with nutritionists and other wellness experts.

Sugar Free 3 doesn’t ask you to quit sugar forever. “It’s not something you have to adhere to long term,” says Michele, “but the longer you do it, the more benefits you’ll reap.”

What kind of benefits might you experience? Our test groups told us it helped them have healthier-looking skin; sounder sleep; a better mood; healthy, easier weight loss; fewer sugar cravings; and more.

Sugar Free 3 Food List


What Can I Eat on Sugar Free 3?

The Sugar Free 3 eating plan is simple.

There’s no counting calories or measuring portions so you’ll never be hungry.

You’ll eat filling, satisfying meals, and unlike other programs, you can still eat fruit and approved carbs.

And, the program even allows for a “mindful indulgence” each week if you want to enjoy a glass of wine or slice of pizza!

Sugar Free 3 Meal Plan

What Is Included in Sugar Free 3?

We make it easy to follow the program by putting everything you need right on the Openfit app. It’s all there for you — from a complete, customized 21-day meal plan and food tracker to the short, fact-filled videos that show you what to eat and what to avoid, what to look for on food nutrition labels when shopping, tips on how to help curb your cravings, how to dine out and stay on the program, and strategies for maintaining the awesomeness even after your 3 weeks are done.


In addition, you’ll have access to the following resources:

  • 21 “Sweet Talk” motivational videos from Michele to inspire you every day of the program
  • 21 step-by-step recipe videos so you can see how to make a wide range of delicious, Sugar Free 3-approved meals
  • Hundreds of Sugar Free 3-approved recipes
  • Foam rolling and Visualization videos from movement expert Lauren Roxburgh to help you stay focused and relaxed as you embark on your sugar-free journey.
  • Dozens of Openfit articles designed to answer your nutrition questions and questions about the program
  • The Sugar Free 3 online community includes access to Michele and other experts for all the support and motivation you’ll need. Next group starts January 6, 2020, just in time for the new year!

To further support you on your journey, Michele wrote the accompanying Sugar Free 3 book. It’s available on December 31, but you can order your copy on Amazon now. And, if you’re not already an Openfit member, sign up here for your FREE trial!

Sugar Free 3 Book

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