Success Story: Here's How Belky Lost 25 Pounds and 14 Inches

Success Story: Here's How Belky Lost 25 Pounds and 14 Inches

Finding time to work out can sometimes feel more challenging than the actual workout. So when Belky Rodriguez was looking to get her health back on track, a casting notice for 600 Secs — a total-body exercise program comprised of 10-minute workouts — caught her attention.

The 10-minute workouts were “attractive to me and my personal schedule,” Rodriguez says. And because the workouts can be streamed on any device and didn’t require any particular equipment or expertise, it seemed like the perfect program to kickstart her fitness journey.

“I figured it would be a great challenge for me,” Rodriguez adds. “It was the kick in the butt I needed.” Here’s how that challenge helped her lose 25.6 pounds and 14.75 inches — and gain strength and a new perspective.

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Getting Started

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600 Secs is an efficient, total-body program that helps you maximize your time and get leaner and stronger in just 10 minutes a day. Celebrity trainer Devin Wiggins will guide you through a variety of high-intensity workouts that work muscles throughout your body —including your abs, booty, legs, glutes, arms, and core — while burning fat and building cardiorespiratory fitness.

“My first workout was exciting, but I was also nervous to see where my body was in terms of level and skill,” Rodriguez says. She credits Wiggins with inspiring her to come back for a second workout by making it easy for all levels to join in and get a great full-body workout.

When Rodriguez experienced lower-motivation days — we’ve all been there! — she turned to the friends she made through the Openfit community for support. “We would constantly text or call one another to check in,” she says. “It helped knowing I wasn’t alone.”


Seeing Progress

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By the second week, Rodriguez noticed a difference in her fitness level. “I felt a bit stronger and pushed myself a little farther than the first week,” she says.

She started to see visible changes about three to four weeks into the program: “I could see inches melting off my body, and it was amazing!” Rodriguez says she not only felt strong and empowered, but also healthy and proud of herself for the progress she had made.


The Journey Continues

With the help of 600 Secs, Rodriguez was able to transform her mindset about wellness. “I see my health and fitness as an everyday commitment, not something that should be visited only when beach season rolls around,” she says.

Going forward, Rodriguez strives to stay healthy and strong. “I also have a goal to have six-pack abs,” she adds. While she acknowledges it’ll take time and hard work to achieve, she’s excited by the challenge.

“When I started the program, I had no idea how it would make me feel — but the best part is that it truly motivated me to take care of myself physically, emotionally, and mentally,” she says. “It’s been a beautiful process.”

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