How to Set Goals for Your Cycling Routine — and Crush Them

How to Set Goals for Your Cycling Routine — and Crush Them

If you’re ready to get serious about cycling, your first move is to set some goals.

“Goal-setting is the most important component of any fitness program, because your goal defines what you do,” says Melanie Melillo, Senior Content Manager for Openfit. In the case of cycling, what you hope to accomplish — weight loss, fitness, performance — will ultimately dictate how and when you ride.

The same rules apply when you’re getting started with an indoor cycling routine or want to take your MYX II Bike obsession to the next level.

Here’s how to set better, smarter goals for your cycling routine.

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1. Start With One Primary Objective

identify your big goal -- set cycling goals

Here’s the fun part: Figuring out what you want to achieve through your cycling routine. Is it weight loss? Crossing a virtual or actual finish line? Or how about keeping pace with your avid-cyclist best friend?

Whatever the goal, make sure it’s specific. So, instead of “weight loss,” pinpoint a particular amount of weight (ex. 5 pounds, 15 pounds, 30 pounds). If you’re training for a race, pick out your event, so you have a date and distance to aim for.

It’s okay if you have multiple goals in mind, but you’ll see the most success by focusing on one to start.


2. Break It Up

break it up -- set cycling goals

Once you’ve ID’d your big goal, you need to break it into smaller pieces. Breaking your goal up can make a large goal feel less daunting. “Give yourself smaller chunks to work with so you can see your progress,” Melillo says.

Take your goal and split it into smaller weekly goals. For example, if you hope to cycle for a full hour, aim to meet a new time goal by the end of every week. Breaking up your goal this way can make your big goal more approachable.

“It also gives you a sense of urgency, because if it’s this week’s goal, you can’t really put it off until next week,” Melillo says.


3. Make It Doable

make it doable -- set cycling goals

When you create your plan to reach your goals, be sure to start where you’re at and build gradually from one week to the next.

If you’re new to the bike, it’s not realistic to expect that you’ll cycle for 30 minutes three days per week. Even if you have a good base of cardiovascular fitness, it still takes your body time to get used to the new demands of cycling.

“Just because you can run five miles doesn’t mean you’re ready to jump into an hour-long ride,” Melillo says.

If you try to skip ahead in your training, you’ll only hurt your progress. “The biggest mistake people make when they start a fitness routine is they bite off more than their body can handle,” Melillo says. Do this and you may wind up too sore to work out regularly, or even increase your odds of injury.

“You want to build on that foundation, so take it slow,” Melillo says. One great place to start? Our new 7-Day Jumpstart is a week-long introduction (or re-introduction!) to Openfit bike training. Plus, it’s designed to expose you to the best Openfit has to offer.


4. Pick Your Workouts

pick your workouts -- set cycling goals

Smart workout selection is key to reaching your goals. That’s why we added the MYX Fitness Bike to the Openfit platform, allowing you to recreate the studio cycling vibe in your own home.

Choose from a wide selection of live and on-demand cycling workouts, all led by certified trainers and personalized via heart rate-based training.

For example, if you’re training for a race, you’ll want to check out the endurance-focused workouts and the high-intensity interval training rides, Melillo says.


5. Find a Community

find a community -- set cycling goals

To stay on track and keep your goals in sight, connect with other people who love to cycle. “It’s a nice way to check in with people who like the same things you do, and are also doing the same things,” Melillo says. “You can touch base with people who are choosing the same experience.”

Look for cycling groups in your area if you prefer outdoor rides and the camaraderie of a group. Otherwise, social media is a great place to connect with like-minded people. Try the Openfit Teammates Facebook group. If you have a MYX II bike, join the MYXfitness members-only Facebook group.