Your September Workout Playlist Is Here

Your September Workout Playlist Is Here

 Since hot girl summer doesn’t technically end until September 23, we’re bringing the heat with your September workout playlist. Get these songs pumping into your ear buds of choice, and it’ll get you warmed up — and then sweat you out.


“The Greatest” by Lana Del Rey

A nice number to get you started, one that will remind you why you’re working out: You can’t be the greatest without breaking a sweat.


“Sunflower” by Vampire Weekend

Now we’re warming up, but still keeping the groove a bit buttery.


“Go” by the Black Keys

Let’s pick up the pace. The Black Keys are telling you to go — you’d do well to heed their wisdom.


“Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift

You’re sad the summer is ending, but you’ve still got time make these last moments, and this workout, as dramatic as possible, just the way Taylor would want.


“Surf” by Young Thug (featuring Gunna)

You should be hitting a nice groove by now, and you know Thugga just wants you to ride that out for a while.


“Obsessed” by Hatchie

Stay in the zone with some swoony indie-pop from down under.


“Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion (featuring Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign)

Okay, time to take it up a notch and get the most out of this workout. Having a hot girl summer means doing your own thing, which in this case means sweating it all out.


“1F” by White Reaper

Now that your heart rate is up, let’s keep it that way for a bit longer. Raise your hands when the chorus comes in, if the spirit moves you.


“Jacques” by Tove Lo & Jax Jones

After working out, you’ll earn the right to flaunt it all over the dance floor to flirty bops like this. Keep that dance floor in mind when you need motivation at this point.


“Rule the World” by 2 Chainz (featuring Ariana Grande)

Never be afraid to think big.


“Juice” by Lizzo

Okay, let’s take it all the way up…


“Steel Sharpens Steel” by Sheer Mag

And let’s keep it there…


“People” by the 1975

…and now go even crazier.


“Western” by Black Midi

Now you’re fully in the zone, so sink into some deep vibes and lose track of it all with this epic.


“Basking in the Glow” by Oso Oso

You should also be basking in the glow! Look how hard you worked. Just a little bit more!


“How You Want It?” by Teyana Taylor featuring King Combs

Okay, time to take things down a few notches with some sultry acoustic licks that will still keep you moving.


“Cattails” by Big Thief

And now for some mystical cooing as you cool down, stretch out, and get in your feelings.

Michael Tedder


Michael Tedder has written for Esquire, Spin, The Village Voice, Variety, Playboy and a few other places. He used to hate doing burpees but now he kind of likes them. Follow him on Twitter.