Stave Off Stress-Eating With These Self-Care Essentials

Stave Off Stress-Eating With These Self-Care Essentials

Stress-eating is real. More to the point, when we’re stressed out, we tend to reach for a sugary fix, which I discovered while researching and creating my Sugar Free 3 program — a three-week plan on Openfit to help you lose weight, sleep better, and get healthier.

The best way to mitigate stress-induced sugar consumption is to — you guessed it — stress less. But that can be tricky to accomplish! So one way to consistently reduce your stress level is to incorporate self-care practices into your daily or weekly routine.

Below are a few of the self-care tools and rituals I have been relying on lately to reduce my stress levels and feel better overall.

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1. White Sage Leaves

bio alchemy sage leaves | self care essentials

Bio Alchemy Olfactive White Sage Leaves, $32

I like to burn sage in the morning — a ritual that sets a soothing tone for the day. This sage, sourced by my friend Michelle K. Gagon (a bio-alchemist who shared her insights about how scent impacts appetite in my book Sugar Free 3), is elegant because you burn one consciously cultivated leaf at a time, versus igniting a giant stale-smelling smudge stick. The scent is soft, smooth and hypnotic.


2. Cocooning Clothes

free people jacket | self care essentials

Free People Honeypie Teddy Jacket, $168

I never got into the weighted blanket trend, but I am into clothes you can cocoon in. Think anything super soft and snuggly, like this jacket (above), these lounge-around pants, or these slippers. Cocooning is self-nurturing — it’s about “peace and protection, coziness and control,” as described by futurist Faith Popcorn, who coined the term as it applies to nesting at home. As far as I’m concerned, that feeling also applies to clothes that envelop you like a protective embrace.


3. Bath Salts

foria bath salts | self care essentials

Foria Wellness Botanical Bath Salts, $52

I’m a bathaholic — especially in winter. These “clean” mineral-rich Epsom bath salts from Foria Wellness are my new go-to. I love the relaxing blend that’s infused with organically-grown kava, lavender, calendula, ginger, and hemp (which provides the CBD). There’s nothing better than sinking into a warm tub filled with these salts at the end of a long week.


4. Earthing Mat

hooga grounding mat | self care essentials

Hooga Grounding Mat, $29.99

The benefits of “earthing” — making contact with the earth’s natural electric charge, usually by walking outside with bare feet — are well-documented. Earthing may help to reduce pain, allow for better sleep, and can help you de-stress. But getting outside isn’t always possible, and if you live in an urban area, grass or sand is hard to come by. Enter earthing (or grounding) mats, which mimic the current that allows electrons to flow from the earth into the body to create a neutral electrical charge, thereby fostering an environment for normal (read: healthy) cellular function. Place your bare feet on one while you’re sitting at your work-from-home desk.


5. Scalp Massager

the container store head massager | self care essentials

The Container Store Copper Head Massager, $4.99

This inexpensive funny-looking device is very calming — don’t knock it until you try it! A small study which focused on women who worked in the office found that scalp massages temporarily lower blood pressure and control stress. Research or not, think about how good it feels when you get your head scrubbed at the hair salon! Now you can get that same soothing sensation wherever you are.