You Have to See These Jaw-Dropping Results from Rough Around the Edges

You Have to See These Jaw-Dropping Results from Rough Around the Edges

When you begin a workout program, you probably have hopes of losing some weight, shedding a few inches, and getting more defined muscles. But a truly great program can give you those physical results, and mental benefits like boosting your confidence and helping you feel like a total badass. Just ask anyone who has done Rough Around the Edges on Openfit.

This intense workout program is led by six incredible Hollywood stunt women who know exactly how to help you feel stronger from the inside out. But don’t take our word for it – see what 14 people have to say after finishing 60 days of workouts from Rough Around the Edges. Their results speak for themselves!

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Leslie M. lost 19.2 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Leslie

I was motivated to begin this program because I was dissatisfied with how out of shape I had gotten, and I felt like everything I tried didn’t work in helping me lose weight or get in shape.

I feel so much better now than when I first started. I feel like I am in better shape, I don’t tire as easily, and I feel healthier overall!

The biggest physical improvement I’ve seen is in every day activities where I don’t tire as easily as I used to. I can now go up the stairs without getting out of breath. I also feel more flexible, physically stronger, and lighter on my feet.

My favorite thing about the workouts was being able to build up difficulty as the weeks progressed. In the beginning I couldn’t do many of the moves, but as I continued to work out, I noticed that I was able to challenge and push myself by doing the complicated moves as is.

I also liked the flexibility of working out from home and creating a fitness lifestyle around my schedule. My schedule changes week to week, and being able to have the flexibility to workout on my own time is crucial.

The workouts make me feel empowered and stronger than I’ve ever felt before. Even on the days that I’m exhausted and working out is the last thing I want to do, the minute I finish my workout I feel so accomplished and grateful that I didn’t skip a day.


Michelle B. lost 17 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Michelle

After completing Rough Around the Edges, my clothes are fitting better and my waist definitely looks slimmer. I feel stronger by the day!

If you’re thinking about doing this program, just try it out. The have a bunch of different style of workouts, so if one does not suit you, try another. But the ones the that around the most challenging will bring the most change.


Luz D. lost 18.4 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Luz

I started this program was because I felt weak, tired, unhealthy, and heavy. I wanted to change that. Now, I feel more energized, stronger, and more flexible.  Plus, my midsection is smaller, making my jeans fit looser!

These workouts out make you feel empowered. When I first started the program, I didn’t think I could do many of the moves. But despite having to modify some of the exercises, I still saw results – 60 days later I feel so strong enough to do those moves that were once challenging! The workouts make you feel so accomplished when you’re done.

Plus, being able to streams all their workout on the Openfit app made it easy for me to workout anywhere.


Jentel H. lost 13.8 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Jentel

After doing Rough Around the Edges, I feel mentally and physically stronger than I did when I first started. My flexibility, endurance, strength, stamina, willpower, waistline, and stomach have all been things I’ve seen improvements on. I feel strong, motivated, and empowered to keep challenging myself further and further with these workouts. I’m motivated to keep going!

I love the combination of different workout like karate moves mixed with cardio. It helps take your mind off of doing the basic traditional moves like a sit-up, but gives your mind another focus point to think on (karate move) to help you keep going. It keeps the workouts interesting.

Being able to stream from makes it easier for me to stay on schedule with my workout regiment without missing a beat. It also allows me to workout in the comfort of my own home.

Openfit Fuel pre-workout supplement definitely helps to give you that extra boost you may need when you feel like dying in the middle of a intense workout. It helped me keep pressing through and exceed my average reps within a workout.

The Recovery post-workout supplement definitely helped with keeping my muscles from being tight and sore as they would usually be if I weren’t taking this supplement.


Philly W. lost 13.8 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Philly

After being apart of this program for the last 60 days, words can’t explain how great I feel. I lost over 13 pounds and finally have that six-pack! I feel motivated to crush my daily schedule, from errands to work to hobbies, and my daily activities are now completed with a big ol’ smile.

My overall fitness has leaped to the next level. All the martial art kicks are also something I’ve never really done, but now I look badass doing them! My endurance is at an all time high, my weight is at an all time low, but also have that muscle mass and six pack!

I felt so empowered after each and every one of these workouts. Talk about a sweat storm coming from this guy! Quick, easy 30-45 minutes and done, allowing you to walk away feeling good and not totally drained.

Finally, having the ability to stream these workouts from the Openfit app was a huge contribution to my level of commitment. I can throw up a workout video anywhere with my smartphone or any device. Sometimes your schedule can get extra busy. Streaming these workout videos on the Openfit app allowed me to still get that workout in, even on those crazy hectic days.

The Openfit Fuel pre-workout supplement was amazing. I loved knowing that I had a tasty beverage waiting for me in the morning to kick start my energy flow, giving me that motivation and endurance to grind out an upbeat workout. The Openfit Recovery post-workout supplement was amazing. I loved knowing that I had a filling beverage waiting for me after my workout to not only give me that muscle recovery and reduced soreness, but also that satiation with the chocolatey goodness.


Carolyn W. lost 22 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Carolyn

I knew I wanted to loose weight and get into shape, but I couldn’t quite find the right formula to make this happen. So when I came across Rough Around the Edges, I figured I’d give it a try!

After completing the 60 days, I have a waist! I lost several inches off my waist and I can see it again. I lost just over 20 pounds overall! My endurance also improved. I can now easily walk or  hike 5 miles without any issues.

I liked the schedule. You hard during the week, then have a nice day to stretch and relax the muscles. Then, you get a full day off. While all the kicks and punches are great, the stretching days are just as good!

I took the Openfit Fuel pre-workout supplement and the Recovery post-workout supplement. Fuel gave me the extra energy I needed to get through the workouts. On days when I did not that the pre-workout, I would be drained of energy 15 minutes into the program. Using the Fuel enabled me to make it through the workout strong.

As for the post workout supplement…these workouts are hard. Every day there is something new being pushed to the limit, or being used for the first time in years! Luckily, with the Recovery supplement, it helped repair my muscles. I suspect if I did not use the Recovery, I would not be as productive during the workout and not be able to move after the workout.


Nancy M. lost 16.6 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Nancy

I’m so much stronger after finishing this program! I feel a million times better, am more focused, and have a ton more energy.

I also lost quite a bit of weight. I had not been able to move the scale with other programs and diets, but this program was able to give me the intense workout I needed, coupled with a straightforward eating plan to make all the difference.

My favorite things about this program have to be the moves. You just feel like a total badass learning some of these kicks. And the streaming platform also made all the difference. Unlike going to a gym, the workouts can be done from anywhere. I was able to go on vacation, attend conferences and still continue with the program! Openfit allows me to be able to take 30 minutes to to get my workout from anywhere, including my hotel gym.

I regularly took the Fuel pre-workout supplement. This was a game changer for me. It gave me the extra boost I needed to get 110% out of my workouts. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to maximize the workout.


Logan S. lost 23.4 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Logan

I was sick of the way I looked and I was always making excuses when it came to being better to my body. The Openfit Rough Around the Edges program was all I needed to kick me into that high gear.

I feel amazing now – it’s incredible what 60 days of hard work can do. I’m no longer lugging around an extra 20 pounds, and I have endless amounts of energy!

The biggest improvement has been getting rid of my gut and the roundness in my face. I feel stronger, healthier, and fit! I’m not getting tired as quickly when I’m doing strenuous activities, and I’m definitely lighter on my feet when I’m playing sports!

I felt so accomplished after I finished workouts. I like that they are quick, mostly cardio focused, and high intensity. I work up a good sweat while keeping my heart rate up and I break a really good sweat. I personally enjoyed the moves that included weights because I was able to tell I was getting stronger since I was increasing the weights! They are challenging workouts but when you get to the end, it feels like you can tackle anything.

The app was extremely easy to use, and you can even stream it on Roku devices which made work outs at home much easier. Streaming the workouts is incredibly easy and convenient. In the past, i’d make excuses when it comes to working out, but with the Openfit platform, you have the workouts in your hand and can do them almost anywhere within 30-45 minutes!

I loved the pre-workout ahead of my morning workout. I’m not a coffee drinker so this drink provided me the energy to power through the workouts without half-assing any of the movements. It provided me with the energy I needed to really give the workouts my all!


Laura D. lost 11.6 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Laura

This is a great way to get fit and see results fast. I didn’t think I could slim down so much in this time! I have definitely seen a HUGE improvement in my arms ­– I have more rounded shoulders and defined triceps. My collarbones are more visible, I see a difference in my abs, and my stomach is flatter. My legs are more muscular and my butt is more shaped and rounded!

The workouts are a great combination of cardio and strength training ­– it’s great because it’s never too much of one thing. The cardio is never overwhelming to the point of exhaustion and the strength training doesn’t burn you out to the point where you need a couple days to recover.

I took the Fuel pre-workout supplement , and once it kicks in, my body becomes like a machine. Sometimes I’ll be in the middle of the workout when, normally, I would be getting tired and my muscles would start to feel fatigued, but then I’ll have this burst of energy and go even faster and harder and finish strong. Even after the workouts, I’ll still have energy to keep going.


Sabrina K. lost 10.2 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Sabrina

After doing Rough Around the Edges, I see more definition in my arms, more specifically mu shoulders. I have lost some weight and can feel the difference in the clothes I wear. I can also feel myself getting stronger, and my flexibility is also improving.

If you want to try these workouts, approach the program with an open mind and you’ll have fun! Each trainer has a different personality so get ready for a great time! I loved the variety of workouts!

The pre workout supplement has given me more energy to get through every type of workout. And after taking the Recovery post-workout supplement I notice that I don’t have any muscle fatigue or soreness – that’s a plus!


Lori M. lost 18 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Lori

After Rough Around the Edges, I feel healthier, stronger and motivated to keep going! I’ve lost 18 pounds and have gained strength. I feel a lot more confident getting dressed without the excess weight off my body!

My favorite thing about the workout is the great new moves that really got great results for me. These workouts make me feel empowered while having fun.

Plus, being able to stream my workouts from anywhere is the flexibility of being able to do my workouts from anywhere around the world while traveling.

And I loved the Fuel pre-workout supplement because it gave me the perfect amount of energy to give me an extra little boost for my work. 


Taylor O. lost 17.8 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Taylor

I started this program because I didn’t like the way I was feeling inside or out. I didn’t know where to start, so this was perfect for me! Now, I feel like a new person.

I have more energy and can do more activities in my day that I couldn’t do before. I’m more toned in all areas of my body and my stomach is slimmer. I have more flexibility than I did when I first started. The workouts have changed me for the better – I feel so empowered!

My favorite thing was the flexibility that I had to do these workouts. I was able to do the workouts from my phone and computer from anywhere! I also loved having the modification option when I first started, it made me less stressed about finishing the workout because I was able to do the moves.

I loved the post and pre-workout because they changed everything for me. Getting up early in the morning was hard, but once I drank my pre- workout, I was more energized and ready for an amazing workout. It even helped me be more energized throughout my day. The post- workout helped even helped my chocolate craving!


Angie P. lost 17.8 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Angie

I had gained so much weight, so I was ready to kickstart my fitnes. I thought this would be a great place to get it done.

And now…I feel great! All of my clothes fit so much better and I’m getting into some smaller sizes. The experience was everything I expected it to be and more.

My overall fitness has definitely improved. I am much more flexible. My strength and endurance have also improved. I notice a big difference in my mid-section. I still have some pounds to lose but I know it will only get better from this new starting point.

My favorite thing about the workouts was the variety. It was great to go from core workouts to martial arts to strength training. I feel like this workout hits the entire body throughout the weeks and the variety really helped keep me engaged. There was no time to get bored. 

Being able to stream the workouts on my phone or computer was also great! No matter where I was, I knew I had my workout with me and could do it wherever I was. It was especially great for weekends away. No excuses!

I loved the pre and post workout drinks. I think they each lived up to their promises of giving me the energy I needed to get through the workout and helping with recovery after the workout. I don’t think I was ever as sore as I thought I should be after the workout and I believe the Recovery post-workout supplement drink is the reason!


Eloy P. lost 15 lbs.

Rough Around the Edges Results - Eloy

I felt that I was letting myself slip into unhealthy habits and low energy. Now, I feel that have that drive to continue with healthy habits and activities and have the energy to do so. I am more flexible, my endurance has returned, and I definitely lost weight.

My favorite thing about the workout is that while watching the videos you feel that you are a part of the group and that motivates you to push yourself.

And The best thing about having Openfit stream is that when I had to travel out of town, I basically took my workouts wherever I went and could tune in whenever.

I also took the Recovery post-workout supplement and loved the chocolate flavoring. The chocolate flavoring didn’t taste artificial, it was really good, and I looked forward to completing a workout so that I could have a shake.