5 Refreshing Superfood Smoothies and Iced Lattes You Need to Try This Summer

5 Refreshing Superfood Smoothies and Iced Lattes You Need to Try This Summer

Looking for a summery beverage that’s not your average syrupy milkshake-in-disguise frozen latte? We’ve created five yummy smoothies and lattes to cool you down on a hot day and provide some healthy benefits — thanks to superfood ingredients like beets, taro, maca, turmeric, and matcha.

“In a superfood latte, you get additional benefits from whole foods — or the powdered form of whole foods — that you probably don’t have in your standard coffee shop latte,” says Cameron Fiorenza, BS-NDTR, Culinary and Nutrition Specialist at Openfit.

And these recipes don’t just rely on superfoods — they also incorporate fresh and healthy ingredients like peaches, strawberries, cherries, mango, and Greek yogurt. Blending in these ingredients bumps up the fiber and protein content, adds flavor, and helps you feel and stay full, Fiorenza says.

You can even enjoy these cold treats after a workout — just add less ice if you find the consistency is too thick and creamy for a post-workout drink. “When making smoothies, you can always alter the liquid ratio to your desire,” Fiorenza says. “Adding ice will make it a bit more thick and icy, while adding water will make it thinner.”

Ready for some serious refreshment? Here are five superfood lattes and smoothies to try this summer.


Beet Berry Superfood Smoothie Recipe


This bright pink drink offers all the benefits of beets — along with 28 grams of muscle-boosting protein.

Try it here.


Peachy Taro Superfood Smoothie Recipe


This creamy smoothie combines nutrient-dense, high-fiber taro with frozen peaches for a tart and refreshing treat.

Try it here.


Choco-Maca Superfood Latte Recipe


Maca on its own is a nutritional powerhouse, and this recipe mixes it with unsweetened cocoa powder and maple syrup for a sweet treat that’s not loaded with added sugar.

Try it here.


Turmeric Lassi Superfood Smoothie Recipe


Take golden milk up a notch with this lassi-inspired smoothie that combines healthy turmeric with frozen mango, Greek yogurt, and unsweetened coconut milk.

Try it here.


Lemon Matcha Superfood Latte Recipe


Get the healthy benefits of matcha — plus a caffeine boost — with this refreshingly clean, green latte.

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