Here's Why People Use Protein Powder

Here's Why People Use Protein Powder

If you’re dialing in on your nutrition, you’ve likely heard this advice: make sure you get enough protein every day. Incorporating food-based sources is ideal, but protein powder can be a helpful add-on and comes with several benefits. Here are some reasons to take protein supplements and why members of our Openfit Teammates Facebook community love them.

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1. Convenience

Whether you’re traveling, doing an outdoor workout, or just have a packed schedule, a protein shake can make it easy to supplement meals and snacks.

What they’re saying:

An Openfit Teammate says, “I love how easy it is. I am not an everyday breakfast person, and I love how easy this is (to incorporate into breakfast shakes), while being way better for me than Pop Tarts or granola bars.”


2. More Nutrients

top view of blender with protein powder and fruit | reasons to take protein

Depending on which powder you choose, you can get more than protein, says Openfit Nutrition Manager Krista Maguire, RD, CSSD. Some have other ingredients such as key vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber.

What they’re saying:

Openfit Live trainer Nicole De Souza, a mother of three, says getting her family to make healthy food choices can be challenging. So she uses LADDER Plant-Based Nutrition Shake in a smoothie with bananas, strawberries, leafy greens, avocados, and chia seeds.

[The smoothie I make] is packed with vitamins & minerals, has good fats and omega 3s from avocados, plus 20 grams of protein, she says. “Plus, it is sweet enough that your kids will LOVE it!”


3. Digestible

If you’re looking for a protein source that comes from plants to avoid milk, check out LADDER Plant-Based Nutrition Shake which is made from yellow peas. It’ll help satisfy you and provide key protein.

What they’re saying:

Another Openfit Teammate, Irmi Daugherty, experienced sensitivity to some protein powders but found a perfect match in LADDER Plant-Based Nutrition Shake.

“My expensive protein powder that I love is sitting in the cabinet getting jealous because I can’t get enough of LADDER (Plant-Based) protein!!!!!! No chalky taste. No bad after taste and zero Bloat!!!!”


4. Weight Maintenance

woman with dumbbell looking at protein shake | reasons to take protein

Protein powder can often help you get closer to your body composition goals as part of your fitness and healthy eating plan, according to dietitian Natalie Allen, RD, a professor for biomedical sciences at Missouri State University. She says protein shakes can help you stay full longer, which is useful for weight maintenance.

What they’re saying:

“I was not getting as much protein in my diet as I needed. I was told by a nutritionist that if I wanted to [meet my body composition goals], adding more protein to my diet could help,” says an Openfit Teammate.


5. Muscle Gain

In general, protein can help muscle recovery, which can lead to higher muscle mass. Maguire adds that research indicates whey protein — like that found in LADDER Whey Protein — can be particularly useful since it has higher levels of leucine, an important component for muscle protein synthesis.

What they’re saying:

“I had noticed I wasn’t gaining muscle from my workouts and thought maybe a deficit in protein might have something to do with it,” says an Openfit Teammate. “I was a little skeptical about protein powders, so the first thing I did was add nuts and seeds to my diet as well as some extra lean protein, but I still was having trouble getting the recommended amount through diet alone. That’s when I decided to add a protein powder. Getting 20-25g of protein in one shot through a shake has been helpful for me – I’m still eating the protein I added through food, but with the extra protein in a shake, I’m closer to the recommended amount, and I’ve been able to gain some muscle.”*