Meet the Openfit Members From the Cast of Get Strong With Kelsey Heenan

Meet the Openfit Members From the Cast of Get Strong With Kelsey Heenan

You met the motivational Kelsey Heenan when she launched 4 Weeks of Focus. Now she has a new workout program that will light up your muscles and leave you sweating! But as you jump into Get Strong With Kelsey Heenan, you’ll see a few more faces — some of whom you might even recognize. That’s because Kelsey recruited members of the Openfit community to work out alongside her.

This new four-week program features Openfit Teammates Steve, Caroline, Cassandra, and Ruth in easy-to-follow workouts that are just 30 minutes each. Kelsey coaches them — and you — through the strength-training moves, so you’ll progress and get stronger together.

We talked to her squad to learn what it was like to join Kelsey in the studio, lifting heavy weights, and challenging the limits of what they thought they could do.

Ready to let Kelsey Heenan lead your workout? Try Get Strong With Kelsey on Openfit today!


Meet Cassandra Oyoka

Openfit teammate Cassandra -- get strong with Kelsey

A mom of two boys, Cassandra is all about squeezing in a workout where she can get one.

How does Openfit fit into your life?

As a mom, I have limited time. With Openfit I’m able to say, “OK, how much time do I have?” and pick out a workout [at] that length. I also love the options I can choose from depending on what my body is feeling. If I do a Kelsey workout and I’m sore, I can try something else that might be a little lighter.

What was your experience like on the set of Get Strong?

Working with Kelsey and working with Caroline — a member of the community who I finally got to meet face to face — it’s just been an incredible experience. I love how that encouragement you see through the screen is just as real in person.

Given the stigma associated with strength training among some women, how did you feel working with weights?

I’ve always found that I get great results with weight training. If I can lift the heavy weights here, I know I can do anything outside of here in terms of what life brings me.

I love when Kelsey talks about getting stronger and not smaller. She tells us that we can take up space, we can be strong, we can be ourselves — I love that.

You demo a lot of modifications in the program — how does that relate to your own experience?

I’m glad I have options to either tailor it up or down depending on how my body is feeling. It’s not a cop-out or anything like that; it’s just listening to your body and knowing there are options. And I might be modifying now, but I know that I’m getting stronger.

What makes Kelsey different?

I love how she focuses on strength. Because as a mom of two boys, I have to be strong to keep up with them. I really love how she encourages us to lift a little heavier, push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, because, as she says, that’s what’s really going to help us get the results we’re looking for.


Meet Steve Flores

Openfit teammate Steve

Steve started out with one goal: weight loss. Now, he’s all about feeling good from the inside out.

What prompted you to begin your fitness journey?

When I started 4 Weeks of Focus, I really wanted to lose weight. I think initially that’s everyone’s goal. But then Kelsey said, “Instead of talking about what you want to lose, why don’t you focus on what you can gain,” and that really shifted my whole paradigm.

Were you able to achieve that initial weight loss goal?

Yes, in eight weeks I lost 20 pounds — so I went from 185 to 165! When I started losing weight I had a sense of pride. I was choosing to stay disciplined and committed to the program and committed to Kelsey. I wanted to have a sense of accomplishment, so as the pounds came off I was like, “Let’s keep going let’s keep pushing!”

Did you notice a change in yourself outside of weight loss?

After doing the program, I noticed my swag came back. You walk into the room with a little more confidence. You feel stronger, more beautiful from the inside out. And I think that’s everyone’s goal. So often, we only focus on the looks, but really that transformation starts on the inside.

How did you become a part of Kelsey’s new program?

Kelsey was looking for regular people, and I think that’s extremely important. People want to connect with somebody who looks like them, who struggles like them, who has success like them. And so I submitted a video and… I was so nervous. I just wanted to rock the workouts with her!

When I got cast, I was like “Everyone! I got in!” In the Openfit community, you realize you’re not alone. So often these journeys are like “It’s me, it’s me, it’s me,” but I always felt like I had a group that supported me. There was no judgement and just unconditional love.

What was it like training with Kelsey?

What an honor! The minute I started the program, I was like, “Who is this person?!” She is just dripping in swag and her vernacular is so geared toward making you feel strong. Kelsey just has an aura around her that is so magnetic — it makes you feel like you want to partake. You don’t want to have that FOMO.”


Meet Ruth Landaverde

Openfit teammate Ruth -- get Strong with Kelsey

This marathon runner knows the importance of strength, and joined Kelsey to hone in on her own.

You’re a busy woman. How does Openfit play into that?

I wear a lot of hats — I’m a mediator, a real estate agent, and a mom of two teenagers. I need to have my energy up and need to make good use of my time, and Openfit does that. I started with 4 Weeks of Focus because it’s 30 minutes, which really hit the spot.

How did you end up in the cast of Kelsey’s new program?

I was doing 4 Weeks of Focus, where I got a lot of results — inches coming off my waist! They put out the audition after the eight weeks were up and I said, “I’m going to go for it!” When I found out I got the role it was April 1 — April Fool’s Day — so I was like, “Oh my gosh, is this real, or am I getting fooled or something?” I was jumping up and down on the bed.

What do you enjoy about working out with Kelsey?

She’s very motivating and very approachable. I just felt like I was talking to a girlfriend, so it was great. She’s very kind and gentle and mindful of every single move. She connects with her audience and makes it feel like you’re talking to a real person.

Kelsey places an emphasis on weight training. How did you feel about that going into the program?

I’ve always had weight training as part of my routine. I love to run marathons, so getting in a little bit of weight training helps me run faster. Working out with Kelsey and the weights is just amazing. You get more results that way.

You’re a modifier in this program. How was that part of the experience for you?

Being a modifier is a very important role for a number of reasons. There are people coming out of injuries or moms getting back into fitness — really, it’s for anyone at a beginner level. I really took the modifying role very seriously because it’s very relatable to a lot of people.


Meet Caroline Levich

openfit teammate Caroline -- Get Strong with Kelsey

Caroline’s fitness journey started in her garage. Now she’s in the studio training with Kelsey.

What originally drew you to Kelsey’s programs?

Shay Mitchell had shared she was doing 4 Weeks of Focus, and I was like, “I’m going to get fit with Shay!” And then I met Kelsey through that. I mean, I met her through my TV, and then I got to come here and meet her in real life.

So, as someone who had worked out with Kelsey before, how exciting was it to be a part of this new program and team?

When I heard that she was looking for people from the community to come work out with her, I felt like I already knew her. So I thought, “I’m going to just send a video in,” thinking they probably wouldn’t call me back. But I got an email and saw Kelsey’s name in the subject and was so excited! She already trained me through the screen and now she gets to train me in real life — it was amazing.

What does it meant to you that Kelsey wanted members from the Openfit community — not just professional trainers and fitness models — to join the cast?

I’m so glad to be a part of the Openfit community. It just feels like I have this big fitness family now that is pushing me to be my best.

I work out in my garage by myself, so being [on set], it’s been so amazing. I cannot believe I’m in the cast of a workout video. It still hasn’t hit me. I feel like it’s not going to hit me until I see it.

It’s only going to go up from here. I’m only going to lift stronger weights and it’s going to be fun to workout with myself watching this program.

What’s your favorite part of the program?

My favorite thing about Kelsey and her workouts is that she uses dumbbells. A lot of programs geared toward women don’t use dumbbells because people don’t want to bulk up, but Kelsey does use them and it makes me feel really strong.

Kelsey also makes it so much fun! She makes me want to work out because it’s the most fun part of my day. And then I feel amazing afterward.