You've Heard the Hype, But Why Should You Try Protein Powder with No Added Sugar?

You've Heard the Hype, But Why Should You Try Protein Powder with No Added Sugar?

You’ve cut out the added sugars from your morning coffee, your after-dinner snacks, and even your salad dressings. But what about your protein powder? Sugar finds its way into your diet in all kinds of places — yes, even into that canister of protein powder on your kitchen counter! If you’re saying sayonara to added sugar, here are some reasons to try a protein powder with no added sugar (like the new LADDER Plant-Based Nutrition Shake).

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Reasons to try a protein powder with no added sugar

LADDER Plant Based Nutrition Shake -- protein powder with no added sugar

1. You can add sweetness without calories.

While added sugar goes by all sorts of sneaky names, it’s not the only sweet ingredient out there. You can add sweetness — without added sugar — in other ways.

For example, stevia and luo han guo or “monk fruit” have been added to LADDER’s Plant-Based Nutrition Shake to provide sweet flavor without adding calories or sugar,” explains Krista Maguire, RD, CSSD, Nutrition Manager at Openfit.

2. You can use far less sweetener.

With stevia and luo han guo, a little goes a very long way.

“Both stevia and monk fruit are plant-based sweeteners that do not contain calories,” adds Maguire. And, since they’re much sweeter than sugar, “a very small amount is required to achieve the same sweetness in a finished product.”

3. You are in control of the nutrition profile of your shake.

When your protein powder skips the added sugar, you can more easily manage the carb content of your shake. That’s why LADDER Plant-Based Nutrition Shake (with pea protein) contains no added sugars.

This will “give you more flexibility to add the sugar — or other carbs — in the way that best suits your goal or lifestyle,” says Maguire. This is especially helpful for those looking to lose weight or manage their weight by increasing protein intake.

Here’s how you can determine how much protein you need.

4. You likely won’t miss the sugar.

The stevia monk fruit combo tastes almost like sugar, according to one 2018 study. When researchers compared two no added sugar and five reduced-sugar blends in vanilla protein shakes, a combination of monk fruit and stevia tasted the most like the control shake made with sugar (of the no added sugar options).


Why do some protein powders have added sugar?

Other post-workout protein powders do contain sugar. “After exercise, glycogen stores can be depleted, so a little bit of sugar helps restore them,” Maguire says.

However, if you want to choose which carbs you consume to refill your glycogen stores, take a peek at the label of your protein powder to see whether added sugars are lurking. Start by looking for “Added Sugars” listed on the Supplement and/or Nutrition Facts, advises Maguire.

“Added sugars refer to any sugar that is not naturally found in the ingredients,” she says. “Many large manufacturers have started listing this information on the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labels.”

By January 1, 2021, all manufacturers will be required to list added sugars.


Where to buy protein powder with no added sugar?

Looking for a protein powder for Sugar Free 3? You can buy the new LADDER Plant-Based Nutrition Shake here. It’s super chocolaty but free of added sugars. (Thanks to monk fruit and stevia!)

You’ll love it in this Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shake Recipe.

protein with no added sugar - Chocolate Strawberry Shake