Shake Things Up With These Creative Recipes Using Openfit Plant-Based Nutrition Shake!

Shake Things Up With These Creative Recipes Using Openfit Plant-Based Nutrition Shake!

With 20 grams of protein per scoop, the Openfit Plant-Based Nutrition Shake is quick, tasty, and filling snack you can enjoy any time of day. And although the chocolate flavor is delicious on it’s own, sometimes you may want some recipes that go beyond just mixing the powder with water or almond milk.

You’re in luck! We’ve gathered 10 recipes that will turn your protein shake into a filling breakfast or snack alternative that’s bursting with flavor. And yes, they’re all plant-based!

So what sounds better for breakfast than a strawberry chocolate shake? Find that recipe and more Openfit Plant-Based Nutrition Shake recipes below!

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What Is Openfit Plant-Based Nutrition Shake?

This vegan, chocolate protein shake is a convenient way to help you eat healthier and help support your fitness goals. It’s only made up of the best ingredients, like 20 grams of pea protein, 7 grams of non-GMO soluble corn fiber, and 26 essential vitamins and minerals. It gets its chocolaty flavor from cocoa powder, and it’s only sweetened naturally with monk fruit and stevia. Yes — that means it’s Sugar Free 3-approved!

1. Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

Banana pairs perfectly with the chocolaty flavor of our protein shake, bringing you classic combo that will satisfy your taste buds over and over again.

Get the recipe here.


2. Thin Mint Protein Shake

Thin Mint Protein Shake

Don’t worry about tracking down those elusive minty cookies that only come around once a year. This recipe is a great alternative you can enjoy year-round, plus it has way fewer calories than a pack of cookies and no added sugar!

Get the recipe here.


3. Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake

Peanut butter and banana are a match made in heaven. With the addition of the chocolate shake, you’re in for a sweet, healthy, and protein-packed treat.

Get the recipe here.


4. Chocolate Blueberry Protein Shake

Blueberry Protein Shake

Blueberries and chocolate may not be a combination you hear about often, but once you whip up this shake you’ll be hooked on the duo. We even added in some almond butter to sneak in some extra flavor and protein.

Get the recipe here.


5. Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shake

Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shake

We’re basically saying you can have the flavor of chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast with this shake recipe. Toss all the ingredients in the blender and enjoy this shake when you just can’t kick your sweet tooth.

Get the recipe here.


6. Chocolate Mocha Shake

Chocolate Mocha Protein Shake

Our version of a chocolate mocha shake uses cocoa nibs instead of the sugar-filled chocolate syrups found in many coffee shop drinks. The jolt from the cup of coffee is perfect for a morning or afternoon energy boost!

Get the recipe here.


7. Chocolate Coconut Shake

Chocolate Protein Shake Recipes - Chocolate Coconut Shake

This shake tastes like an absolute treat. The coconut milk beverage and banana gives this shake a creamy base, and it has a slight tropical flavor with the addition of the shredded coconut.

Get the recipe here.


8. Chocolate Pecan Pie Shake

Chocolate Protein Shake Recipes - Chocolate Pecan Pie Shake

This rich and filling shake will make you forget all about the slice of pecan pie you’ve been craving. It gives you all the same flavors, but it’s way easier to make, and way healthier!

Get the recipe here.


9. Chocolate Avocado Protein Shake

Chocolate Avocado Shake

If you’re new to putting avocado in shakes, get ready to have your world rocked. It doesn’t add much in terms of flavor, but it does make your shake extra smooth and creamy for an ultra-decadent chocolate treat.

Get the recipe here.


10. Spiced Chocolate Almond Protein Shake

Spiced Chocolate Almond Protein Shake

Almond butter and cinnamon mixes with chocolate in this delightfully delicious recipe. We like the flavor of an almond milk base, but feel free to use in whatever non-dairy milk you have on hand.

Get the recipe here.

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Magdalena O'Neal is the Editorial Assistant at Openfit. Coming to Los Angeles from Oakland, California she has self published a book of poetry, written for Brit + Co., and has been studying creative writing and journalism for the last 7 years. She loves baking and coming up with new recipes to fuel her vegan and gluten free companions!