What Is XB Pilates?

Prepare to sculpt a tighter, leaner body with XB Pilates, in just 21 days! All the workouts are 30 minutes or less, no equipment required.

For many people, Pilates is their go-to exercise for clearing their minds and developing a healthy body. It can help improve your posture, strengthen your core, sculpt red carpet-level arms, and much more. It’s a holistic way of working out that generally helps you feel and function better.

With XB Pilates, Andrea presents everything in a fun, modern way that includes lots of variety. You’ll be doing a combination of classical mat Pilates moves and reformer-inspired cardio exercises that will help you sculpt your abs, lift your booty, and build strength from head to toe.

Join the XB Pilates Community

Staying inspired is even easier when you work out with friends.

That’s why we recommend you join Andrea Rogers (the creator of XB Pilates) and our online community of people doing the program together.

You’ll get step-by-step support and motivation from Andrea, as well as the fitness and nutrition experts at Openfit. You can get practical advice, perfect your form, attend LIVE Q&A session, and even make some new XB Pilates buddies. It’s the perfect way to start the new year strong.

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How Does XB Pilates Work?

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that’s unique in that it combines heightened mental focus with precise, controlled movements that challenge your muscles in ways that other workouts don’t. With XB Pilates, Andrea adds a faster dynamic flow and more cardio to the routines to give you all of the traditional benefits of Pilates, while helping you optimize your weight loss.

Each XB Pilates routine lasts 30 minutes or less, so you can always fit it into your day. And you never have to go to a crowded, intimidating gym to reach your goals with XB Pilates...you get to do it all in the comfort of your home. If you’re looking to strengthen your muscles without bulking up, sculpt your legs, lift your booty, and develop that long, lean look, this is the program to try.

Here are XB Pilates’ four primary workout categories, designed to transform your body head to toe:

Hit The Mat – Precision and control are key in this mat class that uses classic Pilates exercises to help you sculpt and strengthen your core, glutes, and legs.

Cardio Fusion – These sweat sessions incorporate reformer-inspired cardio moves and some of Andrea’s most popular Xtend Barre exercises to help you torch calories and build endurance.

Abs & Booty – Your core and glutes will burn by the time you finish this challenging workout — but the results you'll see in the mirror will be worth it.

Sculpt & Define – This upper-body focused workout emphasizes strength, flexibility, and alignment to help you create a long, lean, balanced physique.

How Can XB Pilates Help?

XB Pilates is for people who want to tighten and sculpt their bodies without enduring high-intensity, high-impact workouts. It’s also for those who want to develop greater functional strength, body control, and body awareness.

The program is accessible for all fitness and experience levels. If you’re advanced, you can just follow along with Andrea, who explains every move in detail. If you’re just starting out, you can follow the modifier (the member of the cast demonstrating an easier version of each exercise) until you feel comfortable enough to amplify the movements.

Andrea also keeps you challenged and engaged by presenting Pilates in a fun, modern way that includes a lot of variety. You’ll be doing cardio, targeted abs and booty exercises, and total-body strength and mobility work. It’s a fusion of everything you need to develop a tight, lean body.

The entire time you’re working out, Andrea keeps you inspired. Her routines are rhythmic and her nonstop energy is infectious. It feels like you’re working out with her one-on-one. She makes you want to come back day after day.

Meet the Trainer

Ever since she was a child, Andrea Rogers has craved movement. She took up ballet at the age of three and by 16 she had already choreographed her first dance. In the years that followed, she became a professional dancer and traveled the world with celebrity performers, esteemed dance companies, and most notably, with Walt Disney World Co.

After a few years, Andrea went back to school to get her degree. Fueled by her passion for movement and teaching, she set her sights on a career in the fitness industry. She fell in love with Pilates for its therapeutic benefits and became a certified classical Pilates instructor.

Still, Andrea never forgot her first love: dance. In an effort to add more variety and fun to her classes, she began to sprinkle elements of her dance training into her Pilates routines. The result was an innovative fusion of core ballet barre technique and Pilates fundamentals. Her clients loved it, got great results, and kept coming back for more. She knew she was onto something.

Andrea officially launched the Xtend Barre brand in 2008. Xtend Barre now has over 40 studio locations worldwide and even more classes in gyms and fitness centers. In addition to Andrea’s popular barre workouts, Xtend Barre studios offerHIIT, suspension training, Pilates, dance, and postnatal fitness classes.

Then Andrea had another breakthrough. She pondered, “What if people could take these very same classes right at home?” Her relationship with Openfit was born.

In 2018, Andrea helped launch Xtend Barre for Openfit, a 30-minute streaming version of her signature Xtend Barre studio class. And now, a year later, she’s helped launch XB Pilates for Openfit — which uses short, high-energy, low-impact workouts to help you get a Pilates body in just 21 days.

Andrea holds various credentials, including Classical Pilates Instructor, Master Trainer for Xtend Barre, and America Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Andrea has been featured in countless publications, including Vogue, Fitness, Self, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, InStyle, and OK! Her clients have included numerous A-list celebrities in the fashion and entertainment industries. Currently, she resides in Boca Raton, Florida.

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