Openfit’s Recovery is a chocolate-flavored shake designed to give your body what it needs, when it needs it—right after your workout is done—to help reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and kick-start recovery, so you can come back strong.

What Is Recovery Post-Workout?

Did you know that the optimal time to give your body exactly what it needs after a workout is around 30 minutes? Having just the right cocktail of ingredients—ready to drink the second your workout’s done—can help increase muscle protein synthesis and reduce post-workout muscle soreness—so you’ll be ready for your next workout.

And did we mention that this rich chocolate shake tastes delicious?

How Can Recovery Help Me?

You know that you won’t get really fit unless you can be consistent with your workouts. Sometimes when you start a new fitness program, or bump up the weights in pursuit of stronger muscles, you find that soreness makes it hard to stay on-track, day after day. The ingredients in Recovery help reduce post-exercise muscle soreness, which can help minimize downtime—even after tough workouts. And the harder you can hit your next workout, the better your results will be.* Here’s how it works:

Helps Support Muscle Growth and Repair
Quick-release whey protein isolate can help speed amino acids to your muscles to promote muscle protein synthesis and repair. This makes it an important weapon in your workout arsenal.*

Helps Reduce Post-Workout Muscle Soreness
Don’t let DOMS derail your training! (That’s delayed onset muscle soreness.) Tart cherry powder helps reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and helps speed strength recovery to help keep your workouts on track.*

Helps Speed Workout Recovery
It helps you give your body what it needs—within the optimal recovery period, right after you finish your workout—to help you get back to work.

What’s In Recovery’s Post-Workout Formula?

Our expert developers have collectively spent decades researching the science of performance supplements. They hand-select only the highest-quality ingredients for Openfit Recovery, including clinically tested ingredients to help you perform better, like whey protein isolate and tart cherry.
openfit recovery - recovery and ingredients

Recovery’s Key Ingredients:

20g whey protein isolate
This helps speed recovery. Muscle protein synthesis can nearly double after exercise. Easily digestible, fast-release whey protein isolate delivers a key level of leucine, an essential amino acid, to support lean muscle growth and repair.*

480mg tart cherry powder
The tart cherry powder in the Recovery post-workout supplement delivers phytonutrients that help combat post-exercise muscle soreness, while helping muscle strength return faster, so you can get back up to full power and keep even your toughest training program on-track.*

What’s NOT in Recovery Post-Workout?

There are no added synthetic colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
You can feel confident that Recovery is formulated to deliver what you need to support muscle repair and recovery.*

Who Should Use Openfit’s Recovery Post-Workout?

Pretty much anyone who exercises regularly or has an active lifestyle can benefit from Recovery. But especially if:
  • You don’t want exercise-induced muscle soreness to get in the way of results.
  • You want help to break through a plateau, and take your results to the next level.
  • You want help to keep making progress by keeping your workouts on-track.
  • You want help to sculpt lean muscle, define your body, and look great.
  • You want help to increase lean muscle growth and strength.
  • You want a simple way to fuel your body after workouts.

When Should I Take Recovery Post-Workout?

You should drink Openfit’s Recovery within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Just mix or blend 1 scoop with 8 ounces of water and enjoy the chocolatey goodness.

Where Can I Get Recovery Post-Workout Formula?

It's currently out of stock, but check back with us soon.

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