Openfit Yoga Guide

Your Guide to Yoga on Openfit

Not only does yoga provide tons of physical and mental benefits, there are also many ways to do yoga. Plus, it’s pretty simple to get started with doing yoga at home.

Openfit offers a variety of levels and styles of yoga, and even two distinct class formats: on-demand classes and Live classes. Here’s a breakdown of each one, what to expect from the classes, and tips to help you pick the best option for you.

Yoga52 On-Demand Classes

Openfit Yoga Guide-Yoga52

Yoga52 is a collection of 52 yoga classes led by five world-class yoga instructors. The classes vary in length, style, and difficulty so you can fit it into your schedule as needed and establish a healthy yoga practice in your own way.

What sets it apart:

Classes available whenever you want

More advanced offerings

20-60 minute class options

Openfit Live Yoga Classes

Openfit Yoga Guide - Live Yoga

An Openfit Live yoga class is led by a virtual trainer who provides feedback and motivation in real time. You can choose between three different levels, knowing that each class includes modifications provided by the trainer.

What sets it apart:

Personalized instruction and feed back

Offers a community environment

15-40 minute class options


If Yoga52 is the program for you, here are a few handy resources to help you get started.

Openfit Live Yoga

Feeling the Live yoga class vibe? Here are some tools to help you dive in.

Openfit Yoga Guide - Yoga at Home

Tips for Doing Yoga at Home

When you’ve decided on the best Openfit yoga option for you (and maybe it’s a combo of both!), it’s time to get your home yoga studio set up!

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