Add Music to Your Workouts With These Customized Openfit Playlists

Add Music to Your Workouts With These Customized Openfit Playlists

As with most things in life, working out is more fun with music! That’s why we made some killer playlists for the workouts on Openfit. Whether you’re doing Xtend Barre, Rough Around the Edges, T-MINUS 30, or 600 Secs, you can cue up some tunes as you exercise.

Head over to the Openfit Spotify account to find all the playlists. And make sure you follow the account so you can access new playlists as they’re created!

Here are a few of our favorites to get you pumped up for your sweat sesh.


Xtend Barre Workout Playlist

Xtend Signature 1 Playlist


The Weekly Warm-Up

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T-MINUS 30 Workout Playlist

Athletic Training Day


Rough Around the Edges Workout Playlist

Superhero Cardio


600 Secs Workout Playlist

“In the Groove”



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