Use This Guide to Pick Your Next Openfit Workout

Use This Guide to Pick Your Next Openfit Workout

There’s a lot happening on Openfit. Maybe you signed up because you love Andrea Rogers and her Xtend Barre workouts. Maybe you wanted to have a virtual personal trainer guide you through exercises. Or maybe you just heard we have really awesome at-home workouts.

If you fall into that last category, we get that it may feel a bit overwhelming to know where to start (decision fatigue is real!). So we created this handy guide to help you get started on the many amazing workouts that we offer.

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Now, this list doesn’t include all of our workouts. For example, there are a few 600 Secs strength workouts that we didn’t list, and there are a ton of Live workouts that don’t show up here. That’s because we wanted to make this as simple to navigate as possible and to give you a place to start exploring our whole library. Once you figure out where you want to begin, then you can really dive into it.

And one last note: Following a full program (rather than cherry picking workouts from multiple programs) will always be the best way to see results. That’s because the workouts in a program are designed to work together and build on each other to help you reach your goal.

That being said, sometimes you just need to move! And if a single workout helps you do that, then we’re not going to stop you. And maybe trying a workout from this list will inspire you to start up the full program.  

Either way, we’re excited for you to get going on Openfit!

Openfit Workout Guide