Does the Openfit Walk and Run Club Live Up to All Its Hype?

Does the Openfit Walk and Run Club Live Up to All Its Hype?

Every Sunday, Austin resident Lindsay Lancaster goes on a run with a couple of dozen friends and her favorite running coach, Rosie Cowen. For an hour, they all chat and laugh, take some sweaty selfies, get tips from the super-high-energy Rosie, and enjoy the route.

Best of all, everyone stays together even when they’re going at vastly different paces, because they’re not physically in the same place. This is the Openfit Walk and Run Club, and Lancaster has been a regular participant for nearly a year. In fact, she’s the one who suggested that Openfit start a running class as part of the live online options.

“I run because it makes me feel free and I love it, and being part of this club has been incredible,” she says. Here’s what makes it feel so special to her, and to so many others.

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Why Join the Openfit Walk and Run Club

1. A Feeling of Community

Going for a run with friends simply feels different than striking out on your own, and Lancaster appreciates the sense of connection she gets from “meeting” other members every week. During social distancing, having a way to safely come together is priceless!

“There are people from all over, but it truly feels like we’re doing this together,” she says. “That’s powerful on the days you might not feel the motivation to go yourself.”

That connection is solid outside of class time as well, since most Walk and Run Club participants are in the Openfit Teammates Facebook group.

2. Live Training

openfit running workout - woman looking at phone

Doing a workout or run with other people can give you a feeling of involvement and accountability. Having a trainer cheer you on and give you tips is also an incredible way to stay engaged.

“With all Live classes, it’s like having a trainer in your pocket, and with Openfit Walk and Run Club, you have Rosie meeting you where you’re at,” says Lancaster. “She gets to know you, what you need, your pace, and I don’t know how she keeps track of everything and everybody, but it’s incredible to get this personalized insight.”

Cowen’s “always-on” levels of high energy and enthusiasm are infectious, Lancaster adds, and that provides another big burst of motivation.

3. Tailored for You

Because you’re joining virtually, you can go at your own pace rather than trying to keep up with an in-person group. Feel free to walk, jog, run, or do a combination of all three.

The app takes care of distance and pace tracking, and you can set goals and check in with the trainer for advice on ways to hit your targets. There’s a leaderboard, in case friendly competition is what gives you extra purpose, but you don’t have to share your pace with the group. (The emphasis is definitely on “friendly” not “competition” in this club.)

4. Easy to Join

openfit running workout - openfit live class schedule

Like other Openfit Live classes, the Walk and Run Club is easy to find and you can join anytime. Just find the classes on the Openfit app under the Class Schedule tab by typing “run” in the search bar. You’ll see the Live club as well as on-demand options for other days. Sign up for the class and you’re ready to go.

“All you have to do is show up, and you’re part of the group,” says Lancaster. “It’s so magical, and it’s such a great way to have a sense of community and meet your goals, while having a lot of fun.”