Meet Your Openfit Live Trainers!

Meet Your Openfit Live Trainers!

We have so many amazing Openfit Live trainers bringing you the live workouts! Here’s them talking about what they love about fitness in their own words.

Alasdair Fitz-Desorgher

openfit trainer - alasdair
Based in: London, England
Instagram: @ali.fitzness
I’m a health and fitness enthusiast from London, UK. After working on blockbuster movies for 5 years, I realized that my love of fitness was my true calling. Now, when I’m not coaching on Openfit, I run outdoor bodyweight exercise bootcamps for around 100 people every weekend, so I know how a bit of friendly competition can elevate your training to the next level. I love helping people reach their fitness goals and can’t wait to help you smash yours!


Alexis Craig

openfit trainer - alexis craig
Based in: San Francisco, CA
Instagram: @alexiscraigfit
I have more than a decade of experience building strength and endurance. My work has benefited everyone from teens with cerebral palsy to former Navy Seals. I believe that regardless of your current fitness level, you can grow and succeed. I *love* burpees and I’ll teach you to love them, too. Fun fact: I am a former Harvard cheerleader.


Carlos Teasdale

openfit trainer - carlos
Based in: San Francisco, CA
Instagram: @_lowbacks
I’m a CSCS, ATC, and back pain specialist who has spent a decade turning aches into strengths. I’ll ensure your workout creates muscular strength and endurance, making all of life’s daily movements more enjoyable. When you are strong, life just feels better.


Casey Wenger-Schulman

Openfit Live Trainer Casey Wenger-Schulman
Based in: NYC
Instagram: @caseywengers
I was born and raised in New York City and grew up performing both onstage and on-screen. After attending college for Musical Theater, I toured the country dancing until deciding to move back to NYC to begin my journey in teaching fitness. I currently teach barre at XTEND in NYC and spend my extra time teaching theater classes to adults with developmental disabilities.


Charis Booker

openfit live trainers - charis headshot
Based in: Atlanta, GA
I am originally from Richmond, Virginia where I grew up being active in dance, cheerleading, and karate. I worked with the Walt Disney Company for many years in their Communications/PR offices, in Entertainment as a Performer, and as a Disney Trainer at the Walt Disney World Resort. Currently, I am a Digital Content Creator, Dance Instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer in Atlanta, Georgia. For fun, I enjoy gaming, reading, beaches, and theme parks!


Claire Hutton

openfit trainer - claire
Based in: London, England
I’m a trained dancer who has been working in the fitness industry for the past three years. I teach strength, HIIT, cardio, TRX, boxing and dance fitness classes. I love watching people progress and reach their goals and improve their skills and technique. I also love chocolate.


Courtney McWaine

openfit trainers - courtney

Based in: Atlanta, GA
Instagram: @fitcoachcourt
In December 2006, after surviving a near fatal car crash, I was propelled toward my life passion of empowering others to make long-term change. I overcame my life altering experience with a focus on two resources: an empowered mindset & prompt action. Now, I have spent the last 5 years empowering others to break self-limiting beliefs to achieve transformative life change. As well, I have two dogs (Chance & Moses), and I am an avid world traveler!


Emily Sears

openfit trainer - emily
Based in: Lake Tahoe
Instagram: @emthegym
After a lifetime in sports, I turned my competitive drive to fitness. While I enjoy pushing my own body to its limits, I look to instill self efficacy in others — no matter the workout. I believe everyone should discover their inner badass through training and exercise and I want to help you find it!


Gowrie Hayden

openfit live trainer - gowrie
Based in: Atlanta, GA
Instagram: @gowriehadyen
I’m a lifelong athlete, professional stunt fighter, and have been in the fitness industry for over 11 years. I knows first hand that fitness is not always easy. If it was, then everyone would look like the cover of a fitness magazine! It’s hard work. But it’s the hard that makes it so good. I’m here for you so you don’t have to do it alone.


Jen Cordiner

openfit trainer - jennifer
Based in: NYC
Instagram: @jennifercordance
I have performed as a Radio City Rockette, on three Broadway national tours, and have traveled the country performing at many regional theaters. After breaking my ankle dancing, I fell in love with Xtend Barre to regain my strength and return back to the stage. Since then, I became an Xtend Barre certified instructor and then a national teacher trainer for the company. I now work directly with Andrea Rogers to bring fresh, new material to Xtend’s programs.


Jen de Leon

openfit trainer jen de leon

Based in: NYC
Instagram: @_jendeleon
I was born and raised in Sydney. After managing Xtend Barre’s flagship studio in Sydney, I ventured to NYC to continue my journey within the Xtend Barre network. I’ve worked in dance and musical theater and currently teach Xtend Barre classes as a senior instructor at the studio.


Jennifer Fuller

openfit trainer - jennifer
Based in: Austin, TX
Instagram: @jenniferannfuller
I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry for over a decade teaching yoga, and working with one on one clients as a personal trainer and a health coach, as well as a group fitness instructor. I love helping individuals navigate the difficult territory of behavior change by helping guide, mentor and empower. I enjoy helping others find their passion for exercise and health by leveraging their already existing strengths and values, to create a fun, and motivating program.


Jo Gomez

openfit live trainers - jo gomez

Based in: Los Angeles, CA
Instagram: @j.go22
I have a life long passion for sports and fitness. In addition to my experience training people of all fitness levels, I myself have done a little of everything from playing soccer in college, to fighting MMA, to racing bikes, to running marathons, and even completing Ironman Triathalons!


Katie Mumford

openfit trainers - katie mumford

Based in: Austin, Texas
Instagram: @coachkatielynn
I have spent the past 8 years as a trainer, expanding my clientele and knowledge base with a goal of being as versatile as possible in an ever-changing industry. I have trained everyone from pro athletes to elderly people to individuals looking to feel better and get their health and body composition in healthy ranges. I look forward to helping you work the proper movement patterns in addition to motivating you to get a few more reps or pick up heavier weights when you are ready!


Liana Hughes

openfit trainer - liana
Based in: Austin, Texas
Instagram: @lmnfit
I’ve worked in the fitness industry for more than a decade teaching group training, one on one clients, and working for fitness product companies developing education and fitness programs. I love helping people make movement fun and incorporating exercise into their daily lives. As a mother of young kids, I am focused on helping parents make their workouts productive and doable.


Mary Beth Rockwell

openfit live trainers - marybeth
Based in: San Francisco, CA
Instagram: @livefunfit
As a “chronologically enhanced” exerciser, I know that it’s never too late to get fit. The workout bug didn’t bite me until I hit 30. Now exercise serves as my therapy, and I draw on my life experience to know that you can work at getting strong and healthy while being kind to your body and spirit (and still enjoying the occasional bowl of pasta or glass of wine — hey, life’s too short for deprivation!).


Medwin Mina

openfit trainer - medwin
Based in: San Francisco, CA
Instagram: @mrmedwin
My outlook on life is try not to stress. There are two things I believe: If you work hard and believe in yourself, things will tend to fall into place the way you need it. That and bacon is good. I love working out, lifting weights, eating, taking care of my sons, eating, Muay Thai kickboxing, did I say eating?, comic books, my tv shows and, I like to eat. I’m happy to remind people I work with that I used to weigh over 330 pounds. Then I got into competitive kickboxing and had to make 145 pound weigh-ins for fights. Now I like to stay somewhere in the middle, by lifting heavy, working out and eating well.


Morgan Ford

openfit trainer - morgan
Based in: ATL
Instagram: @mdaniford
I grew up playing all kinds of sports from basketball to track to tumbling & gymnastics. I decided to become a personal trainer & yoga teacher to help others learn to use mindful movement to empower themselves, achieve their health & fitness goals, and increase their overall quality of life. I always strive to make people feel better, stronger & more confident.


Natalie Edwards

openfit trainers - natalie edwards

Based in: London, England
Instagram: @natalierosefit
I’m a fitness enthusiast, Barre instructor, and trained professional dancer based in London. I’ve danced around the world with various artists and have taken that passion for movement into my passion for fitness and an active lifestyle. With over 5 years experience in the fitness industry, and over 10 years experience in the dance industry, I will for sure have you working hard, but more importantly enjoying your workout!


Nicole de Souza

openfit live trainers - nicole headshot
Based in: London, England
Instagram: @nicoledesouza_pilates
I trained as a professional dancer and have danced in shows all over the world. When it was time to hang up my ballet shoes, I became a personal trainer & certified Pilates teacher. With 20 years experience in the health & fitness industry, I have a wealth of knowledge to help every client get the best out of their workout. I am also the Xtend Barre Teacher Trainer in the UK & Europe and love nothing more than passing on my passion for teaching and coaching.


Ritvik Aithal

openfit trainer - ritvik
Based in: Austin, TX
Instagram: @ritvikaithal
Being that I have a genetic condition that makes me prone to physical injury, I wanted to learn the ways to effectively train my own body. Starting at the age of 12, I began weight-lifting in order to build muscle. I quickly found out that I couldn’t lift as much as my peers, but I had the same determination, if not more, to exercise and improve myself! This determination led me to want to help others to get fit so I got a Master’s degree in Health Behavior from UT Austin. I now apply the behavioral techniques I learned in school to get people to lead healthy lifestyles! I love to train capoeira and practice Kundalini yoga in my free time!


Rosie Cowen

openfit trainer - rosie
Based in: Lake Tahoe
Instagram: @cowenrosie
I’m a British expatriate who dropped into Lake Tahoe, CA 20 years ago and never left. I’m a proud mother of three and understand how tricky it is to find balance between work, family, and finding time to workout! I’m passionate about helping people incorporate fitness into their lifestyle — everyone from novice to experienced athletes. I believe fitness can change lives and personal empowerment comes from how you feel, not how you look.


Sarah Soares

openfit trainers - sarah
Based in: San Diego, CA
Instagram: @mrs.sarahjean.bean
I have a Bachelors in Kinesiology and immediately following graduation I began working for Disney, first as an entertainer and parade performer for Disneyland Paris then for Disneyland CA. I later found Xtend Barre as a way to move and and stay fit and by 2012 I became certified to teach Xtend Barre. I am also a proud mom to Wesley and Betty, and after 8 years of teaching Xtend Barre, my husband still hasn’t taken my class but I love him anyways.


Sarah Brannon

openfit trainer - sarah
Based in: Austin, TX
Instagram: @sarahbfitatx
I live in Austin, TX and I coached Miss Texas as a former client! I’m a dancer and a triathlete, which means I combine my love of movement with my competitive edge. I believe in positive encouragement and kindness in my workouts. And I love to laugh! I love being outdoors and my favorite place to be is in the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Sherry Brennan

openfit trainers - sherry
Based in: Lake Tahoe
Instagram: @swgoes2
I get outdoors whenever I can! I love sunrise running, full-moon snowshoeing, skiing at 55 mph, and chasing autumn colors on my bike or hiking. I began my fitness career teaching step and calisthenics in the early 90’s and now teach yoga, Pilates, boot camp, spin, tabata, and many other classes. I love how Openfit brings class-styled instruction and group support and personal training together to help people meet their fitness goals!



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