A Day in the Life of an Openfit Live Trainer: Sarah Brannon

A Day in the Life of an Openfit Live Trainer: Sarah Brannon

Although Openfit Live trainer Sarah Brannon grew up playing sports, she put exercise on the back burner when she started college — until a health issue motivated her to get back on track. Realizing she needed to develop a healthier lifestyle, Sarah took up running and weight lifting.

“Exercise helped me so much,” she says. “I loved it so much that I wanted to make a career out of it.” After graduating with a degree in kinesiology — the study of human movement, function, and performance — she took on the world of personal training.

So what does a typical day look like for Sarah? She shared the details of her health and fitness routine.

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Morning Routine

Unless she’s up and at ’em to teach an early morning class, Sarah starts her mornings on a quiet note. She brews a cup of coffee, then sets aside time to reflect, set daily goals, pray, and meditate. This daily ritual helps her stay focused and on target.

“It gives me clarity of mind, guidance from a higher power, and more connection with myself and others,” she says.


Finding Time to Work Out

openfit trainer - sarah

Between training, designing workout programs, and attending meetings, Sarah’s days are busy. So, as part of her goal-setting routine, she plans out her workouts each day — including when they’ll happen and what they’ll entail. “Even if it’s just taking a walk, I have to move every day,” she says. “So I just make it happen.”

To stay motivated and engaged, Sarah makes a conscientious effort to regularly switch up her routine. Her weekly workout schedule is a mix of:

  • Daily hikes with her dog, Connery
  • Two 5-mile runs

“When life gets busy and I’m more high-stress, I just alter my workouts accordingly,” Sarah says. “I know it’ll always help me feel better, and I just love the process of running, weights, pilates, or yoga.”


A Typical Daily Meal Plan

Sarah says most of her meals include lots of veggies and a lean protein source. As a general rule, she and her husband steer clear of alcohol and sugar from Monday through Thursday.


day in the life of sarah brannon - strawberry smoothie

  • A smoothie with a banana, blueberries, and protein powder


  • A power bowl from Fresa’s (a popular takeout spot in Austin, TX) with sweet potato, chicken, spinach, cauliflower, and avocado


day in the life of sarah brannon - salmon brussels sprouts

  • Fish tacos or salmon and Brussels sprouts


  • Bananas, plantain chips, dried mangos, or sardines


Want to Sweat with Sarah?

By training people virtually via Openfit Live classes, Sarah connects with people all over the world. “I love that we’re making fitness accessible to everyone, everywhere,” she says. Try one of her Xtend Barre classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays — this heart-pumping class combines cardio, Pilates, and ballet fundamentals to sculpt strong, lean muscle. (And while it has “barre” in the name, all you need is a chair to get a full-body workout at home!)