27 Super-Motivating Mantras from Openfit Trainers

27 Super-Motivating Mantras from Openfit Trainers

When your motivation is subzero, you know you can count on your Openfit trainers to bring the energy, encouragement, and accountability you need to break out of your funk and get focused.

But what if you need a motivation boost between classes? We’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up some of our trainers’ most inspiring quotes and mantras to help you crank out the last few reps or go the extra (literal) mile.

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1. “It takes courage to be a beginner.” —Jen Widerstrom

openfit trainer quotes Jen Widerstrom


2. “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” —Dan Cooke

openfit trainer quotes Dan Cooke


3. “Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.” —Alexis Craig

openfit trainer quotes Alexis Craig


4. “Focus on progression over perfection.” —Natalie Edwards

openfit trainer quotes Natalie Edwards


5. “Make ‘yesterday you’ jealous of ‘today you.'” —Alasdair Fitz-Desorgher

openfit trainer quotes Alasdair Fitz Desorgher


6. “The weight on the scale is only measuring your gravitational pull. You are so much more than a number.” —Kelsey Heenan

openfit trainer quotes Kelsey Heenan


7. “Small changes done consistently over time add up to big results.” —Gowrie Hayden

openfit trainer quotes Gowrie Hayden


8. “What voice will you listen to? The one that says that’s good enough? Or will you listen to that faint voice that says you can push harder, you will succeed? The better voice won’t win every time, but you are better for being aware of it.” —Joey Thurman

openfit trainer quotes Joey Therman


9. “Keep showing up.” —Jen Widerstrom

openfit trainer quotes Jen Widerstrom


10. “Consistency, resiliency, and sheer determination are just a few ingredients of success. Let’s tap in!” —Lita Lewis

openfit trainer quotes Lita Lewis


11. “It is okay to get uncomfortable. That is how you make change. If you are committed to that change, let’s get comfortable being uncomfortable!” —Jo Gomez

openfit trainer quotes jo gomez


12. “Muster up all the courage and strength you have and tackle those pushups like it’s a final boss battle.” —Ritvik Aithal

openfit trainer quotes ritvik aithal


13. “When your mind is telling you to slow down, push through. In that moment, you are making change — you are getting faster and stronger.” —Katie Mumford

openfit trainer quotes katie mumford


14. “We are about so much more than perfection.” —Kelsey Heenan

openfit trainer quotes kelsey heenan


15. “If you want results, you gotta do the work. Every time you show up and push play you are working. Keep showing up for you.” —Gowrie Hayden

openfit trainer quotes gowrie hayden


16. “We shouldn’t look at exercise as another thing to check off our to-do list. Think of movement as a gift we give to ourselves to feel good, feel strong, and increase our overall confidence from the inside out.” —Lita Lewis

openfit trainer quotes lita lewis


17. “This is as hard as it’ll ever be. Next time, you’ll be a little stronger, a little fitter, and it’ll feel a little easier.” —Alasdair Fitz-Desorgher

openfit trainer quotes alasdair fitz-desorgher


18. “On days when it’s not easy to show up, channel how good you feel after. Hang on to that feeling.” —Katie Mumford

openfit trainer quotes katie mumford


19. “All it takes is consistency over time.” —Kelsey Heenan

openfit trainer quotes kelsey heenan


20. “Your weight has nothing to do with your worth.” —Alexis Craig

openfit trainer quotes alexis craig


21. “If that little voice inside your head is saying ‘I can’t,’ tell it to be quiet. You can.” —Gowrie Hayden

openfit trainer quotes gowrie hayden


22. “It doesn’t have to be dramatic, it just has to get done.” —Davanna Dean Law

davanna dean law quote


23. “Let’s get comfortably uncomfortable!” —Jesse Barton

jesse barton quote


23. “Move often, move well, move with intention!” —Miriam Alicea

miriam alicea quote


24. “Be with yourself, right here right now.”

donna scro samori quote


25. “Find power in the positive.” —Justin Flexen

justin flexen quote


26. “Lead with your heart, believe in your power, and never back down from the hustle — with no ego, no judgment.” —Christina LaGrega


27. “Feeling awesome is just one side effect of fitness.” —Kristin Condon