I'm a Fitness Trainer, and These Are My Favorite Healthy Breakfasts

I'm a Fitness Trainer, and These Are My Favorite Healthy Breakfasts

Have you ever wondered how professional fitness trainers stay powered up for their days in the gym? Same. So… we talked to Openfit Live trainer Mary Beth to see how she fuels up for her long days of teaching.

You only need to take one of Mary Beth‘s classes on Openfit to learn she’s a real force for community and personal growth. Having lived an all-too-sedentary life up until the age of 30, she started working out and quickly saw she could not only beat her own horrible genetic odds, but she could help others do the same. In other words — it’s never too late to start!

In addition to exercise, she also discovered that a healthy diet is vital to her overall well-being. To learn her nutritional trade secrets, we took a deep dive into Mary Beth’s morning menu (which recently got revamped by Openfit’s Sugar Free 3 program), and discovered what her go-to breakfasts are.

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What Does a Fitness Trainer Eat for Breakfast?

While there are different theories about morning meals (like intermittent fasting, for example) Mary Beth is all about breakfast.

“I’m a big fan of eating breakfast,” she says. “I wake up ravenous, and I do not perform well physically or mentally if I don’t fuel up for the day.”

1. Avocado Toast

mary beth breakfast - avocado toast

Mary Beth’s favorite go-to breakfast? “Avocado toast,” she said without hesitation. “It’s like a blank canvas you can vary day to day to keep from getting bored.” Just check out all of these genius avocado toast ideas!

She explains that this meal is much more than just a San Francisco trend — even if that is where she happens to be located. Avocado is a deliciously creamy, healthy fat source, and just about a quarter of an average avocado is perfect when paired with a slice of toasted whole wheat bread.

“Thanks to a tip I learned on Sugar Free 3, I now use Ezekiel bread. I discovered that it has no sugar added, unlike almost every other whole wheat option out there,” she says.

In order to round out the meal, Mary Beth adds a hard-boiled egg for protein, about a cup of blueberries or an orange, an 8-oz. glass of low-fat milk, and a cup (or two) of black coffee. For even more variety, she’ll also add toppings like salsa, salad greens with olive oil and lemon juice, kimchi, or a tiny bit of pesto.


2. Veggie Egg Scramble

mary beth breakfast - veggie egg scramble

Another easy breakfast that Mary Beth enjoys is a veggie scramble. “I love scrambled eggs and cheese. Plus, it’s a great way to use up your about-to-expire vegetables.” Being less wasteful while bumping up your nutrient intake is a win-win, for sure.

Some of her favorite add-ins include:

  • baby spinach
  • kale
  • red bell peppers
  • onions
  • zucchini
  • mushrooms

To make her perfect scramble, she whisks a couple of whole eggs — the highest quality her budget allows — with a splash of low-fat milk. Then, she adds it to a pan coated with grass-fed ghee (instead of butter).

And then there’s the cheese! While ¼ cup of feta or pepper jack are her favorites, cheddar is always a great standby — just always be sure to be mindful of your portion size.

Again, she balances out her meal with a serving of fruit on the side and says, “I also have a slice of whole wheat toast — something to scoop my eggs onto, of course.” And coffee. Always coffee.


3. Almond Meal Pancakes

mary beth breakfast - almond pancakes

While Mary Beth usually chooses savory over sweet recipes for breakfast, she and her husband whip up almond meal pancakes on special occasions. “It tastes like banana nut bread!” she says.

When her husband overhauled his diet due to a health crisis, he rethought his approach to carbs, went gluten-free, and almost entirely sugar-free, too. Luckily, almond meal pancakes are a breakfast treat that fits into these parameters. They’re a delicious gluten-free, low-carb option, and they’re very simple to make.

To create this sweet dish, Mary Beth simply mixes the following ingredients:

  • almond flour
  • a dash of sea salt
  • baking soda
  • eggs
  • a mashed ripe banana
  • cinnamon or nutmeg (or both!)

Mary Beth also likes to throw some fresh or frozen berries on top, sip a nice hot cup of coffee, and — as a special treat now and then — enjoy a side of bacon.

I wrapped up my chat with Mary Beth realizing my mouth was watering, my stomach was growling, and I was already dreaming up my own spin on an avocado toast breakfast.

Give her favorite breakfast meals a try, and for more inspo, check out our list of healthy breakfast ideas to power up your mornings!


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