Introducing the Real Results 3 Week Live Challenge from Openfit

Introducing the Real Results 3 Week Live Challenge from Openfit

Whether you’re new to working out or looking to make fitness a daily habit, you know there are only two real steps to success when it comes to getting results.

The first one is to get started.

The second is to keep going.

If you’ve struggled with these deceivingly simple steps, we’ve got some good news. We’ve got just the feature that can put you on the road to success. It’s called the Real Results 3 Week Live Challenge and it’s available exclusively on Openfit.

Openfit Real Results Three Week Live Challenge - woman doing lunges

What Is The Real Results 3 Week Live Challenge?

It’s a three-week, trainer-led series of live 25-minute group workouts designed to kick-start your overall fitness and help you get fast results. Challenges begin every Monday and continue for 21 days, so if you missed out this Monday, join the next one!

During the workouts, you’ll watch videos that demonstrate all the moves and listen to your certified personal trainer as they lead you through the entire workout in real time, from start to finish.

If you choose to turn on your camera, your trainer can monitor your performance throughout class and provide you with real-time feedback and modifications — so you can improve your form and get the best possible results.

Openfit Real Results Three Week Live Challenge - woman doing squats

Why Should I Do The Real Results 3 Week Live Challenge?

The Real Results 3 Week Live Challenges are designed to give you many of the benefits of group fitness: plenty of motivation, accountability, and real-time trainer support.

If you’ve worked out in a small group class or with a personal trainer, you know what a difference it makes when somebody pushes you to work a little harder. Often, it can help you find the energy and endurance you didn’t think you had.

When you do a Live Challenge, it really can feel like your trainer is right there in the room with you. They know just when to ask you to dig a little deeper and turn your performance up a notch without pushing you further than what’s safe. Here’s a little more about our Live classes.

In addition to all the trainer benefits, you get to build a “virtual” fitness community that knows you by name and keeps you coming back. Together, you’ll help hold each other accountable to your workouts, especially on those days when your motivation feels like it’s flagging. And that consistency will make it easier to get the results you want.

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Why Is It Three Weeks?

“Getting started with a workout routine can sometimes be hard,” says Openfit’s Fitness Manager and certified personal trainer Liana Hughes. Hughes, who has more than a decade of experience training clients and teaching group classes says, “The Real Results 3 Week Live Challenge takes away the guesswork. It’s easy to commit to and simple to stick with so you can immediately start making fitness part of your daily life.”

Plus, it’s only 3 weeks! You don’t have to commit to making a permanent lifestyle change. You start by taking it one day at a time.

“Three weeks is the perfect time frame for forming a new habit,” says Hughes. “But the most important part is to be consistent, every day. Those are the small steps that can lead to big change.”


Is there a nutrition component to the Real Results 3 Week Live Challenge?

Yes, included with your Openfit membership, you’ll receive a personalized meal plan designed to complement your challenge workouts. Just answer a few short questions and the app will tell you exactly what you should eat to help you get the results you want. You’ll even find recipes for all your meals!

Openfit Real Results Three Week Live Challenge - woman doing weighted lunges

Will I be able to communicate with other people taking the Challenge?

Yes! During your water breaks, you can text chat via the app with your trainer and other people in your class. You can also join Openfit’s Facebook group, where you’ll be able to share information and support your fellow challengers.


What if I miss a class?

We recommend sticking with your group’s daily timeslot throughout the 3 weeks. But, if you need to, you can swap classes to accommodate your calendar. You can also make up the class on demand at your convenience!


When does the Real Results 3 Week Live Challenge begin?

A brand-new challenge starts every Monday!

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How do I sign up?

First, start by downloading the Openfit app for iOS or Android on your phone or tablet.

That’s where you’ll be able to access your Live Challenge classes — along with all of Openfit’s live and on-demand classes and your personalized nutrition plan.

If you already have the app: From your home screen, tap “Real Results 3 Week Challenge.” Then, choose the most convenient weekday and weekend timeslot for your workouts.

You will automatically be enrolled in all 21 classes so you’re ready to go. Openfit will send you email confirmations with calendar invites to help hold you accountable, along with a reminder text 15 minutes before your first workout begins.

Ready to get started? Join Openfit for free today!



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