Why People Love the Openfit Teammates Facebook Group

Why People Love the Openfit Teammates Facebook Group

When it comes to reaching your health goals, having a supportive group around you can really be a game-changer. Just ask anyone in the Openfit Teammates Facebook Group! Whenever they’re feeling down and out or need that extra push to press play on their workouts, the Openfit community is there for them.

That’s why our Teammates Facebook group is home to nearly 12,000 members who receive accountability, support, and encouragement on their fitness journeys. A lot of Teammates check in every day to get inspired, share kind words, and cheer each other on. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to tell somebody about a new workout without their eyes immediately glazing over!

Through everyone’s highs and lows, our Teammates lift each other up and lean on one another when they need it most. When people want to share their progress and success stories, Openfit Teammates are there to congratulate them at every step of the way.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here are some reasons why people love our Openfit Teammates group and how it’s impacted their lives.

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Stress-Relief and Positivity

man with notifications from his phone | openfit teammates facebook group

Our Teammates group is one of the most positive places on the internet. So for these teammates, fitness is not only good for the body, but also good for the soul!

Michelle Eri H.
“Discovering Openfit four months ago gave me an outlet to relieve my stress, get healthier, enjoy new friendships and camaraderie with the Trainers and teammates… and just HAVE FUN! I officially ‘broke up’ with my gym after they reopened and will be a lifetime Openfit member. Yep, you’re stuck with me!”

Lindsey Z.
“This community has added structure and stability to my life which I desperately needed to regain throughout this crazy year. It’s nice to have a place of calm and support.”

Brittany Lynn S.
“I joined Openfit as a way to deal with the grief of losing my dad just about a year ago. This group has meant everything to me because it brought positivity, friendship, motivation, and a family I never thought I’d have.”

Kyle M.
“I joined the group in March to help with not only my fitness and weight, but my mental health. Working out has always been a stress reliever for me. I was so busy with work, three kids and the fiancé that I was not taking care of myself. I literally recommend this program and group to everyone I know and always talk about how it’s so positive in this group, which the world needs.

Thanks to everyone for helping push me to be a better version of myself!


Connection and Camaraderie

group of people putting hands together | openfit teammates facebook group

Working out is always better with friends! Thankfully, Openfit Live classes and our community have helped everyone stay connected and meet new workout buddies.

Cricket M.
“This group has been a place of camaraderie during a pandemic. A place I could talk about my goals and get support from people who understand my journey. It’s a place to learn new tricks and recipes, to celebrate wins and get encouragement when things aren’t going the way you want. We get to know each other here, so when I go to class, I see familiar names in the chat. It makes me feel like I’m working out with friends every day.”

Brigid S.
“Openfit has brought me company during some of the loneliest times! Seriously, I don’t know where I’d be without Openfit. I live thousands of miles away from family, so it’s usually just me and my husband. I love the social aspect that Openfit brings into my life — it makes me excited to work out! Openfit has been great to my mind, body, and soul.”

Erika U.
“This group has taught me how united we CAN be despite all of the differences in the world right now. This group is so diverse, supportive, safe, inspirational, uplifting, fun, and motivational! It’s the largest and best team I’ve ever been a part of.”

Kayleen A.
“I have enjoyed the community so much and have gained so many friends that will stay with me a lifetime. I feel like I’ve really found myself this year. I am grateful everyday that I joined Openfit. It has literally changed my life.”

Lindsey F.
“Openfit has helped me feel connected to humans and stay healthy during the pandemic and quarantine. I’m high-risk and not expected to go back to the office until mid-2021. The live classes and community have been a life saver for me!”


Success Stories and Support

woman posing for fitness selfie | openfit teammates facebook group

While losing weight and reaching milestones are incredible feats on their own, it always feels better to share your success and encourage others along the way.

Elise Nein B.
“For me, this group has been a place to celebrate victories, no matter how small. I love seeing the encouragement and the way everyone lifts each other up.”

Jenna R.
“Nothing has ever really worked for me until I found Openfit! I’m so motivated by the community, and the interaction keeps me accountable. I love building my schedule each week. Openfit is seriously the best!!”

Mia Filippini S.
“I joined Openfit in late July and it has been one of my best decisions! I never thought I would look forward to daily workouts as much as I do (or that I would even workout every day, for that matter!) I really like seeing all the success posts on Openfit Teammates! It’s nice knowing there are other people out there working hard and seeing results.”

Tanja S.
“This group brings me joy and motivation — it’s so inspiring to see what others have already achieved and what effort everyone is putting in to achieve their personal health and fitness goals. It helps me so much with staying on track even when I feel exhausted from a long day at work.”

Christina M.
“This group has meant everything to me. When I discovered this during the pandemic I had never committed to working out and getting healthy. Not only have I lost 25 pounds and counting, but it has done wonders for my mental health through quarantine. I feel such support from this community and the trainers. I sound like a lunatic to my friends when I talk about Openfit!”

Selena Reed M.
“I love that I can share in this group. Being the only one in my family who works out, no one really understands or cares when I reach a milestone with my health. Thank you for all the ‘Congratulation’s, the ‘You can do it’s, and the ‘Keep it going’s. All the encouragement means so much to me and I will continue to do the same!”



two women looking at phone | openfit teammates facebook group

On those days when it’s hardest to get up and moving, these teammates rely on each other to keep going!

Tricia R.
“I joined Openfit because I wasn’t about to go to a gym and get judged. I also joined to be an even better version of myself for me and all my center kids and coworkers. I love how everyone is so supportive and the trainers are awesome! I also met my sweet accountability partner.”

Becca W.
“This community has held me accountable. I show up for the community even on days that I don’t want to show up for myself. This team has brought me joy (I’ve enjoyed celebrating people’s anniversaries and birthdays and accomplishments with them) and made me cry in how they root me on.”

Kacie R.
“I am new to Openfit and to this group, but it already means so much to me. I have struggled my entire life to establish good fitness habits and have gotten discouraged by going to in-person classes where I’m clearly the weakest link. The Openfit Teammates community helps me to understand that even if all I can do is walk for two weeks, that that’s a good start and worth celebrating. I believe this is going to stick for me for the first time, and I appreciate you all so much for your part in my health journey.”