NEW: Get Next-Level Results at Your Next Rugged Maniac Event

NEW: Get Next-Level Results at Your Next Rugged Maniac Event

If you’ve felt more than a little cooped up over the past year, Rugged Maniac is the perfect solution for your cabin fever. They host a three-mile outdoor event with 25+ epic obstacles, making it a perfect way to let go, have fun, and move your body!

Don’t worry if a three-mile, 25-obstacle event sounds a bit daunting — we’ve got you covered. You can train your body to conquer the course with the Rugged Maniac Bootcamp, available exclusively on the Openfit app. This is a virtual, four-week training program designed to prepare you for your next Rugged Maniac Race or Rugged Maniac Virtual Challenge

And even if you’re not going to take part in an event, this bootcamp is a great option for anyone who wants to get in great shape or just try something different.

Get fitter, faster, and stronger for your next race with our Rugged Maniac bootcamp, available on Openfit starting February 9. Sign up for the app here to get ready!


What Is the Rugged Maniac Bootcamp on Openfit?

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This bootcamp will help train your body in all the right ways to be able to tackle a Rugged Maniac race. It doesn’t require any weights, treadmill, or other equipment — all you need is enthusiasm and the Openfit app. But if you do want an extra challenge, we won’t stop you! You can add weights to many of the moves to help accelerate your progress.

If you like variety, you’re going to love the class mix: running intervals alternating with bodyweight workouts, with restorative and recovery routines peppered in just when you need them. You’ll be doing something different every day, so you’ll never feel bored or stuck in a rut.

And the classes are convenient. With 24/7 on-demand access, you can do them on your own schedule as a personal trainer walks you through every move, step by step. The bootcamp is available exclusively on the Openfit app, so as long as you have it downloaded on your phone, you’ll be good to go!

The result? The Rugged Maniac Bootcamp on Openfit gives you the tools you need to prep for an event so you can jump higher, climb farther, and run faster.


What Are the Rugged Maniac Races?

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The Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race Series is the premier, all-inclusive obstacle course race in North America. It’s a fun, yet challenging course that attracts participants of all fitness levels — from exercise newbies to lifelong athletes.  

The race features 25 innovative obstacles on a 5K course with over 200K attendees annually.

Due to COVID-19, some temporary changes have been made. Rugged Races has teamed up with Openfit to offer a LIVE virtual offering: the Rugged Maniac Virtual Challenge! So if you register for a Rugged Maniac race and it gets cancelled, you now have the option to experience it via the Openfit app.


How To Get Started

The Rugged Maniac Bootcamp can be accessed through the Openfit app starting February 10, 2021. All you have to do is sign up to get started! And if you’re already an Openfit member, you’ll have full access to the program at no additional cost. 

If you want to take part in a Rugged Maniac race, visit their website to find an open event near you. If for any reason your Rugged Maniac race is cancelled, you can choose to participate in the virtual challenge hosted by Openfit.

So whether you’re looking to train for your next big race, fit into your pre-quarantine jeans, or simply want to feel better, Rugged Maniac and Openfit will help you get to where you want to be.