Team Up with PGA TOUR for the Get Active for COVID-19 Relief Challenge

Team Up with PGA TOUR for the Get Active for COVID-19 Relief Challenge

Looking for a way to keep your golf skills sharp, even when you can’t get to the course? We’re excited to announce that Openfit is teaming up with PGA TOUR Active, the TOUR’s new health and wellness initiative, to bring you the Get Active for COVID-19 Relief fitness challenge, available only on Openfit.

Over the course of 15 days, this challenge will provide you with workouts that you can do at home to get ready to get back on the course (or even just get healthier overall!). And as an added bonus, it’s also a way to support PGA TOUR Charities, Inc. and communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


How the Challenge Works

It’s easy to get started: just enter the challenge for $5. Openfit is donating 100% of your entry fee to PGA TOUR Charities for COVID-19 Relief. You’ll gain complimentary access to the Openfit platform for the duration of the challenge, starting the day you sign up. From there, the 15-day challenge begins on May 27 and runs through June 10.

And when you complete a minimum of five workouts over the span of the 15 days,​ Openfit will match your $5 entry fee and donate 100% to PGA Tour Charities to support COVID-19 relief efforts.


What to Expect

pga announcement - live class screenshot

The workouts in this 15-day challenge have been designed with golfers in mind while also elevating total wellness. The Challenge includes golf-specific movements to improve  your game, helping to elevate your mobility, strength and endurance. Designed by Openfit fitness experts and the PGA TOUR Active team, these workouts will help you feel primed and ready to hit the course when you’re done.

Each week has two strength workouts, two mobility workouts, and one outdoor cardio workout focused on improving stamina.

  • The strength classes are divided into body weight workouts (no equipment necessary) and dumbbell workouts focusing on building the strength a golfer needs.
  • The mobility classes are structured by joints, including the hips, thoracic spine, and shoulder, all of which are important for a strong game.
  • The outdoor endurance class can be done at walk pace or a run pace, designed to improve overall endurance to keep you more energized for the entire round.

These workouts can only be accessed on the Openfit app, so be sure to download it on iOS or Android.

And there’s an opportunity to win prizes for anyone who completes the challenge! There’s over $1000 in prizes, including PGA TOUR Superstore gift cards, a year’s supply of LADDER Plant-Based Protein Shake, and more.

“I think something like this has a lot of great perks,” said PGA TOUR player Scott Stallings, a three-time winner on TOUR and a fitness fanatic. “In one way, it will give people an excuse to get active, but it’s also a great way for fans to stay connected to the PGA TOUR and its players during the pandemic.

“And, best of all, the funds raised go entirely to charity.”


How to Sign Up

If you’re a PGA TOUR fan, click here to sign up now to enter the Get Active for COVID-19 Relief Challenge! And if you are already an Openfit member, you can enter the challenge to help COVID-19 Relief charities too. Just click here to sign up for the Get Active for COVID-19 Relief Challenge. It starts on May 27th, so mark your calendar and get ready to get back in action!

You can learn more about PGA TOUR Active, the PGA TOUR’s innovative new platform highlighting golf’s health and fitness revolution, by visiting their website. Launched in 2020, the player-centric program provides access into the techniques, insights, and activities helping the world’s best golfers perform at their peak. Fans of the TOUR regularly participate in sports and exercise, enjoy health benefits of the game, and are always looking for an edge to help fans become “everyday elite”.